Desperately Seeking Susan Replica Skull Case on eBay!

Hi peeps! I have just listed on eBay for a one week run, a mini replica (my take anyway!) of the skull case from the film Desperately Seeking Susan.

Please have a look at the auction if you’re so inclined. Click HERE to go see…

It’s fully functional. It opens and has a luxurious pink satin interior complete with an elastisized pocket in the lid. Perfect for your dolls’ extra wigs, shoes or jewelry!

In the meantime, here are a few pics, the first ones showcasing TRAPEZE!!!! my new Sybarite. Gawd isn’t she fabulous? (There will be much more of her to see in the near future.)

awsumgal desperately seeking susan skull case for sybarite blythe ellowyne 1

awsumgal desperately seeking susan skull case for sybarite blythe ellowyne 2

awsumgal desperately seeking susan skull case for sybarite blythe ellowyne 3

awsumgal desperately seeking susan skull case for sybarite blythe ellowyne 4

awsumgal desperately seeking susan skull case for sybarite blythe ellowyne 5

awsumgal desperately seeking susan skull case for sybarite blythe ellowyne 6

Thanks for reading and have a great night :o)


Sept 1 09

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Dollfie done!

I’ve finished my first 27cm dollfie face up and hair! I hope to make more of these gals. I really like their look and they’re so very poseable.

Here’s what she looked like when I received her. They come nude with no make-up eyes or hair. This makes infinitely customizable.

My MiniDollfie Before

My MiniDollfie Before

Here you cna see I have applied her face-up and am in the process of applying her lashes.
Blind and Bald ~ but getting eyelashes!

Blind and Bald ~ but getting eyelashes!

I found the most difficult part of this Dollfie was the application of her lashes. Next time I will use a different adhesive and use less! Lol!
Just Bald!!

Just Bald!!

Now her eyes are in too! I’ve picked a pretty brown for her.
Next, the hair!

Hair, Eyes and Make-up!

Hair, Eyes and Make-up!

The mohair is hard to tame. I mean it’s everywhere! I need some more experience with this whole wig making thing ~ ai carumba!
She's ready for her close-up!

She's ready for her close-up!

I haven’t had a chance yet to make anything for her to wear, but Tiny Kitty kindly lent Dollfie a dress to wear for the pics!

In a Tiny Kitty borrowed dress...

In a Tiny Kitty borrowed dress...

Last photo…

On Set at Last!!

On Set at Last!!

That’s it for the Dollfie update until she has something of her own to wear, tee hee!

I’m off again for a little while and won’t be able to blog much (we’re running behind around here, we were supposed to be on the way yesterday! :o)

take care all!

~ awsumgal

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WIP ~ ooak Dawn Mermaid 3

Yay! along with finishing the knit, I have finished installing my mermaids’ hair!

Here’s the hair at about the halfway point. I usually start at the outermost hairline, go all the way around and then fill in the rest and lastly pay special attention to the part area. Just to be sure there is enough for splitting the part at the end of it all.

awsumgals mermaid hair halfway

Here she is with all of her hair though it hasn’t been smoothed yet. I will also be styling and embellishing her hair before I’m done, but here she is with hair….

awsumgals mermaid hair full

I wish I had hair like this Lol!

I haven’t boil set her hair and I may not so until I decide she’s hangin’ out with a silver ribbon headband to keep her hair flat while I work on her tail.

awsumgals mermaid hairband

Her tail will have an inner structure to accommodate a pole type stand. I want her to be able to be taken off of her stand and be at least somewhat poseable in her tail. There are some logistics to consider…

awsumgals mermaid tail musings

The outer visible tail is a silk thread hand bead knit. It’s a little tricky I must say and I sure hope it does what I want it to do, because I rather like the look of it so far… My choice of tail material is part of what necessitates a reasonably stable inner structure to her tail. I suppose I could just do a straight stuffed tail with a pretty fin on the end, but really where is the fun in that?

This is me choosing beads for her…

awsumgals mermaid beads

and sorting them into hue value families…

awsumgals mermaid beads

and lastly for today, here is a photo of the tail knit. I chose to knit in wonderful, if not occasionally annoying, pale sea moss green silk thread that I bought from a family of silk embroiderers, who do the most beautiful silk embroidery that I have ever seen. I must find a link to them and post….

I chose to knit because I think in this context the stitches look somewhat like fine scales and the beads will add sparkle, texture and glints of colour like the sun does off of the surface of the water….

awsumgal mermaid tail knit

I had to rewrap the silk thread though, as it comes in a coil which becomes astonishingly tangled in almost no time at all! (I will ALWAYS rewrap now before I start something with silk thread!)

I know this long and rambling and that is because I will be away from my computer for several days as of the weekend and won’t be able to post :o(

If I’ve anything to report I will update the moment I am back to my machine!


~ awsumgal

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new projects

hi all,

I’ve put a few new things in my etsy shop, although “symphony in Pink” is already sold :o]

The other new one is a hand knit by me in cotton. It’s a mod looking simple colour block kind of pattern of my own devising. I love how it looks on my Angie. She has such porcelain looking skin. She looks just like the Angie I had as a child. Definitely she’s my favorite Angie (though she sets the bar pretty high for all other Angies!)

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini front

Another view:

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini back

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini 2

I quite like how this one turned out and I think I will do another in a different colourway.

I have a Dawn OOAK project coalescing in my head too at the moment. Before I begin I have a few details to finalize in my minds’ eye (which I’m sure will evolve as I get into the project! Lol!)

The other thing I’ll be working on over the next little while (amongst other things, as I like to engage in a couple of projects at once!) will be this Volks mini dollfie.

awsumgals mini dollfie-before

This is how she comes. I bought one that included a head! :o)

I purchased this from mimiwoo on ebay. A most excellent Hong Kong seller! She has loads of Dollfies, Takara Blythes, Momoko and on and on. I was a lillte leery of buying from someone so very far away. I wasn’t sure shipping halfway around the globe was going to go all that well. I also wondered whether or not there would be a language barrier. But hell no! Smooth as silk was the shopping experience. My order arrived surprisingly fast. And she’s a really friendly seller. :o) (and no, I have no affiliation with her whatsoever!) I will definitely shop there again. As well as her ebay shop, she has her own site which is

So, clearly she needs eyes (which I also bought! -pics later) hair, face paint (can’t wait) and something new to wear! Yippee!

Updates to come!

have a lovely weekend!


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