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Nu Face Clash Control Erin is Here!

In truth she’s been here for a while, in fact two more gorgeous Fashion Royalties have joined my little, but growing family of Wu dolls.

I love the poseability of these dolls. (I sometimes wish my dear Dawns were as poseable. Then I wander off mentally wondering how that could be done. Ooh look a shiny thing, lol!)

Anyway back to the post at hand. Clash Control is gorgeous. Beautiful face with piercing blue eyes. The FR outfits are full of nice details like tiny zippers and micro studs. Really fun to play with and the camera sure loves them! I think I need to get these girls a fainting couch ;o)

Here she is:

awsumgal Erin Clash Control Fashion Royalty 1

awsumgal Erin Clash Control Fashion Royalty 2

awsumgal Erin Clash Control Fashion Royalty 3

awsumgal Erin Clash Control Fashion Royalty 4

Isn’t she yummy?!?

I’m going to have loads of fun dressing these dolls! I can push the fashion envelope with these girls in a way that just wouldn’t be right on Dawn and Pippa….

Speaking of which, I am in the planning stages of my next project. I’m quite fired up about it, but, as I have no visuals yet I’ll keep mum until I’ve had a chance to take a few pics.


Enjoy your Saturday!


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NOT Clash Control Erin ~ Ayumi is my first Fashion Royalty!

I am quite excited to have received my very first Fashion Royalty doll! I purchased a Nu Face, Clash Control Erin Fashion Royalty doll, but I didn’t get that one. I received an Ayumi Nakamura instead. Oops! In a Clash Control shipper mind you, an honest mistake I’m sure. I don’t know that I’ll be able to source an Erin now though…… :o( I have been in touch with the doll shop where I bought her and am waiting for a response. They did tell me when I placed the order though, that she was the last one……

However, Ayumi is growing on me. I have deboxed and photographed her and she now lounges in my studio looking frankly a little bored and somewhat mischievous, waiting for new fashions…..

Here are some photos of this gorgeous doll.

awsumgal Ayumi Fashion Royalty

awsumgal Ayumi Fashion Royalty 2

awsumgal Ayumi Fashion Royalty 3

Isn’t she something!

I am just putting the finishing touches on an outfit for Gene Marshall which I hope to list today. After that, I’m going small again and will be working with Dawn and Pippa. I have a bunch of ideas for them that I want to get working on.



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