June, 2008

Geisha update and Rendezvous at Midnight

Good morning doll people!

awsumgals\' maiko

The ooak Geisha doll that I’ve been blogging about has arrived at her new home in good stead!

My dear buyer is happy :o) and now I can breathe a sigh of relief. (I’m always the tiniest bit apprehensive until I know the item has arrived at its’ final destination.)

Tuesday, I finished Rendezvous at Midnight and posted on etsy. The outfit sold before I could talk about it here, or upload it to my website! (A big thank you to my buyer with the impeccable taste ;o)

Here it is:

awsumgals Rendezvous at Midnight

Here’s her story:

She came out of the fog like a ghost. Whisper quiet she drew nearer. I asked where she was going, my voice sounding unnaturally loud in the night. She turned and smiled a small smile, but did not answer. With a knowing look, she disappeared as the fog took her again. I always wondered where she went at midnight, but she never said and now it was too late to find out…. ~awsumgal

Tee Hee! That was a fun story to write!

The outfit is on it’s way to its’ new residence….

Have a great day everybody!


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new projects

hi all,

I’ve put a few new things in my etsy shop, although “symphony in Pink” is already sold :o]

The other new one is a hand knit by me in cotton. It’s a mod looking simple colour block kind of pattern of my own devising. I love how it looks on my Angie. She has such porcelain looking skin. She looks just like the Angie I had as a child. Definitely she’s my favorite Angie (though she sets the bar pretty high for all other Angies!)

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini front

Another view:

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini back

awsumgals hand knit colour block mini 2

I quite like how this one turned out and I think I will do another in a different colourway.

I have a Dawn OOAK project coalescing in my head too at the moment. Before I begin I have a few details to finalize in my minds’ eye (which I’m sure will evolve as I get into the project! Lol!)

The other thing I’ll be working on over the next little while (amongst other things, as I like to engage in a couple of projects at once!) will be this Volks mini dollfie.

awsumgals mini dollfie-before

This is how she comes. I bought one that included a head! :o)

I purchased this from mimiwoo on ebay. A most excellent Hong Kong seller! She has loads of Dollfies, Takara Blythes, Momoko and on and on. I was a lillte leery of buying from someone so very far away. I wasn’t sure shipping halfway around the globe was going to go all that well. I also wondered whether or not there would be a language barrier. But hell no! Smooth as silk was the shopping experience. My order arrived surprisingly fast. And she’s a really friendly seller. :o) (and no, I have no affiliation with her whatsoever!) I will definitely shop there again. As well as her ebay shop, she has her own site which is www.mimiwoo.com

So, clearly she needs eyes (which I also bought! -pics later) hair, face paint (can’t wait) and something new to wear! Yippee!

Updates to come!

have a lovely weekend!


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Summertime for Dawn and Pippa at Etsy

I’ve finished a new sassy short set for Dawn and Pippa dolls. Her shorts are a pretty red and blue on white cotton floral and her little crop top is a soft white rayon with just the tiniest bit of sheen. The top is fully lined so all seams are enclosed. Her purse is of the same rayon. Fuller in front with a beaded flower on the flap and a gold plated ball chain strap. (Nothing is too good for these gals!) It is a functional little purse, meaning that it opens and you could put something very small inside! :o)

Her shoes are my favorite part of this outfit. (Fiddley, finicky but still my fav.) They are wood wedge soled shoes. I have hand shaped them and sealed them with a semi-matte sealer. Their straps are stretchy cord embellished with little glass bead florals, just like her bag. They have white felt footbeds.

Her are a few pics :o)

awsumgals Summertime for Dawn and Pippa 2

awsumgals Summertime Shoes for Dawn and Pippa

awsumgals Summertime Accessories for Dawn and Pippa

Click “Summertime” to have a look!

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


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A Big Thank You!

Here is a pic of the finished Maiko.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of praise and encouragement. I appreciate them all!

awsumgals maiko DONE!

awsumgals Maiko Portrait

Her eyes have three purple hues in the irises, including a cool iridescent shade. She has also, of course, black pupils and bright white catch lights, a little Geisha red liner just at the corners and some black liner, painted lashes and eyebrows. She’s also been given bright red tiny lips. All have been sealed with matte sealer, except the eyes which have a high gloss sealer.

Again, thanks to all who took the time to comment, and to write to me. It was lovely to hear from you all!

awsumgal :o)

here’s the ebay link for her (she’s on sale until Saturday http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=270245391969&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=017

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Geisha is a finished work!!!

I’m finished her finally! I’m very happy with how she has turned out! Please surf on over to ebay and have a look!


Thanks for following along with me! It’s been a blast!

I have another gal in mind for my next project, but, more on that later…


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