Wedding Doll

Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn Finished!

This lady is all put together and dressed in all of her finery! I’m so happy to see her ready to walk down the aisle. My dear client will have a find her a suitable mate, lol!

Anyway, it’s time to show the final studio shots of this pretty bride :o) Here she is with her long hair fall, but without her veil, tiara and earrings….

Here she is with her full regalia, veil tiara and all :o)

Here’s the original, the image we started with :o)

And here’s the miniature version :o)

Now to carefully wrap and protect her for her impending travel to her new home! Thanks for following along. I hope you enjoyed it :o)


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn – Finishing Up!

Weeelllll, it took a couple of days, but I think the tiny shoes are done! t only took me three tries, lol!

The first try might work in another fashion application, but the toe shape is wrong for winklepickers. Sheesh, don’t ask me what I was thinking :o/

I’ll stash them until I get some inspiration for them. But they’re not for the bride!

Second try, better shape but just too much of it! I call these the clown shoes. lol! They’re hilariously enormous :o) Not gonna work for this stylish bride….

Time for a new approach and a new template :o)

Ok, with the new sketch here we go with a much more subtle and demure pair. These are the winners :o) Sometimes you have to start again with a different plan of attack. They’re looking alright at this point….

After much miniscule gluing and stitching, here they be! They’re almost finished :o)

Here are all three pairs, so that you can see the true clownishness of that second pair. lol! Maybe I’ll put some big goofy polka dots on them and really make them clown shoes :o)

I did a little more work on them and added a trio of tiny white pearly beads on the back of the heel. Next time I’ll post the finished studio pics of this girl!

Thanks for reading about my tiny shoe misadventures, lol!


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn WIP 6

Hi dolly folks! I’ve almost completed this little lady. The last thing that I’m working on are the shoes.

Ahh the shoes…. I’ve waxed poetic (and not so poetic, ha ha) about doll shoes. Doll shoes must be the most tiny and complicated little things to make from scratch. The only other thing that is as difficult might be teeny tiny lingerie with lots of lace and bows and rings and clips and lord only knows what else, but I digress….. again.

Shoes…. these little wee shoes really want to be satin winklepickers. Pointy toes, kitten heels, you know, in a word, fabulous! It’s difficult to make fabulous on such a small scale, but I’m sure going to try!

I have found a great little satin/taffeta to use for them. I intend to make a base that I will them cover with the satin.

But wait, let’s back up a little! I want to show you the bouquet :o)

It’s a little hard to tell from the original pic, but we think the bouquet is made up of tight bud roses in white and blush pink. They’re really quite small, so ready made flowers aren’t going to work. They’re just not small and fine enough. They would dwarf the whole look. So I pondered some other possibilities, like beaded flowers, nah, Chinese knotwork possibly? Couldn’t get those to look flowery enough. I finally settled on ribbon roses. I did a little research and from what I see most ribbon roses are fashioned on a backing of some sort. I’m not using backing so hopefully I can figure out how to make good looking loose, free wheeling ribbon rose!

Here’s how that went…

Some rosettes are more equal than others, lol! A few of those less equal ones wound up in the bin!

It’s soooo teeny! Looks a bit like a flower though I think!

A few more….

It’s beginning to look like a bouquet :o) Then I added a few little bits of knotted stranded cotton in pale green and a few loose strands as well. Then a little gathered fine nylon and poof! a bouquet!

I used a little floral wire for a hand hold for the bride and wrapped that in more pale green stranded cotton so it wouldn’t scratch the doll and anyway, it looks nicer.

Time for just a little hand blushing so they’re not so stark white….

How romantic! sigh….

All right enough of that! Now on to the doll herself. I’ve added some lashes just to fill in a bit. She had a bare spot or two, but not anymore!

Then I beefed up her blush and her blue eyeshadow a little…

I did a test fit with her long fall and styled the rooted hair overtop of the hair band and it looks great! Pictures of that next time :o)

And on with the satin winklepickers! I am using watercolour paper for the shoe forms. I find this works well because first of all, it’s archival. It won’t colour over time and show through the light satin and also I’m using a heavy enough paper that I can wet it and form it to the foot a little. Then I should have a good base to cover with my fabric. In theory anyway! Sometimes it works better than others! On such a small scale (these shoes are about a quarter of an inch long!) anything can go wrong, lol!

Here I’m just cutting out a template for the sole. It needs to be large enough to accommodate the stocking foot seams.

I’ve cut out some test shapes here. They’ll need some refining…

I have seamed a narrow strip of fabric to cover the paper forms….

I added just a little glue to keep things in place when I ultimately stitch. I’ve only used glue on the inside as it shows through this very delicate fabric.

Tiny clothes pins = indispensable mini clamps!

And that is where I’m at! Time to find something to do while my glue dries :o) Hmm I have a dress or two that just needs a little finishing. That should keep me out of trouble for a few minutes :o)

Shoe finishing and her earrings, hopefully later today and this little beauty is complete!

Thanks as always for reading. Have a wonderful day!


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn WIP 5

Hey there Dawn fans :o)

When I last talked about this little bride, I was working on the stockings. So that’s where I’ll start today.  Well the stockings are finished and the gloves too :o) Here’s one of the stockings with the outseam embellishment :o)

They were sort of tricky to remove from the doll I made them on and also fiddly to get onto the right doll, but I took my time and eased them on gently. I noticed something though when putting the stockings onto the HTT Dawn that my client sent me. My client had carefully tagged and made notes about each of the two dolls and the various shoe options and so on, but some of the ink on the tags rubbed onto the backs of the legs of both dolls in shipping! Unfortunately regular ball point ink sinks into the vinyl and is really difficult to remove :o( It would be better to use pencil (which would also tranfer, but is easier to remove) or better still, tag outside the bag. No real harm done though as the ink is only on the back of the legs, up high and will be hidden when she’s dressed. I bring this up only to warn folks of this possible pitfall when shipping your girls :o)

Here’s the lovely girl that I chose. I think she’s lovely! A little extra lash and she’s drop dead fabby! In seeing her, I’m not sure she’s needs any additional make-up. Maybe a little blush? Isn’t she lovely though?

Once the doll was chosen, I went ahead and dressed her in what I have so far. Looks great together! This is the first I’ve seen of everything all on one doll! I was using one of my girls for the stockings, another for the dress and a third for the gloves! Now everything is all in one place, on one lady!

Then I worked on her veil. I thought I would go with a fine white tulle. I did a nice little gather and beaded a crown in silver beads, but you know it doesn’t look like the original and it doesn’t have any drape really. Even though it’s the finest tulle I’ve ever seen, it’s too stiff for this look. It would be fine for another style, but not for this. Here’s a shot of the first veil……

I found a nice semi sheer white nylon that will give me that gentle height above her head without completely drowning her in veil :o) It hangs much more nicely and I think it looks much more like the original :o) Here are both of them side by side. You can see what I mean about the stiffness versus the drape.

Here is the second veil. (It’s without any embellishment and it still looks better!)

Full length :o)

The look I’m recreating here has a gorgeous tiara with lots of sparkle. In the end, this little lady will be wearing her long hair fall, as well as the tiara and the veil. That’s quite a lot of accessory for one head, so I decided to attach the tiara to the veil rather than having two different accessories.I toyed with a number of ideas. Beads? Rhinestone? Hotfix sparkles? Glitter? Wire, or not?

In the end it’s a little of this and a little of that!

I used memory wire for the tiara base because it’s very difficult to bend. Once I get it into shape it’ll be tough to unbend, unlike most other “craft wires” which seem pretty soft and bendy! I’ve used embellished fabric as a base. I’ve sewn this around the memory wire. (I do try to sew whenever possible, because even though glue can be a Godsend in certain situations, I have always found that sewing just lasts longer :o)

The original tiara has some crown like sparkle that I now nee to add. After some deliberation, I settled on the smallest set rhinestones that I could find. I have paired these with micro seed beads and sewn them onto the tiara base. (I use the term sewn loosely here as the tiny beading needles that I use are too big to actually go through the rhinestone setting. To facilitate the attachment of these tiny bits of bling I had to string them onto the filament without a needle, add the micro bead, rethread the needle, sew, reposition for the next rhinestone and repeat. This little veil took almost all day, lol!)

Here’s the first one. Only four more to go :o)

Test fit!

All five of them on there. I have since tacked the tops of each onto the veil fabric to keep them evenly spaced and facing forward.

Phew! That was a lengthy update, lol! Next up for this lady are her shoes and her bouquet. A little styling of hair and lashes and she’ll be ready for the aisle, or the catwalk ;o)

Thanks for hanging in!


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn WIP 4

As promised (though a day late-you know how weekends are, lol) here’s how the wedding mini project is shaping up at the moment.

I’ve done some white stockings for her that will need decoration to look like the high fashion ones in the picture. I’ve made them quite tall because the mini is fairly short ;o)

I was going to embroider the all over pattern onto the hose, but because they’re sheer you would be able to see all of the threads and it would have looked messy :o( Not to mention how difficult it would be to put them onto the doll without catching those threads! So I decided to use fabric paint instead. The one I chose is full of iridescent sparkles :o)  Here’s what the sparkles look like….

When that dried, I realized it really wasn’t as white as I wanted it to be. It’s almost too subtle :o) So, I added a little white in the middle of the iridescent dots. I’ve also added some lace to the bottom of the sleeves, inside and out.

Lastly for today, I began her sexy long white gloves. They are stretch silk charmeuse. Here they are with just the top edge hemmed as narrowly as possible :o)

I still need to do her veil and her shoes and ew a narrow lace to the sides of her stockings. Oh and I almost forgot about her bouquet! I can’t wait to get this all on the doll and see the whole thing together!

Well, more work to get to! Thanks for reading :o)


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