Blythe WIP2

Here’s just a quick update on my Blythe. I am going at a blistering pace on this one. Don’t know why really, the planets are aligned perfectly I guess, or maybe it’s the Christmas spirit in the air!

I have decided not to go into all of the mechanics of taking her apart, because, honestly, there are lots of posts all over the net on how to do this written by customizers with way more experience than me :o) If you’re keen, spend some quality time with your web browser and your favorite search engine and go wild!

Ok, so my girl is all taken apart, carefully, with much time and patience I might add and I have removed her factory make-up. On to begun her carving. I have changed her eye socket shape to a more almond looking one and I have started reshaping her mouth, her philtrim and her nose. I use a combination of really wicked sharp craft knives and a rotary tool. And lots of really really fine sandpapers.

She doesn’t look very lovely here, but trust me it’s going well. :o)

And a little more carving…..

Ai carumba! There is lots more carving to do yet but I’m really having a blast with it. It’s certainly not something you can do with a Dawn or a Pippa!

When I’m happy with the shaping of her mouth and nose etc, I’ll be sanding her entire face to a matte finish before I apply her new make-up. Then everything will be sealed with matte sealer.

I find myself looking forward to each stage of her transformation and she is determining how she will turn out!

I have chosen her new eye colours and each set will be customized by me before they go in the doll.

I have decided that I don’t want to reroot her entire head. The last time I did that it took FOREVER -_-

There’s a lot more hair on a Blythe then on a wee Dawn! So anyway I’ve decided to augment this Tea for Two’s stock medium brown with blonde highlights, mahoganey midtones and black lowlights, but, not tonight!

That’s it for now from the snowbelt :o)


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A Big Thank You!

Here is a pic of the finished Maiko.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of praise and encouragement. I appreciate them all!

awsumgals maiko DONE!

awsumgals Maiko Portrait

Her eyes have three purple hues in the irises, including a cool iridescent shade. She has also, of course, black pupils and bright white catch lights, a little Geisha red liner just at the corners and some black liner, painted lashes and eyebrows. She’s also been given bright red tiny lips. All have been sealed with matte sealer, except the eyes which have a high gloss sealer.

Again, thanks to all who took the time to comment, and to write to me. It was lovely to hear from you all!

awsumgal :o)

here’s the ebay link for her (she’s on sale until Saturday

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Geisha is a finished work!!!

I’m finished her finally! I’m very happy with how she has turned out! Please surf on over to ebay and have a look!

Thanks for following along with me! It’s been a blast!

I have another gal in mind for my next project, but, more on that later…


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Geisha WIP 6

Hi all,

today is the day I finish her! (Barring any unforeseen acts of God! You know, floods, plagues of locusts. That kind of thing would really slow me down, lol!)

I did quite a lot of work on her kanzashi, her hair ornaments yesterday. Very fiddly tiny things!

Here are some pics of those in process…

This is one I won’t use. It doesn’t look enough like the flowers they wear. It’s too big!

awsumgals kanzashi-not

Here’s the second attempt. Although I like this one better than the first try, it’s still not quite there for me. It’s a little too insubstantial looking…. but pretty. Maybe I’ll use it for something else (hmmm)

awsumgals kanzashi-not quite

Here’s the one that worked. (For me anyway!) And all the rest of her ornaments too!

awsumgals kanzashi

To my mind these flowers finally have just the right amount of detail and visual weight. The dangling petals were a challenge but I’m finally happy with that solution as well, and the metal dangling ornament has been painstakingly made by cutting, twisting and flattening very short pieces of brass wire and then “stringing” them onto a wire piece.

I’m really looking forward to putting them into her hair today. It’s one of the last things to do!

Here are her okobo (sandals) The second pair worked out much better…

awsumgals okobo

The little straps are red silk thread which is very strong!

Her obi is finished as well. I have added snap closures to it and also the obi-jime, the cord belt in the center of the obi. It too is red silk thread.

awsumgals obi

Maiko carry a little “basket purse” called a takekago kinchaku (as near as I can tell!) that has a woven bamboo bottom and silk top. I have almost finished that accessory for my Miako.

Here it is so far…

awumgals geisha basket purse

and the bottom…

awumgals geisha basket purse 2

I’ll be putting the silk top onto the embroidered woven looking bottom today too!

All righty. That’s it for now!

Until Later…


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Geisha WIP 5

Well, the Maiko is coming together. I can see the finish line with her now. I get quite excited towards the end of a project. When I can enjoy briefly the satisfaction of a job (hopefully) well done! Until the next project…..

Yesterday, I worked on her tabi (socks) and her okobo (high wood sandals). I had to can the first pair of okobo as they were well, dang, they were just wrong! So, I made another pair and I like these much better. Although they’re not quite finished yet.

Here’s a pic of the tabi….

awsumgals geisha tabi

Here are the okobo, in process obviously! They take some time to shape so it’s a bit of a let down when you realize you have to do them again!

awsumgals okobo in progress

Of course all of these wood shavings must be completely cleaned up before any painting or sewing (anything really) else can be accomplished. I think cleaning up after myself is among my least favorite things. ( It ranks right up there with dental work, and prison.) However it is a necessary evil.

I also worked on her obi yesterday and though I love the colours, in the end I decided it was too wide for Dawn and had to make both strips considerably narrower…

awsumgals obi in progress

You can see some of the research info I’ve pulled from the web in this pic.

So today, is paint day!!! I love this part! I love it all really, but there’s something about getting to the face paint stage for me that is really gratifying and fun. I need to be in the right mind set though ’cause it requires full concentration. I find myself wanting to go full steam ahead, but I find the best results are realized with multiple coats and lots of drying time in between. So it’s kind of a slow process.

Here she is with almost all of her factory paint removed. She’s just about ready to receive her new Maiko look!

awsumgals Maiko b4

I have covered most of her hair to protect it while I paint, but she’ll be receiving traditional Geisha make-up so I can’t cover all of it. I’ll need to paint almost right to the hairline. That’s why I picked a pale faced doll for this. (I know she doesn’t look pale in the photos, but she is, especially in spots.)

Eep! Off to paint!!



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