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A Lady at Court WIP5

A lot has changed since my last post!

Her underbodice/stomacher is all finished. Here’s a pic when it was still full o pins!


Her skirt has had embellishment applied. It will get a second row of froufrou 🙂


I’ve made her some pantaloons 🙂


Of course they’re a bit lacy!



It looks more painful than it is, I assure you!

The overdress is what still needs attention. I’m having trouble deciding what to use to decorate the front verticals. I originally wanted lush and rich looking bows, which were popular at the time, but my attempts at silk ribbon bows are a disappointment, lol! Not to mention the fact that I’ll need to make rather a number of them and it would be best if they were as similar to each other as possible. I’m having a little trouble on that front as well! I’ll be looking in my reference books and such to find to best repeatable way to make a nice looking ribbon bow.

I also completed the work on the doll herself! I chose a girl who is a little pale, which is accurate to her I think. This picture makes her look quite a bit pinker and darker than she really is…


I referred to the paintings of the actual Marquise for guidance in my painting.


The book cover makes her eyes look brown, but on closer inspection I believe  they’re blue-grey. Also, this is a terrific book if you’re interested in this amazing lady’s life!



I’ve painted her features and blushed and detailed her body too.

I then worked on her hair. She is pre Rococo craziness, so there’ll be no ships at sea on her head or anything, lol! That’ll be next time. Maybe I’ll do Marie Antoinette 🙂


It’s a little hardcap wig. I did add a few beads. She is a Marquise after all and anyway I couldn’t help myself!


Ooh wait! I almost forgot! I’ve given her some jewelry. A pair of matching bracelets (common at the time) of silver rolo chain and a silver, double strand very fine double ring link chain choker with a larger central silver wire ball bead.


So, really all that’s left (apart from an appropriate diorama), is the overdress, and her shoes! And maybe a chatelaine like this one…


So that all of her important bits are at hand whenever 🙂

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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New ooak art LuxDoll Shay-La is almost ready….

My newest little resin bjd is a light pink skintone girl. She is just about 6.5 inches tall. She is on my newest completely redesigned second generation body. Her knees and elbows have been improved and importantly, so has her neck allowing for greater and more natural looking head posing.I also sculpted more expressive hands and a flat foot. (Fashion feet and a separate set of hands are possible options.)

I had hoped to create a doll/pose-able sculpture that had a great range of movement despite her small size. I think I have achieved that with this girl.

Here are some body shots in various poses to showcase that pose-ability.


My resin dolls are all made from original sculpts made by hand by me. After making my own molds I then cast my dolls under pressure in resin that I custom tint. Then my girls are hand finished and seam sanded, hand strung, painted, blushed, dressed and wigged.

Shay-La is a part Pagan wisemaid, part Mystic Priestess and all fantasy. I gave her a large sterling silver wire and beaded headdress attached to her auburn mohair wig separated by a Katsilk Saran braid. This mohair is by far the nicest I have ever used and the colour is flat out incredible. This is all attached to a hard cap style wig, though it will be permanently affixed to her head cap. For other wigging options, a bald head cap is a possible option.

Shay-La is painted and blushed with artist quality paints, pigments and sealers. I have dressed this one of a kind pose-able sculpture in white raw silk. I have fashioned a wide sleeved long robe style garment with faux fur trim. The robe is fastened with a hand beaded back tie silk ribbon belt.

A little of her back story…..

Mystic Priestess

Well loved by her people, her honesty, fairness and generosity are legend. Many travel from far away lands to sit at her feet and hear counsel.
The natural world speaks to her, sometimes too often ;o) She converses with the wind, the waves and the souls of trees…. They seem to know everything and she is their messenger. Some believe she has powers, but Shay-La knows it is only a case of asking with respect and the world will move for her and help her find what knowledge she seeks. She treats the natural world as she does her closest friends, with reverence, dignity and love, and it responds in kind. In fact this is how she treats all she encounters.
Her most relished time is the quiet of the night, when other chatter is stilled, with her old friend the moon. This is her wisest counsellor and the most wry. All of her deepest understanding comes from these night visits with Moon, and joy too, the moon does have a sense of humor!

Shay-La is a one of a kind pose-able doll. She lies somewhere between sculpture and fashion doll. She stands 7.5 inches. She is an original sculpt made entirely by me. She is on my generation 2 Lux body. Each of her body parts was first carved of wax, painstakingly molded and finally pressure cast by me in custom tinted resin. Shay-La was then seam sanded and strung with elastic. Her hands and feet are wire hooked. Her legs are wired for greater stability.
Shay-La was then painted in artist quality paints and pigments and sealed with matte spray varnish, except her eyes and lips which are gloss sealed. I then dressed her in an outfit made just for her, a white raw silk robe. This long wide sleeved silk robe has faux fur edging. The back tie belt keeps it closed. This waist tie belt features a hand beaded square “medallion” of sterling silver, mauve Delica and other beads all sewn to silk and metallic ribbon that ties in the back. Shay-La’s hair is a custom made hard cap wig (permanently attached) made from the best quality hand dyed mohair, Katsilk hair, sterling silver wire and various beads.


This one of a kind creation will hit eBay on auction this Friday November 9th unless she sells privately first so do contact me if you’re interested in adding this girl to your artdoll or fashion doll collections!

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading 🙂


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~Gilt!~ Golden Rhinestone Wig for Sybarite Ladies

Good Friday morning dolly people! I hope you’re all ready for Halloween! I’m not, but that’s another story!

I eagerly await the arrival of the HTT Dawn for the Mod Wedding Gown project and have been keeping busy with the veil and adding a few more flowers to the sleeves and embellishing the stockings. More on that later…

I’ve also just finished a new rhinestone wig for the Sybarite dolls. This wig is clear rhinestones in a gold toned setting. This is a handmade wig on a custom wig cap. Very glam :o) Just perfect for these icons of style! (A new girl came out this morning and was gone in a flash! Congratulations to those who were able to snap one up!) The newest edition to my little Sybarite family demanded to model this newest wig. The other girls reluctantly agreed, lol!

Without further ado, here is the fabulous Couture Salon (aye carumba! what a face!) modeling ~Gilt!~ and a fashion by me.

Here’s a link to this wig on Artfire ….

~Gilt!~ in my Artfire Studio

Hope you like it! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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New Wig for Sybarite Dolls ~Sublime!~ Now Available

As promised, my newest hardcap wig for the Sybarite ladies is currently listed for sale :o)

Here’s the link! ~Sublime!~ on Artfire

Have a terrific Saturday everyone :o)


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Just Finished ~Sublime!~ Hard Cap Wig for Sybarite Dolls

Despite the fact that there are many much more weighty things happening in the world today, I would like to share my new hard cap wig for the Sybarite ladies. I made this onto a custom hard cap out of a pretty pale peach Katsilk Saran (my favorite type of doll hair!) I’ve embellished a little with two braided attached headbands. One loose peach braid and one narrower tightly braided honey blonde braid. This wig is mid length and although the top is immovable, the lower part of the length is free to hang naturally. This little wig is tagged and will ship in it’s own custom box. Maybe a little doll wig will help take your mind off the harsher side of life for a moment. I;m waxing philosophical now, lol! On with the photos!!!

I’ll be listing this wig in my Artfire shop but not until tomorrow. I’m bagged!

Anyway hope you like it and thanks as always for reading!


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