Lord of the Rings

Tonner Galadriel and Strider arrive!!!

I just love it when a big box gets delivered! Mostly it’s doll related, lol! I had been eyeing Galadriel for a long time, but just couldn’t quite swing the full pop for her, even though she is so lovely… I almost bought a nude version, but held off and it’s a good thing too, because Tonner offered an extremely limited time drop dead unreal price for her and I couldn’t resist her charms any longer! I wasn’t the only one either :o) The orders had to be made by phone and the line was awfully busy! Took quite some time to get through, but I did in the end and splurged a little more for Strider too!

Without further ado, here are some visuals :o)

Here’s Galadriel Lady of Light…..

And here’s Strider Ranger of the North…

Immediately I whisked these two up to the studio for their first photo shoot.

Here are some of those images :o)

I mean, just look at that serene and tranquil face!

I think this is the prettiest sculpt that Tonner has ever made! She is just so angelic! Her circlet is metal and her brooch is stunning. Her gown is amazing too. I love everything about her!

Here’s her pal Strider Ranger of the North….

He’s pretty dishy, lol! He does suffer from crazy hair though. I will need to tame that, but since that will require that I de-clothe him, I didn’t have time this weekend. He’s got a great face and his costume is cool. His sword and knife accessories are pretty fab too.  His boots are perfect for him.

All in all I’m a very happy LOTR fan!

Hope you enjoyed the pics, thanks for reading!


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