Frozen outfits all done and off to their new home :o)

The Frozen outfits are all finished and have been sent off to their new home. They’ve likely even already arrived! I’ve been meaning to show some of the final pics for days now, but life has been kicking my ass all over town recently so there’s that.

It’s a funny thing when a project that you’ve had inhabiting your head for some time is finally done. It’s a denouement of sorts. This project consuming your waking thoughts is …. done! Not to say that’s a bad thing – just different. Time to switch gears and think of something else. Sometimes it’s hard to turn off.

I am very pleased with the end results. The look, the feel, it’s all what I was hoping for. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to really get something just right. I know that sometimes I redo things that would be ok as they are, but for me, just ok, is kind of disappointing. I want the thing to be the best I can make it, otherwise I’ll always be reminded of the improvement I didn’t make and I don’t like that!

That’s probably why these things take me so long to complete. I like to take my time and do things carefully. Sometimes I find I need to go away from a project and put my mind to something else in order to formulate a solution to a puzzle that’s dogging me. This can look like I’m not working on what I should be working on, but nothing could be further from the truth!

At any rate, I’ve blathered on enough already, so here are some final photos of Anna’s and Elsa’s dresses. (I did a couple of quick doppleganger girls to show off the outfits, but these heads were just for the pics….)













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Frozen – Anna outfit WIP 3

I’ve continued the work on the details of Anna’s outfit and I’ve made lots of progress :)

I showed the embroidery on her vest last time and I’ve just finished all the decoration on her blue skirt. I used fabric paint as I thought I would after going back to the store for some better colour options. I mixed a couple of different blues for the floral motifs and of course the magenta bloom according to the drawings. Painting so small was a bit finicky and one has to be in the right frame of mind to do this. Brushes were too big for this so I wound up using a pin, lol!

Speaking of pins, I used a pin board (for quilting) covered with a layer of plastic for protection to secure the skirt and keep it taut and still while I painted. Seemed to work ok :)

No paint, just pinned and ready to go ……


Scalloped edge first. This took a number of coats.


Then some of the florals…..


And some more florals….


Last, the magenta stylized blooms….



I continued sewing up her collared, two layer cape. Some I did with the machine and the rest I did by hand. It will need the pretty edging, but I finished the front clasp. I’ve used sterling silver plated copper wire and hand turned it to the right shape before sewing it to the cape. I’ve added some silver beads to finish the look. There is a hook and corresponding loop hidden under the decorative wire clasp so that it can be fastened closed.


The last big thing for Anna will be her boots. I’ve made careful note of the designs on the fronts of them, and that’s what I’ll be working on next. Then fasteners on the skirt, vest, Elsa’s dress and finally attaching Elsa’s snowflake cape and this project will be complete!

Thanks so much for reading!


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Frozen Anna’s Outfit WIP 2

I’ve been a little too busy working on both Anna and Elsa’s outfits to write much in the last week or so, but I’ve tried to take pictures!

Yesterday was a very productive day for Anna’s costume :) When I last showed it, the outfit was all cut out (except for the cape) and waiting to be assembled. I have done that now….

The reclaimed Kimono silk was perfect for her shirt and great to work with even with such tiny pattern pieces. It presses beautifully too. Here’s the shirt all ready to wear :) The sleeves are faced and have a bead button closure do it will fit over the dolls hand and still be a close fit when done up.


Then I went to work on the skirt. I wanted to faithfully represent the top pleat look so I’ve pressed them so they stay in place. I might steam out the hard edge later. I’ll reserve judgement and see how it hangs after I add the decoration….


I’ve added a waistband and now it’s ready for paint.


I did consider embroidery and even piecing the blue scallops, but I think paint will look better. I will testing the paint on some spare fabric today to make sure it’s going to work. If I don’t like it I will go come up with another solution :)

The Vest

Ah, the vest!


It’s the cutest part of her outfit :) For this I’ve used a beautiful black wool and pieced together a form fitting shell. For the gold edging I first tried a hand sewn blanket, over edge stitch, but I didn’t like it. It wasn’t solid gold enough. Too much wool showed between the stitches and adding more stitches just made it look messy, so I took that out. I didn’t want to use paint here because the surface of the wool is not flat and smooth and trying to get a clean hard edge with paint wasn’t going to work. I have some gold cord, but it wasn’t wide enough, so I braided it and set it with adhesive so it won’t fray (but I still knotted it at every cut end to be sure) let it dry and then sewed it with gold thread to all of the edges of the vest. It’s exactly how I wanted it to look!




As you can see, I’ve made a rough mock up of the embroidery placement and colour so I have something to look at while I’m stitching…..


Then I began the fun part (well it’s all fun really isn’t it, lol!) The embroidery :) I got all of the colours of thread ready, threaded them all up and set to work. Flowers first, their placement is of paramount importance!


Dots in yellow and blue and stems and leaves in green followed. It’s a little tricky to make things perfectly symmetrical on a tiny scale. Here it is with lots of the embroidery in place :)



If I can squeeze more embroidery onto this tiny vest, I will, but I may be out of room :o/

Then on to her magenta cape! Such an interesting cape it is too :)


Still lots to do on the cape. It’ll need edging when it’s all put together.

Ok, here’s one last image tonight of the first paint test on the blue skirt fabric….


The yellow is fabric paint and the blue and magenta dots are acrylic paint as is the blue scallop. The fabric paint doesn’t bleed, at all. The acrylic does if I thin it too much. The fabric paint is a little thick and might be difficult to get fine, thin lines with. I’ll try some fine lines with a smaller brush tomorrow, but that’s enough for me today, phew!

Thanks for reading!



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Frozen – Elsa’s Icy Blue Gown WIP 3

After a weekend of testing and fooling around with glitter and paint and glue and the like, I have come up with a cape that I am happy about :)

But, let’s back up and show you how I got there….

First I worked on the stencil I planned to use for he glittery snowflakes. I played around with cape size, snowflake placement and size and when I was happy I began carefully cutting them all out. They are small and somewhat complicated so honestly it took me a while to cut them all out. I had started that last time, but here it is all cut out and ready for use.



I realized that the moment I added paint or glue to this it was going to disintegrate, so I spray varnished both sides before usung. I wasn’t sure how many times I was going to need the stencil and I wanted to go the distance…

After that was all dry, I tried my first plan, which was glue, dabbed on through the stencil onto the organza cape, and then sprinkle the irridescent glitter on generously.


In all honesty, the results were not what I was hoping for. The snowflakes were not quite visible enough, for one thing, but also the stencil tried really hard to stick to the organza and was difficult to get off. Even then there was some extra glue bleed, because even though I watered down the goopy glitter glue, it still got where it shouldn’t! Son of biscuit, eye of newt!

No worries though. I had another plan in mind in case this wasn’t superspectacular. So I cut another organza cape and continued with plan B : Interference Blue¬† Paint and glitter! Woot!

And here it is! The paint carefully brushed on through the stencil and then glitter applied after each snowflake so as not to let the paint dry. And I like it! To make sure that the glitter has some staying power I went over each glittery bit with clear varnish. I mean what is the point of all of this if the glitter just falls off, right?


I also added a few more glittery bits after with a brush.

Here’s the cape up against Elsa’s gown. I like the effect, I think it works. Still, it need a couple of pleats and some gathering and an edge treatment of some sort. I won’t attach it though until I’m finished shining up the bodice :)


So there it is, for now. I’m going to work on the bodice today and the shoes. The challenge with the bodice will be getting the glitter to be rectangular looking……

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading :)


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Frozen WIP 2 – Elsa’s Capelet and Shoes

Work continues on Elsa’s outfit. I began sculpting her cool snowflake-y shoes! It doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m confident that it will :) I was going to sculpt a left and a right shoe, but we’ll see how tough it is to get the snowflake shape. I want the two of them to match obviously, so I might just sculpt one and cast it twice. It may turn out that I won’t be able to get all the detail in a sculpt and if that happens i can probably use a textile for the snowflake upper instead of the sculpting clay. Anyway, it’s a start!


Next, her attached cape, capelet as I like to call it. The piece I’m trying to emulate is very diaphanous and very sheer with sparkly snowflakes all over it. The challenge is finding a really sheer fabric that drapes nicely and can have glitter snowflakes painted on it. I know just the thing…..

Mesh! I’ve got the glue, I’ve got the glitter and now I have the mesh too. I chose a pale blue mesh. Let’s see how the glitter and glue works out!


Well, the glitter type glue is pretty thick, so not really conducive to fine lines and these snowflakes need to be pretty small in some cases, so hmmm.


It looks clumsy and messy. This won’t work for me. I thought maybe if I thin the glue I can get narrower, neater lines.


You can see in the above pic that the smaller snowflakes are finer looking but they would likely have t get glue painted and glittered twice. The problem that I see is that they still seem a little big and the weave of the mesh is getting in the way of the snowflake shape. I need more of a base for the glue and then the glitter to sit on.

So, I went back to my fabric store and came back with with some pale blue organza and some stretchy white mesh and blue fabric dye. The transparency and shimmer are right with the organza although the drape is not as fluid as I would like. The stretch mesh has great drape, but is the wrong colour and I might run into the same weave issue that I had with the mesh net. The last option would be a fine chiffon in a very pale blue, but they didn’t have anything the right colour at my local haunt. I will test the glitter paint with the organza, but if the drape disappoints I might have to go further afield for the right chiffon. I think the stretch mesh is probably off the table. Into the stash it goes for some other future project!

Here’s the shape of the cape. My starting point. The shape is little tough to discern because the capelet looks different in different scenes. When it is created for example, it’s really and I mean really long. Later in the film it seems quite a bit shorter. Ah the magic of Hollywood!


Here’s the organza overtop of the pattern template. I will use the template to decide the placement and size etc, of the snowflakes.


Not bad, but needs a little more acreage and refinement of shape…..


So I’ve played around with the placement and size of snowflakes and started cutting them out to use as a stencil. Still trying to decide between glitter paint, or glue and glitter. I’ll do some testing and make a decision :)


That’s all for this post. Next time more shoes and finishing the cape, I hope!

Thanks for reading,


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