August, 2008

On Location ~ Glori Pixie

I wanted to start a new fun series of posts that feature dolls “on location”

Here’s Glori in a fetching leaf, grass and thread ensemble on location in Pixie Town (created by my daughter and I at the beach this summer.)

Only gorgeous Glori can make a leaf bodice and grass skirt look this good! :o)



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New OOAK Blythe ~Chloe~ up on Ebay

I have finished my latest OOAK doll. She was an Ashlette EBL. I gave her a sand matted face and new make-up, and a brand new head of gorgeous saran Katsilk doll hair that I blended out of two colours. Her hair is a plug by plug sew in reroot. I have changed all four pairs of her eyechips with new ones that I have foiled and customized. She has a seven piece mix and match wardrobe of palazzo pants, skirt, tunic, bustier, leather sandals, fabric belt, and earrings. There are many more pictures in the auction listing nad on my website at Please check her out!  Click HERE to view the auction.

Here are a couple of pics.

Thanks for looking and I hope you like her!

Happy Labor Day everyone! :o)

~ awsumgal

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Mermaid Auction Link

As promised, here is the auction link for the ooak Mermaid,

View Mermaid

Thanks for looking!

~ awsumgal

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OOAK Dawn Mermaid ~ DONE!


I’ve made some changes to her in the finishing. I nixed her headdress for example. It just wasn’t working. The whole treasure chest hinge assembly took at least three completely different solutions before I was happy with it. But hey, that’s just me :o) Oh, and I decided to style her hair a little and so added some curl.

I had loads of fun making the treasure chest “booty” Lol!  She has her requisite hand mirror and comb, of course but she also has a necklace, a bracelet, a choker necklace, a wine glass and a variety of “gems” and “gold” A veritable pirates treasure. To which she has added a few of her own treasures…

Thanks for joining me, those of you who are left :o) on this lengthy journey. I hope you found some interest and enjoyment from it. It’s sure been fum for me! Now it’s time for a glass of wine…

tee hee!

This aquatic muse will go up for sale tomorrow on eBay. I’ll post a link when the time comes.

Again thanks for watching :o)

~ awsumgal

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Dawn Mermaid WIP 9

I would like to share some of the things I did today. I’m quite excited about how these details have turned and my water girl is finally coming into her own.

I began her stand. It’s a lovely heavy hardwood turned disc. I varnished the bottom and have decorated the top with many colours of acrylic paints. The post is brass with a convenient loop for a brass screw to attach it firmly to the wood base.

I set this aside and began on one of my favorite accessories for my sea sprite, a “found” pirate treasure chest! I want it to look sort of authentic, so it is made of wood with tiny brass nails.

The gears will be front embellishment and the shell at the top of the pic is intended as her headdress.

I predrilled the holes for the escutchen pins (small nails) because the wood would definately split without predrilling. When I assembled the chest, I filled the holes with glue before the pins to keep it together long term.

I want the lid of the chest to be curved, like a typical treasure chest.

This provided a challenge for me :o)

I had to steam the wood (without burning my fingers-tee hee) while curving the wood over a template. I carved and shaped two round sides to the lid and that is the curve I was trying to achieve with the steam.

Long way to go – har!

Ahh, finally! With my studio a little like the tropics I clamped the lid, added some small nails/pins and set it aside to dry and cure. I next attached hand turned brass wire handles to the sides of the base of the chest.

After that I “stained” the chest including the lid, so that it didn’t look too new…

I added a leather hinge so that the lid would be functional. I’ll test this theory tomorrow as the lid must stay clamped overnight. It’s a good colour now, I think. I also made her a comb to match her mirror.

Her treasure chest will be filled with bounty, and I have added a piece of plum silk to line the inside. A fitting resting place for her treasure trove!

I also finished attaching the silk threads to her shell top. The shells compliment her tail very nicely.

Still a little more to do, but I hope to be finished tomorrow. I’ll post the final reveal here on my blog before I list her for sale.

’til tomorrow


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