Hujoo Suve – Painted and On Sale!

Little Suve is listed for sale over at Artfire at the moment. If you’re interested surf on over and have another look :o)

Here’s the link…

Suve on Artfire

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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ABS Hujoo Suve gets her face-up!

I had a great time in the studio over the last few days painting and blushing my Hujoo Suve tiny doll. They look so very different when painted and blushed!

Suve got the full treatment :o)

Here she is before…

After some blushing basics and beginnings she started to look a little less plastic :o) Here she is in that state with her pal Ted (my next victim, lol!)

Then I really got busy! It took several days because I would wander away from it when I’d been looking at her for too long, and wander back to do more after a bit of a break. There’s also drying time in between too. When I am decidedly happy with a particular stage of the process, she’ll get a coat of MSC. I’ll do this three or four times throughout so by the time the doll is finished there are actually several coats of sealer already on her. Then she’ll get at least two more finish coats before I call her truly done.

These little dolls are new to me, so I didn’t yet have much in the way of accessories for her. I made a couple of wigs to showcase how she’ll look with different hair colours and I’ll have to make some clothes for them at some point too, but I’ve begun work on a commission that needs to come first! I’ll be showcasing that next time :o)

Back to Suve! Without further ado, here she is in full regalia (such as it is, lol) At least she has eyes and hair and of course, a face!

I was having some fun with enormous hair on her. I think she looks quite sweet with all of the hair in her friend Kelly’s dress!

She tires of this hair though and wants to try one of the others I made…

Black this time :o)

Now that is some wild hair, lol!

A more gentle and sweet look….

She’s quite versatile for such a little thing! I haven’t even changed her eyes!

Here she is in the buff to show all the body blushing she received. No sole was left unblushed, lol!

Well that’s all for now! Thanks for stopping in to have a look and have a great day!


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A Hujoo Face-Up for a Friend

I was asked to give a Hujoo doll a face-up and of course I said sure! I’d been intrigued by the PukiPuki dolls and have been considering them for some time now, but wasn’t sure I would warm to the size, or even the body type. I’m mostly all about high fashion dolls….. The Pukis are a little pricey, especially if you’re unsure, so these little Hujoo ABS babies are an affordable test doll :o)

Here’s how the painting went…. First blank canvas, clean and ready to go!

A little blushing to begin….

A little more and some lips…

More blushing, eye definition and brows :o)

Some lip gloss and lower lashes, and violá! She has a face :o)

Here’s a look at her with some eyes and hair :o)

Here she is with a brunette wig….

After these pics I did apply some upper lashes as well, here’s a pic, but it’s eyeless head only. No time for a second photo shoot, lol!

The eyes are a spare set that I have hanging about my studio and the wigs are ones I made for Sybarites a while ago. They are a little big. Deva wigs are almost the same size though their styles are deeply divergent! These little people can wear some Dawn clothes and her owner tells me some Kelly clothes fit.

For the cost, these dolls are great fun to play with, and they are a great way to decide whether or not tinies are a size you want to get into… This little one has gone home, but I’ve got a couple of my own on order, if they’d just hurry up and get here!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening. Stay safe my UK friends!


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