~Angel!~ OoAK Monster High Lagoona Doll

I’ve been prolific over the last few weeks. Sometimes I seem to just get the engine fired right up and off I go, lol!

I have finished customizing this Lagoona Monster High doll, she has become ~Angel!~ an altered doll for the Holidays. This Lagoona has had some modifications done to her. Her arm fins are no longer, and her leg fin ports have been filled. She has been airbrushed and hand painted in glorious metallic gold about her fingers and toes and forearms and lower legs, in keeping with her celestial status. She has also been fitted with a pair of of completely hand crafted needle felted and beaded wings. These wings have been needle felted out of the softest premium kid mohair in natural and pale gold. They have clear stretchy shoulder straps and can be removed when Angel is feeling naughty um, tired…..


She wears a two peice gown made just for her. It is white lightweight silk with a gold glitter embossed mesh overlay. The bodice is lined, has ribbon straps and fastens in back with metallic gold teardrop beads and hand knotted thread loops. The skirt has a shaped hemline that has been edged in metallic gold thread. Under this Angel is wearing a white mesh sequined gathered skirt.


She has been completely repainted with pale blue eyes, painted lashes, a hint of shadow shaping, a blush of pink on her lips and touches of gold around her hairline.


~Angel!~ is currently listed in my Etsy shop. Here’s a link….

~Angel!~ at Etsy

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!




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~Frost!~ Winter Holiday OoAK Topper Dawn Repaint

My second holiday doll offering this year is ~Frost!~

She is a vision in blue. She has blue hand painted, tencel roving rerooted hair, permanently styled in a very long, random bead cinched, loose braid  that trails all the way to the floor. She’s wearing a dress of lovely pale blue fabric with a matte satin finish and just a hint of iridescence. Perfect for a winter themed fantasy doll. The hemline of this gown has random various white, clear and pearlescent beads sewn all the way around. The wide sleeve edges enjoy the same embellishment. The center front bodice also sports a bead decoration.


This Topper Longlocks doll has been repainted in support of her new role as ~Frost!~ Her eyes are pale blue, she has dark grey shadow and pale pink lips.






~Frost!~ is available right now in my Etsy shop along with Dawn ~Peace!~ and Monster High Lagoona ~Angel!~

Link to Awsumgals Etsy Shop

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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Artists Stand Together!

What follows is a copy of Nefer Kanes comments with regard to her dear friend and fellow artist Rachelle of  Lillycat Cerisedolls. It is reposted here with her permission:

Or, ” All You always wanted to know about Rachelle Lillycat Cerisedolls
I am not going to open a big debate already well open everywhere on how recast is illegal, the law, the jail, the ethic… Some are way more capable than me on this subject and pardon me, but I think this is not really the point in my very humble opinion.
No. It is not. I already hear everyone yelling “omg Nefer Kane fell on her head; wtf is she saying? what the hell?”
First about companies being recasted, it’s an asian problem. They can solve it on their own and the only question it brings, is you, as a buyer do you want to get a cheap fake? That is to be left to everyone’s conscience and moral value.
Honestly tonight I really don’t give a damn.
I am sorry but it’s true. I buy my legit dolls, and I don’t give a fuck if Fairyland is recasted or not.
Because today, something happened to me; to the private person I am. Something that I must say the loudest I can; because it touches something very private in my life : My Friend Lillycat.
She is recasted.
So, I know… Everyone is going to talk about laws, illegality, how dreadful it is for an artist, and the “ethics” of all this. WELL.
That’s not what I thought at first when I read the news. Not at all. I thought about what no one really thought about : Who Rachelle is.
Now I see all of you thinking and looking for answer, like “she’s lillycat, the one that makes the dolls…” That’s not exactly what I talk about. And I ask to each of you reading this post, DO YOU KNOW WHO RACHELLE IS?
No. 99% of You don’t.
I do. I truly do. 100%. Because as a person, and beyond our works; she is a close friend. If you all looked for an answer and gave a thought about who she is, it’s very simple; it’s because Rachelle never says a word. She is shy and private. Some of you think ( I know it) that she is cold, distant… This is why I know that you barely know her except her artist name. Lillycat is one of the most sensitive, fair, loyal and honorable person I have ever met. She is just shy thus not sharing a lot about her personal thoughts and feelings. It’s not her nature. I would say, lucky us in a way; because she puts all her emotions in her sculpts and the world she created for them; which enchants everyone of us; me first; as Lillycat is one of the very rare artists I collect for my own collection and I can tell you that the quality of her sculpts and all she puts in them make of them the treasures of my collection I will never let go.
My first thought reading that this son of a bloody whore ( yes…) Luo Ligui recast her doll has been ” she won’t speak and will just leave.”
I was right. This is what she told me tonight. She wants to simply stop and leave. She is too hurt; so hurt that she can’t even express how much.
When we sculpt something, we, artists; we give a part of us to the public to accept it or not. If the piece doesn’t work, we can only think ” that part of me was not good enough to be shared, shown, given. I was not good enough to be accepted.”
When a piece of our work is stolen like it is the case now for Rachelle, it’s a real piece of us taken away from us. A piece that you, the public, accepted and led us to have a little love. Taken away, violating who we are just to make money.
Only money.
Don’t come and tell me that recast has excuses : I don’t talk about recast and I don’t give a fuck right now. Recast is not my concern right now. My worry is my friend, that person everyone knows without seeing her true shining colors, Rachelle.
And I hear already those saying “Lillycat is expensive! here is why she’s been recasted!”
What do you know?
Rachelle and I, so I can speak about what I personally live; as she would never dare to bother everyone with this; we are french declared artists. We have a registered company. She has two employees and I have one. That bloody recast is going to be sold for 156$.
That is about 70% of the price we pay our manufacturer for such a doll. We also have the same manufacturer. So, let’s be technique before accusing her of greed : to this recast price, add 30% more; then add the shipping from China to France, add the minimum order we have to reach, if we don’t, we have to buy more dolls at our expenses, add the customs taxes for the dolls parcels to be given to us, add the taxes we pay on each single sale to our government, and no, in France we are taxed around 60% as artists, sorry but it’s true. Add the cushions, the eyes, the bags, the packing material and shipping boxes. THEN you will have the real price we pay each of our dolls. Plus, we have, as registered companies, special taxes to pay as well. Is she expensive?
I am sorry but NO. And I am not talking about the wages and taxes we have to pay for each months, nor about the workshop she needs to work and she pays a rent every month.
Rachelle has three children. Two little girls twins and a little boy. They are 5 and 7. Did you know that?
She’s not the funky lil artist making a lot of money on the back of people. She has pink hair yep… I do too… It doesn’t make of us VIP. It might be just because we are dreamers in the hope to live in a better world. But first of all, we are mothers and we work to feed our children.
One day, a few years ago; everyone knows that some people tried to put me out of work. To finish me. The person I could count on, even if for her, at that moment it was a terrible choice because she was friend with these people and barely knew me; this person I could count on has been Rachelle. She thought it was unfair and said it out loud. One day I told her ” Maybe I am going to kill myself.” And she forced me to change my mind. She has been there for me and pushed me to work again because I did quit. Rachelle might not be the most extrovert; but she is the most reliable person I know. When my ordeal has been over, she didn’t turn her back. She, during years, stood straight with her opinion and never changed her mind. So ok ok… You don’t hear that much about Rachelle; but I can tell you the why she would never dare to : it’s because she never hurts someone, even when she gets hurts. It’s because she hates drama and never does mean things. Because she never complains. Because she is shy. By the way, I would add it is easy to attack and pull down someone who will not answer violently… It is so EASY. But I am her friend and I am shameless so I tell what she cannot.
I am not talking about recast tonight; I talk about my friend Rachelle. And I say as loud as I can that I don’t want her to go and give up. On my side, what I shall do, is that I will keep on collecting her dolls, to support her and her three children. Also because her work is astounding. She deserves every way my support.
Even if we have pink hair, it doesn’t make the world better. But Einstein said that the world will not be destroyed by those doing Evil, but by those letting them do so. I, on my little side; will try to put a balance back for Rachelle. I will always collect her dolls. I am not going to insult and yell after recast lovers. I don’t care. If some want a Lillycat recast : I leave it to your conscience. Rachelle is a very good person, she takes an immense care of her collectors and respect them while also being grateful to them, she is a mother of three little ones. Up to your conscience.
Now, for MY Rachelle, I invite everyone to share this post, and to TRULY support her by collecting her dolls thus I hope she won’t leave.
The world would be darker if Rachelle quits. I am not letting this happen without fighting first.
Her name is Rachelle, not many know her; but I needed to tell you that she is one of the most glorious persons I have ever known.
Thank you for your attention and time dear friends,
Nefer Kane.

Lets support each other, shall we?


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In time for Halloween – Sera, a ooak Monster High Skelita!

What a lovely fall Sunday it is! The leaves are turning, there’s a fresh briskness to the air and yesterday we visited the fall harvest fair near me! Definitely the season is changing, Halloween is around the corner….

I have added more to this ooak Skelita Monster High doll. I have tweaked her paint, changed her hairstyle some, added a bracelet and some kickass shoes! She is up on ebay for a one week run. Hope you like her. Here is a link and a couple of pics to whet your appetite!

Sera ooak Monster High by awsumgal.


Sera’s ooak Skull Shoes by awsumgal.

Sera ooak Monster High Skelita by awsumgal.


Sera Skelita eBay auction… CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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The Artist is a Lonely Hunter

I know I haven’t written in a really long time. You know how it is, life kicks you in the can and sometimes it takes a while to get your mojo back. It’s not back yet, but it does visit from time to time, lol. I’ve been working as much as I can. It’s a mental marathon so there are moments of blank slate and nothing beats a blank slate like a break and a little life experience.

Creating is a leap of faith and an exposure. Every time you go into your studio you lay yourself bare. To interest, to ridicule, judgement and worst of all total apathy. No one likes negative attention, but creating in a void is worse.

Sometimes, as often as you can, you just need to keep going. Creators can’t stop anyway, even if they want to. It’s part of their make-up. When your favourite creator goes quiet and you think, hey, I haven’t seen them in a while… doesn’t mean they aren’t creating, it just means they don’t want to show what they’ve done. Maybe it’s a personal project that isn’t for public consumption, maybe it’s something that struggled to get out when the artist was supposed to be working on something else, or maybe it’s just that they aren’t as proud of it as they usually are or try to be, or maybe someone has sapped their confidence for a minute. …

It looks easy sometimes but I assure you it isn’t. Creators make a million little decisions that make up the final result. A million little decisions about colours and fabric and shape and intent and meaning and size and in my case hair and face and accessories….. Your resolve needs to be rock solid because every where you go in meatspace and online, people feel very free to ask why you do things the way you do and wouldn’t it look better like this and why do you do this anyway? Seriously, no one asks a -insert pretty much any profession here- why they waste time doing that. The world needs art and inspiration of all kinds. Who hasn’t been inspired by something? Music, writing, painting…

If an artist is lucky, they have a support system. People who love them in spite of their quirks, their preoccupations, their overly focused attention on whatever project or subject they’re working on. We need encouragement at inconvenient times, we have long memories and use everything in our work. Honestly though, no one really understands the process except another artist. We often dream of collaboration but find it difficult to achieve. It’s ridiculously personal and yet, connection and communication with people is what we strive for.

It’s most often a lonely road, so feel free to thank and hug your favorite artist as often as you can!



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