Frozen WIP 2 – Elsa’s Capelet and Shoes

Work continues on Elsa’s outfit. I began sculpting her cool snowflake-y shoes! It doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m confident that it will :) I was going to sculpt a left and a right shoe, but we’ll see how tough it is to get the snowflake shape. I want the two of them to match obviously, so I might just sculpt one and cast it twice. It may turn out that I won’t be able to get all the detail in a sculpt and if that happens i can probably use a textile for the snowflake upper instead of the sculpting clay. Anyway, it’s a start!


Next, her attached cape, capelet as I like to call it. The piece I’m trying to emulate is very diaphanous and very sheer with sparkly snowflakes all over it. The challenge is finding a really sheer fabric that drapes nicely and can have glitter snowflakes painted on it. I know just the thing…..

Mesh! I’ve got the glue, I’ve got the glitter and now I have the mesh too. I chose a pale blue mesh. Let’s see how the glitter and glue works out!


Well, the glitter type glue is pretty thick, so not really conducive to fine lines and these snowflakes need to be pretty small in some cases, so hmmm.


It looks clumsy and messy. This won’t work for me. I thought maybe if I thin the glue I can get narrower, neater lines.


You can see in the above pic that the smaller snowflakes are finer looking but they would likely have t get glue painted and glittered twice. The problem that I see is that they still seem a little big and the weave of the mesh is getting in the way of the snowflake shape. I need more of a base for the glue and then the glitter to sit on.

So, I went back to my fabric store and came back with with some pale blue organza and some stretchy white mesh and blue fabric dye. The transparency and shimmer are right with the organza although the drape is not as fluid as I would like. The stretch mesh has great drape, but is the wrong colour and I might run into the same weave issue that I had with the mesh net. The last option would be a fine chiffon in a very pale blue, but they didn’t have anything the right colour at my local haunt. I will test the glitter paint with the organza, but if the drape disappoints I might have to go further afield for the right chiffon. I think the stretch mesh is probably off the table. Into the stash it goes for some other future project!

Here’s the shape of the cape. My starting point. The shape is little tough to discern because the capelet looks different in different scenes. When it is created for example, it’s really and I mean really long. Later in the film it seems quite a bit shorter. Ah the magic of Hollywood!


Here’s the organza overtop of the pattern template. I will use the template to decide the placement and size etc, of the snowflakes.


Not bad, but needs a little more acreage and refinement of shape…..


So I’ve played around with the placement and size of snowflakes and started cutting them out to use as a stencil. Still trying to decide between glitter paint, or glue and glitter. I’ll do some testing and make a decision :)


That’s all for this post. Next time more shoes and finishing the cape, I hope!

Thanks for reading,


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Frozen WIP 1 – Elsa’s Icy Blue Gown

So, as promised, I jumped right in to the patterning for Elsa’s gown


Then I cut …..


So, I have a lovely pale blue for the skirt and bodice lining, and a darker blue for the bodice and sparkly blue for the sleeves and under bodice. Then I bean piecing it all together.

It went well, I thought…….

I was wrong lol!
The first bodice was smaller looking that it should have been. I mean it fit the doll, it just looked too small, so I did another one that was bigger. I liked the visual size better with the second one but then decided I didn’t like the darker blue! (I am picky, I’m the first to admit it. ha ha!)¬† Even though the plan is to pretty much cover the bodice with glitter or sparkles etc. I still thought it just looked too dark. So, um, just no!

I also noticed as I was trying this on my model, that the front of the skirt had a flaw. I mean right there on the front hip! WTH?


And I’m thinking “where did THAT come from?” You’d think I would notice something like that and not cut there. Then by the time I had it comfortably on my model, there were two! G-sus!


So of course, I say to myself, “Well this will never do!” And I realize, it’s the FABRIC for crissakes! It has no integrity. If you hang on to it too tightly you mess up the weave and there is no fixing that. No making that look better. Toss and start over, preferably with a different fabric. Such a disappointment really. All is not lost though (it never is) because I’m lucky enough to have another fabric in exactly the same colour. Thing is, it’s chiffon, so I’ll have to double it up otherwise it’ll be too see through.

Dang, back to the cutting table, third time lucky and all that.


Ah yes that’s better. No flaws in the skirt, the bodice is a better colour and a better size. Sparkles to come. The sleevelets and under bodice need attaching and hemmimg, I just wanted to see how they’d look with the rest of it.

Next I’ll do said hemming, sculpt the shoes probably (I think I’m feelin that today!) and decide upon which path to bodice sparklihood Nirvana I shall follow…..

Have a fabulous day dolly peeps!

Thanks for reading



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Back in the Studio :)

This winter has been a bitch in almost every way that is measurable for me and after a long hiatus during which life tossed a few curve balls¬† and some “underhanded” pitches too, I am finally back in the studio. In truth I have been in and out a little all winter because I can’t say away no matter what is going on. But, it’s hard to accomplish much with only stolen moments here and there. In addition, my trusty companion computer has died of old age and I’m on a new machine now. All the software is unfamiliar and the OS is totally different, so everything is a learning curve and it’s slow going at times…..

So it is with great excitement and anticipation that I’ll be working on the gowns from Frozen. I know, I know, these gowns are all over the net and many people are doing their own versions. Nevertheless, it’s my turn, lol! I’ve been asked to do these for the Dawn size dolls which I was itching to do anyway ;o) The challenge will be getting the level of detail that I like into the small size, but I’m up for trying!

I’ve drawn the dresses even though there are pictures all over the place. I find that drawing them helps me identify how they need to be constructed and to nail down the details. Sometimes animated characters and costumes can’t really be constructed the way they appear, and they can be subtley different from scene to scene. So that’s why I like to draw things out first. A little like when you write a shopping list down, even if you forget to bring the list with you, you remember what you need anyway. At least that’s seems true for me!

Here are the sketches and the materials after the trip both to the fabric store and through my fabric stash :)


Yup, even the photo editing software is new and totally foreign! That took me like half an hour, lol! Here’s hoping the next image won’t take me so long >_<

I will need to draw her cape from the back because I hope to superimpose by hand all the snowflake details on the mesh that I plan to use. No idea how that will work as yet…..

I did two views of the dress that Anna wears for most of the film (although I really like her green coronation ball dress too :)


Of course I had to make sure of the embroidery on her lovely gold edged vest….


Well there you have it, for now anyway. Next is pattern drafting and I think I will begin with Elsa’s gown.

Until next time, thanks for reading :)


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Never a Dull Moment in the Studio…..

I’ve been making a tiny ballerina and as usual I want it to be authentic despite it’s diminutive stature. Working small is always a challenge but it’s one I enjoy, so I’m good with that. As a result I’ve been refamiliarizing myself with the proper way to make a tutu, basque and bodice. Such an art! I’ve been plunging in to my Karinska book for inspiration as well. Barbara Karinska was one of the best ballet costumers, well, ever! Anyway, such fun!

My tiny tutu is red (mostly) and I finished the tulle portion yesterday. It’s even tacked! Next I will be making the basque and the panty. The basic bodice is already done and I will have to take some shots. I’ve been too caught up to take many shots. Today though, no ballet. Today is a cosplay day! I’ll be working an a Homestuck cosplay for a friend. It’s funny going from tiny tutu to giant green wings, lol! Completely different mindset here!

In the middle of this, literally last night, I had to begin a full office chair reupholstery project. I’ve been at my local fabric store every day for the last three days!

Hopefully next time, I’ll have some pictures to post!

Thanks for checking in!


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I’m Overwhelmed With Dolls – and I Like It!

I thought it had been a really long time since I wrote, but my last post was Canada Day, I think, so not as bad as I thought! Summer is always full of out of the ordinary happenings and there is no schedule to follow. Weeks go past in the blink of an eye!

Back in the studio, many projects are in process. Things I really should have finished long ago. An army of silent, plastic and resin sentinals languish in the buff awaiting – something.

Hair, paint, clothing, shoes accessories, they’re all waiting for something……..

Some might find that too much, but I see a world of possibilities in all that semi organized chaos.

Again I’ll be diving in to some long simmering projects, the ones that dance and flit around the edges of my imagination just waiting for the right moment,

the right fabric,

the right Doll…….

Speaking of dolls – I have been so very lucky over the last six months to bring some amazing girls into the fold here! After stupidly resisting Inro during her initial release, I was lucky enough to find a lovely fellow collector who was letting go of her girl. She is among the unclothed army, but not for long I hope! I want something truly exceptional for her to wear, because she is incredible and not just anything will do! I also managed to buy my very first Jamieshow doll. I am now the proud owner of Black Swan in all her glory! I’m a huge ballet fan so she is really special to me. The quality of the resin is so different from my other resin girls, and the way the light hits her – bellissima!!

I am honored to own both of these beauties and each will get their own blog post complete with photos in the coming weeks…

Lorifina finally lives here too! I am quite taken with her. She’s a play doll for sure, so I’ll be having some fun making her some couture too.

See, it’s been a helluva summer :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and thanks for reading…..



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