July, 2008

Dollfie done!

I’ve finished my first 27cm dollfie face up and hair! I hope to make more of these gals. I really like their look and they’re so very poseable.

Here’s what she looked like when I received her. They come nude with no make-up eyes or hair. This makes infinitely customizable.

My MiniDollfie Before

My MiniDollfie Before

Here you cna see I have applied her face-up and am in the process of applying her lashes.
Blind and Bald ~ but getting eyelashes!

Blind and Bald ~ but getting eyelashes!

I found the most difficult part of this Dollfie was the application of her lashes. Next time I will use a different adhesive and use less! Lol!
Just Bald!!

Just Bald!!

Now her eyes are in too! I’ve picked a pretty brown for her.
Next, the hair!

Hair, Eyes and Make-up!

Hair, Eyes and Make-up!

The mohair is hard to tame. I mean it’s everywhere! I need some more experience with this whole wig making thing ~ ai carumba!
She's ready for her close-up!

She's ready for her close-up!

I haven’t had a chance yet to make anything for her to wear, but Tiny Kitty kindly lent Dollfie a dress to wear for the pics!

In a Tiny Kitty borrowed dress...

In a Tiny Kitty borrowed dress...

Last photo…

On Set at Last!!

On Set at Last!!

That’s it for the Dollfie update until she has something of her own to wear, tee hee!

I’m off again for a little while and won’t be able to blog much (we’re running behind around here, we were supposed to be on the way yesterday! :o)

take care all!

~ awsumgal

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WIP ~ Dawn Mermaid 6

Happy Saturday!

I have been working a little on the water woman. Sadly, time to work is sparse. Oh well….

I was able to solve my little problem of how to attach the tail to Dawns’ torso without harming the body, but also allowing the stand pole to hold her securely. I created a brass wire sort of donut that I then sewed to the inner tail structure. I then carefully, but forcefully, installed the donut into her torso. It’s a snug fit, which is a very good thing! It is not coming out again without some serious effort. The tail portion can turn for posing opportunities! I’m quite happy to have solved this quandary :o)

Here are some visuals…

Then I compressed the ring into an ovoid to better fit through her torso opening and to prevent too much unwanted turning of her tail.

After sewing it to the tail I inserted the ring into her torso….


Next, with the tail overlay….and a head!

Having assembled her though I noticed a couple of things that I didn’t like!

Dang! I hate it when that happens…..

Firstly, her tail is too short! Really, it is! I believe I have a viable option for lengthening this. It will require the amputation of her fin…. This is a painless procedure (for her anyway! Lol!) That is OK however because the second issue I have is the shape of her fin, which I have decided I don’t like. I have a more sophisticated and streamlined shape in mind, which I’m confident will mesh much better with the rest of her overall style. I’ve also got some great accessory ideas!

I’ll be back and forth a bit over the next couple of weeks so my blogging will be somewhat more sporadic than usual :o) But I’ll keep y’all posted!


~ awsumgal

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Rising Star ~ new outfit is up on Etsy

The listing is up at etsy for the outfit I blogged about yesterday. I’ve decided to call it Rising Star…
Please click HERE to see the listing…

Here’s a photo.

awsumgals Rising Star

awsumgals Rising Star

Til later…..


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Mermaid Break….

I took a short hiatus from my water goddess project to indulge my fashion fantasies with a little “dress break”!

I’ve finished a gown for Pippa and Dawn that I’m happy with. :o) I’ve been wanting to make one in this style for a long time, but never seemed to have the right fabric to inspire me, until recently. I have in fact had this small piece for some time, hiding amongst my collection of fabrics. One of those examples that you pick up on a whim having no clear idea what you will do with it, just knowing that there is something interesting about it. It surfaced the other day during one of my periodic but necessary cleaning purges. I set it to one side vowing to work with it next. It seemed to peer me mournfully and sigh until I could stand it no longer. I finally gave in and now it’s a gown and is much happier! Lol!

I haven’t taken the listing shots yet so I’ve no visuals to show tonight, :o( but I’ll be listing the outfit for sale tomorrow. Until then, here’s the little back story for the outfit:

“That flighty feeling in her stomach was with her again like an old friend. Always accompanying her on these personal appearances. This time though, it had with it more heady excitement than usual. This was after all in support of her newly released book of photographs.
In truth she couldn’t wait to get to the beautiful venue they’d picked for the occasion as she was really very pleased with this work. The publishers had outdone themselves!
She had dressed carefully for this, perhaps exacerbating the confusion and disbelief of those who had trouble believing that someone as young as pretty as she could take such dark and deeply moving images. Despite this, she still loves to look glamourous, and so today she wears a lovely new gown she purchased for the occasion. A European style split front skirt striped in white, slate blue, yellow and pale teal and gold. Attached to this skirt, a gold metallic and poly blend strapless bodice, fully lined in pale blue “Twinkle” poly. Also attached are the gold metallic shorts, that show her long legs off to great advantage. The gown is accented with a quintet of glass and metallic gold toned beads at the center front. A clear, yellow core glass teardrop central bead is flanked by clear glass purple core seed and tiny gold toned metallic beads sewn on with gold thread. This gown fastens with two gold toned pearl type bead buttons and gold hand knotted thread loops.
Absentmindedly she fingers the necklace at her throat that belonged to her dearest aunt and that always brings her comfort. It is fashioned of gold toned tiny beads with three looped trios of gold and clear glass purple core seed beads and it fastens in the back with a hand turned brass wire hook and bead loop.
She has on her feet a delicate pair of hand stitched gold vinyl open toe slide-on pumps. These feature tiny sewn on gold tone bead heels and gold toned straps with accent beads.
As the taxi speeds down the narrow streets of the Ile de la Cité in Paris, she realizes, with growing excitement, that she’s almost there. She wonders fleetingly if the mysterious André will be there….. “

I hope you enjoyed my little story :o)

Until tomorrow then,

good night

~ awsumgal

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WIP ~ ooak Dawn Mermaid 5

The silk tail is almost fully knitted! I decided to use four different colours of stranded silk because I want the tail to gradually get darker the closer you get to the fin. Once the silk knit is attached to the inner tail structure, I”ll need to come up with a solution for attaching the whole tail business to the torso of my doll. I could poke a couple of holes through her plastic and sew it right to her, but the very thought of those holes makes me wince….. I have a less drastic but no less secure method in mind, but I won’t get to try it today :o(

Here’s the tail as it has progressed….

awsumgals ooak dawn mermaid tail wip 5-1

And then a little more…..

a little more tail...

And the last colour is being added…..

Last tail colour....

And here it is placed temporarily in its’ approximate final resting place, just for proportion and overall effect.

She's starting to come together...

It looks like she’s starting to take shape.

Today I also unpacked my little cache of tiny lakeshore treasures. I won’t use everything probably, but I’m fairly certain I’ll use most of it on her platform/stand, if nowhere else. I want my water maiden to have a few accessories and I don’t know yet how I want to fashion them. Some of this might go to that purpose. We’ll see. That’s the only advantage to the slow progress of these little projects, time to mull some of these options and questions around in my cranial cavity until the perfect solution coagulates into an executable form. :o)

Here are my lake bits….. Shell bra anyone? tee hee

Huron lakeside treasures

The shell bra is kinda cute really..... hmmm...

The shell bra is really kinda cute, hmmm………

Well that’s it for me today. I hope you’ve all had a relaxing Sunday, whatever you were up to :o)


~ awsumgal

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