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Just for Fun ~ Liv Daniela Doll

I was curious enough by the look of the Liv dolls to take Daniela home with me.  She’s really pretty cute and very poseable! She’s fun to photograph, and the camera loves her! These fun little 12 inch gals are wigged and come with a second wig and wig stand.

awsumgal Liv Doll 1

awsumgal Liv Doll 2

They have additional wigs for sale separately too…


I was impressed with the quality of the hair. It’s very fine and soft. I was unimpressed however with the cutting and styling of the wigs. They seem uneven and choppy :o(

awsumgal Liv Doll 5

awsumgal Liv Doll 6

The biggest surprise to me was how much I liked her with no hair! Her head is a little oversized, but she has a kind of Audrey Hepburn vibe to her!

awsumgal Liv Doll 7

awsumgal Liv Doll 4

awsumgal Liv Doll 3

She’s fun and I’m happy with her, so much so that I went straight out and bought two of the others!

Sophie and Alexis have joined my doll universe. I left Katie on the shelf, I admit. (Her eyes were too bright neon green for my tastes.) I’ll take pics of them too, when I get a chance, and post here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this new doll with me :o)

As always, thanks for reading!


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