Listed a couple of dolls on ebay :)

A beautiful example of a vintage Uneeda Suzette redhead teenage fashion doll. Please follow the link below the pictures to see the listing…




The other little lady I have listed is a wave one Nefera De Nile Monster High doll, new mint in her box.



Here’s the link to Nefera’s listing…


Thanks for looking and have a great day!



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19″ Uneeda Dollikin Restoration Update-Putting Her Back Together!

The reroot is finally done! Phew. These girls take a lot of hair. I did the slow and painful, but ultimately best looking and longest lasting, plug by plug sew in lock loop variant that I always use. It’s not too bad on a small gal like Dawn or Pippa, but holy cats, it a long drawn out process on a Blythe or a 19″ Dollikin! They have big heads, lol!

Any way here is the lovely gal getting some hair. Just a few in process shots…

Gee, I sure hope that orange mark comes off of her eyelid. It’s downright distracting! (No worries! It does in fact come off :o)

She’s starting to look really pretty already :o) (Despite the big bald pate, lol!)

Okay two is enough embarrassing photos! Here she is with all of her hair….

I like it! She’s got a Tuesday Weld/Brigitte Bardot kind of vibe going on! She’s maybe more of a 50’s bombshell. I can see her in some sexy glamourous looks ;o)

Back to business here. Now that she’s finally got her hair on, it’s time to put all of that gone through the wash tissue back into her head. It’s so low tech and kind of quaint.I reserved all of that stuff safely in a baggie while I rerooted her scalp.

There’s the tissue, the cardboard plug and the neck hook all ready to go back to where it belongs.

I have discretely signed the inside flange of her head, so that it’ll be know that she’s a restoration :o)

I’ve also popped an identifying card in there so if in another 50 years someone wants to restore her they’ll find this. It’ll be like a timecapsule! And on with the stuffing!

It’s all in there now. Time to pop the cardboard circle in there and then the neck hook that will attach her head to the rest of her body.

It’s a little tricky, so take your time here. You don’t want to rip the vinyl of her neck. A small screwdriver or “a crochet hook” helps a lot here.

The larger diameter ring of the neck hook piece needs to go under the vinyl of her head. It’s bigger than the opening so it takes a little finagling to get get it in place.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s in.

With that done, it’s time to reassemble her bod. Not really looking forward to this bit I have to admit! I’ve heard horror stories from the trenches, and after all of the hair work, I would be deeply bummed if I snapped something trying to put her back together. My advice to anyone who wants to “restring” (they’re not really strung so much as hooked and looped!)  their Dollikin is…

1. Time – don’t be in a rush here. Set aside an hour or two and be prepared for it to take that long!

2. Crochet Hooks – even if you don’t crochet, these hooks are indispensable in m studio. I have them in every conceivable size. They were a huge help fitting rubber rings onto “s” hooks.

3. 9 cups of Tea, or possibly Scotch depending on the time of day and your preference. (Well, ok the majority of the Scotch should probably be held in reserve for the afterparty when you and your doll are in one piece!)

Be patient and calm and don’t give up. I’ve heard people suggest hauling one of your friends over to help you with this, although I don’t see how two extra hands in there would help, unless they’re tending bar, lol!

Ok so here we go…..

Quick explanation here…. These vintage 19″ girls have a spring that attaches on the top to that hook sticking out of her neck and on the bottom to a hook in the torso, that doesn’t ever want to come out. I suppose I could have forced it, but force is never really recommended on a vintage doll, unless you want a pile of plastic shards when you;re done! If you can keep the spring in place, you will save huge amounts of time for yourself. My spring became detached from the torso hook. The spring attaches to this hook on the inside of the torso. There is no way to get in there! So, if your spring comes off of that (like mine did) you’ll need to spend some time trying to fish it back on there. It’s doable, but it’s a pain. So if you can avoid it, do so!

The rest of her body is attached together with heavy duty rubber loops. These are like no rubber band I’ve ever seen! Mine rubber bands were so old many of them had just broken into little brittle pieces…

There are “stringing diagrams” elsewhere on the web, but generally speaking, Dollikins shoulders and leg tops have rods inside across the tops. These rods should have strong metal hooks that in turn attach to the rubber loops. One rubber loop travels from shoulder hook to shoulder hook and another connects both leg hooks to the torso hook through the pelvis piece. The lower arms and hands and the lower legs and feet have elastic loops of their own. My girls hands were very floppy (the elastic had disintegrated) so I replaced those. Her feet are fine though so I’ve left those in place. If it ain’t broke and all that, lol!

You can see the sad state of the old elastic, and it sure isn’t your average rubber band!

Same with the elastic in the lower arm for the hand, it’s totally brittle and useless! I replaced the hands with sewing elastic that I tied as tightly as I possibly could. The rest of her was done with rubber loops but I didn’t have small enough “s” hooks and though I could have bent my own out of heavy wire, I wasn’t convinced they would ultimately be strong enough…

In fact I got her all put together with the sewing elastic method and she was soooo floppy. The sewing elastic was as tight as I could get it and was pulled taut continuously. She was still too floppy to hold pose and I didn’t think the sewing elastic would last very long in it’s constantly pulled state. It is designed to stretch, but ideally not to be always in a stretched state. I was not happy with that result.

So, sadist that I must be, I took her apart again and reattached her with “o” rings that I purchased at my local hardware store (I confess a deep love of hardware stores, but that is a whole other post, lol!) After wrestling, cursing, tea drinking, having a little lie down, and back at it again, she was all one piece. Still floppier than I wanted. I couldn’t imagine connecting her bits any tighter than they already were (without the help of a machine and a lobotomy) so I sueded her joints.

There are as many ways to do this as grains of sand. Ok maybe not that many, but there are lots. One I have heard discussed often s the hot glue method. When people say “smear the hot glue around the joint as thinly as possible with your finger I know that method is not for me! I have burned many digits with my glue gun so that method makes me cringe a little inside! I went with the adhesive moleskin method. No moles were actually skinned to suede this dolls joints, so sit back down! It’s the handy cushioning material designed to make those ouchy bits on your feet never come in contact with our shoes ever again, and it’s not made of moles!

After sueding everything, she poses fantastically! She can even -gasp!- stand on her own! Seriously! I have the pics to prove it, lol!

Look ma, no stand!

I’m really happy with her stringing and bod now! She’s such a poseur! lol :o)

She’s almost complete. I will be touching up her make up a little and replacing some missing lashes. I think she needs a pretty french manicure and pedicure too. Then it’ll be time to make her some drop dead 40’s and 50’s fashions!Can’t wait :o)

Wow, that was a long one, thanks for hanging in ’til the end!

Have a wonderful day!


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Vintage Uneeda Suzette Restoration

Happy Sunday dolly people!

After a delightful break from reality in which I spent more time on Florida rollercoasters than off, I arrived back home to find my vintage Uneeda Suzette doll! She was in need of a spa, but was in surprisingly good shape for a doll of this age. I love these dolls. I like their body style. They’re the only ones I know of with this kind of leg and torso construction and I think they are prettier than a Bild Lilli….

Here is what she looked like when I got her…

She’s dirty and she has marks on er face and neck. She’s also got really gnarly hair and her legs bow to the right. It sounds bad, I know, but she is is actually in pretty good shape, especially if I can get the marks off of her face!

Here are a few close ups of her face….

Her neck had some red markings as well.

So I set to work on her. Her hair although dirty and out of it’s ponytail is pretty much all there! No missing plugs! I cleaned her face and it came clean :o) I was pretty excited, lol! I washed her hair and put it back up into her ponytail. It’s not mint because the ends are a little rough, but it looks quite good. I refreshed her eye paint which was a little uneven and gave her some natural lips and some blush to her cheeks. Here is her after look…

Now she’s my favorite Uneeda Suzette, ’cause she has such an innocent face. She looks so good that I am encouraged to clean up on of my other Uneeda Suzettes. Here’s the trio (the Andrews sisters, lol!) before anything was done to anybody :o)

I have a blonde girl who has lost most of her hair. I have decided to remove the tufts that are left…

There was so much old dirt hiding under that tiny bit of hair! Ew! Off to the sink…..

Phew! Now she’s clean :o) I will reroot her and she’s going to be the easiest reroot I’ve ever done! I mean there’s hardly any hair plug holes :o)

No time to rehair her today and I need to make her something suitable to wear but, that will have to wait. It’s a good start though! Thanks for reading :o)


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Restoring a Uneeda Dollikin Articulated Doll

I have always wanted one of these ladies from the 50’s. They’re so classy and iconic of the time. I wasn’t around at that time, but she certainly evokes all of that almost everyday kind of glamour. The days when women supposedly wore lovely dresses and pearls to vacuum! These dolls are usually out of my price range when they’re in good shape and the competition for the ones that need help is pretty fierce too! I have been on the lookout for one for years and finally found one! This girl needs stringing and new hair, but, she has good clear eyes, an unstained body, no cracks or chips… Good bones as it were! So I embark on my pet project to restore her to her former loveliness :o)

Here’s how she looked when I unpacked her…..

She was a little dirty, so first I gave her a bit of a clean up to the face and body.

See how short her hair is? It was also really dry and crispy too :o( I knew it had to go. I was a little concerned about the orange dot on her eyesocket, but it did come off in the end :o)

Her eyes sure are pretty though! Time to remove the natty old hair…..

In order to reroot this little ladies’ hair I’ll need to remove her head! I’ve not removed a Dollikin’s head before, so I took it slowly trying to see what I was up against at every step of the way. This doll is strung so there is a hook attached to a neck hole plate. It was tricky to detach and to make sure I can put her back together I have attached a piece of wire to the elastic cord….

With the head safely detached from the body, I needed to take the plate out of her head so that I can get at her scalp. I am prying this plate out very carefully because I don’t want to damage the plate or the neck hole…

And there it is! I will now put that aside for the reassemble.

When I took the plate out of her head, I was surprised to find that her head was full of stuff!

Little tiny shreds of paper and fluff. Clearly inserted when the doll was made. I carefully removed all of this and put it aside as well. I plan to put it all back when I’m finished rerooting her.

I’m telling you, there was a lot of stuffing in her head! Here’s a look inside her empty cranial cavity!

Phew, after silly amounts of time time with tweezers, her hair is all out and she is bald and ready to reroot!

I hummed and hawed a little about her haircolour, but in the end I decided to stay true to the restoration aspect and will be rerooting her in a Honey Blond colour that is very close to the original. Of course I’m using my favorite, Saran dollhair :o)

Her original hair is on the left and you can see the new hair I’ll be rooting in. I’m excited!

I am working on this girl in my spare time, around commissions and other commitments, (I’m working on a couple of exciting Sybarite items too!) so it will take some time to complete. Next time you see her she will doubtless have some hair!

Thanks so much for reading, until next time!


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The Postman was Very Good to Me!

I was a very happy doll collector today! I received two packages from my friendly neighborhood postal dude, and both were dolls and neither had taxes or customs charges :o) That is a good day, lol. Not only did I get my pre-ordered 13″ Basic Blonde Tonner Revlon doll, (who will appear in another post as I haven’t even opened her shipper yet!) I also finally got a doll I have been hoping for from the earliest days of my doll madness. I am the proud owner of a 19″ blonde Uneeda Dollikin. She’s in pieces of course, I’m not made of money, lol and so can’t pay the hefty price of a gorgeous mint creature, though there have been a steady stream of them on eBay since I started looking and I have sighed like an unrequited lover at every one of them. But enough of me! This girl is in excellent shape, despite her dis-jointed current stance, lol! Her blonde hair though will have to go. It is dry, course, brittle and embarrassingly thin through most of the back of her head.

I will be restoring and dressing this girl to bring her back to her 50’s beauty! I’m really excited to finally get my hands on one of these dolls! Yippee :o) I will of course be blogging about the process as she goes from sad to spectacular. She will quietly wait now, with a baleful look in her pretty plastic eyes until I my first commission is complete (well maybe I’ll get wee snippets of time during my commission work)

Here’s a shot of Uneeda Makeover, lol before I do anything….

She is going to be such a fun project for me!

And now….. I’m off on my first commission of 2011! Wheeee! I am going directly from this post to the first post of the Annie doll commission, so check the very next post :o)….


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