Merry Christmas!

Peace and best wishes for 2015!


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~Angel!~ OoAK Monster High Lagoona Doll

I’ve been prolific over the last few weeks. Sometimes I seem to just get the engine fired right up and off I go, lol!

I have finished customizing this Lagoona Monster High doll, she has become ~Angel!~ an altered doll for the Holidays. This Lagoona has had some modifications done to her. Her arm fins are no longer, and her leg fin ports have been filled. She has been airbrushed and hand painted in glorious metallic gold about her fingers and toes and forearms and lower legs, in keeping with her celestial status. She has also been fitted with a pair of of completely hand crafted needle felted and beaded wings. These wings have been needle felted out of the softest premium kid mohair in natural and pale gold. They have clear stretchy shoulder straps and can be removed when Angel is feeling naughty um, tired…..


She wears a two peice gown made just for her. It is white lightweight silk with a gold glitter embossed mesh overlay. The bodice is lined, has ribbon straps and fastens in back with metallic gold teardrop beads and hand knotted thread loops. The skirt has a shaped hemline that has been edged in metallic gold thread. Under this Angel is wearing a white mesh sequined gathered skirt.


She has been completely repainted with pale blue eyes, painted lashes, a hint of shadow shaping, a blush of pink on her lips and touches of gold around her hairline.


~Angel!~ is currently listed in my Etsy shop. Here’s a link….

~Angel!~ at Etsy

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!




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~Frost!~ Winter Holiday OoAK Topper Dawn Repaint

My second holiday doll offering this year is ~Frost!~

She is a vision in blue. She has blue hand painted, tencel roving rerooted hair, permanently styled in a very long, random bead cinched, loose braid  that trails all the way to the floor. She’s wearing a dress of lovely pale blue fabric with a matte satin finish and just a hint of iridescence. Perfect for a winter themed fantasy doll. The hemline of this gown has random various white, clear and pearlescent beads sewn all the way around. The wide sleeve edges enjoy the same embellishment. The center front bodice also sports a bead decoration.


This Topper Longlocks doll has been repainted in support of her new role as ~Frost!~ Her eyes are pale blue, she has dark grey shadow and pale pink lips.






~Frost!~ is available right now in my Etsy shop along with Dawn ~Peace!~ and Monster High Lagoona ~Angel!~

Link to Awsumgals Etsy Shop

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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~Peace~ OoAK Vintage Topper Dawn for the Holidays

With all the recent snow both here and south of the border (I feel for you guys, I really do, you were unfairly hammered!) I’m in the holiday spirit a little earlier than usual. My lights are up, and the inside of the house is slowly getting decorated in festive fashion too. Usually I don’t get around to this until the calendar says December!

I’ve just finished a custom Topper Dawn in the festive spirit. I have called her ~Peace~

The whole look for her was inspired by this cool embossed, three dimensional fabric I found.


It was just crying out to be beaded. That’s what I heard anyway!


I chose gold and red because that says Christmas to me! All sumptuous and regal and rich and lush …..


I decided to use an embroidery hoop to hold the piece steady while I beaded. I hadn’t done it that way before, but I thought I would try it. It worked quite well and made it easier to keep the piece flat.




With the beading done, I paired the skirt with a silk bodice and a panne velvelt cape.

Then I gave her some Tussah silk roving hair. This silk fiber is amazingly soft and pretty, but it is hard to work with. It tends to disintegrate before your very eyes if you so much as look at it for too long, and then it curses you by sticking to everything in sight, forever! K, it’s not that bad, but it is tricky to work with. The less handling you can get away with, the better. It is awfully pretty though…


And tra-la! She’s done. It’s always so much faster in retrospect than it is when you’re actually working on it!



This little lady is available in my Etsy shop right now :)

~Peace~ listing at Etsy

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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Say NO to Recasts!

Support original artists. Don’t buy recasts! Recasts are theft.




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