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New Shoe Styles for Sybarite and Avant Guard Dolls!

I have been focusing on footwear recently. I love shoes! I covet beautiful shoes both large and tiny :o) A heel is a must, unless you;re jogging that is, lol!

I have finished three different shoe looks with the Sybarite in mind. One I have done before, the heelless shoes that I first saw on Lady Gaga and Loved them! The other two are new :o)

The possibilities for strapping and uppers are endless! Such fun I’m going to have!! ~Dark Matters~ a new heelless pair are up on eBay this weekend. Here’s a shot or two…

I just love the fabric in the footbeds! So gorgeous! And on the soles, Gold Leather!

~Dark Matters~ on eBay

The next pair I’ve called ~Foxy!~ This pair is grey with silver and black ribbon straps, sealed black glitter foam footbeds and little clear rhinestone “eyes” :o)

These ~Foxy!~ shoes will be going up on eBay in a minute!

The next pair I wanted to share is not quite ready for sale, but I wanted to share them anyway…. I’ve called these ~Discus~

Here they are with the outfit I made them to go with :o)

I like the shape and style, but they don’t stay on the feet very well, which drives me crazy! I will be adding some clear stretchy cord to the pretty silk sari ribbon straps  for this pair and will be tweaking how I strap future pairs to eliminate the “lost shoe” issue :o)

I probably should have focused on hats, seeing as it’s Easter! Oh well, maybe next year, lol! Thanks for reading and have a safe and Happy Easter whatever you’re doing this weekend…


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Avant Guard Eclectic Wears ~Shine!~

I’ve made a ~Shine!~ rhinestone wig for the Avant Guard doll. Eclectic consented to a photo shoot today.

I -think- she likes it, lol!

Thanks for reading :o)


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Avant Guard Eclectic ~ Is In the House!

Well I finally have an Eclectic! She’s a 16″ Jason Wu Avant Guard doll from Integrity Toys. Took me long enough, lol! I was lucky enough to purchase an Eclectic from a fellow doll collector right in my neck of the woods!

Terrific face-up on this girl. What a great look! I love her outfit too. I didn’t even get a chance to shoot her in her faux fur jacket, so there will be more shoots in the near future! Despite the fact that she seem loose in the torso, she poses really well. I may attempt to tighten her up a little. If I do I will document and post here :o)

I didn’t get her original wig, but I have a few of my own that fit her well. With her dressed and wigs in hand I headed to the studio for a photo shoot.

Here she is in one of my Mohair wigs. I like how it looks on her, especially pulled back :o)

awsumgal eclectic in Mohair 1

And she’s gt great legs!

awsumgals eclectic avant guard 2

After my Mohair wig, she tried one of my Saran wigs….

awsumgals eclectic avant guard 4

Here she is on my newest favorite doll prop :o)

awsumgal eclectic avant guard 6

Isn’t it cool? It’s the perfect size for Avant Guard, Deva Sybarites and Tyler too!

And just one more…..

awsumgal eclectic avant guard 7

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few pics of my newest girl! Deva Angie wants a turn on the new scooter, but not right now. The photographer is too tired!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


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