September, 2008

Packing for Dawns 10th in Atlantic City

That’s what I should be doing anyway. And I will get to it right after I finish this post!

I’m just putting the final touches on a contest doll. (I’m having a ball with her, let me tell you!) I wanted to enter ALL the contests, but seriously, there just isn’t enough hours in my day. So, I’ll be entering only one, but I did manage to complete a couple of donations to the prize table, and some outfits for sale and a couple of other items I’m quite proud of!

I wanted to show a pic of the booty that I’m taking with me. ( I have since added to it, but it’s pretty much up to date…)

There it all is! Most of it anyway. Only three of the dolls are going with me, the others were just modeling for me. The things that come home again will go up for general sale. Watch this space for updates. As you can see there are still a couple of items that need to be properly packaged up.

I have no doubt that this will be a convention to remember! With all of the prep that goes into it, a day doesn’t seem long enough!!  How about a week long convention somewhere exotic and sunny? Lol! I’m so looking forward to meeting some of the people I’ve been chatting with over the web, many of whom are there already I think. They’re probably sipping drinks by the pool. Maybe I can get an earlier flight…..

tee hee :o)

I leave tomorrow and now I really must pack, oh and probably throw some clothes in a bag too…..


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Anatomy of a Dawn Dolls’ Leg

Have you ever wondered what inside of Dawn legs makes those green areas only at the hip joint and the knee joints? Or what those factory pin holes that you sometimes see are all about? Or why the click and pose stops working? Well I did! So I opened up a really green orphaned leg to see for myself! (I had an ulterior motive, but that’s another story!)

I wanted to share what I found inside the leg with you.

First off, the inner workings can’t be pulled out (unless they’re really broken) The inner structure is pretty firmly attached to the leg itself inside. The leg must be molded around the inner form. Here’s a pic of the inner plastic form about half way out…

I thought that the whole leg had copper wire in it! (Maybe I’m the only one!) There is a metal rivet at the hip area and one at the knee, hence the green at knees and hips and not all the way down the leg. The leg I chose for this doesn’t have green at the hip and knee (the rivets aren’t particularly corroded) but much green staining on the back calf that I couldn’t bleach out (though I did try) and a few black shoe stains and pokes to the vinyl.

When I looked at the knee joint, I couldn’t tell for sure as mine is worn, but I think the pose mechanism is a basic two cogs with teeth approach held together by a metal rivet. The rivet gets loose and/or the teeth wear out and ~poof~ no more posing legs :o(

Sadly I don’t think there’s any way to tighten up the rivets while they’re in the leg. Too much pressure from outside just damages the vinyl.

In the above pictures I’ve circled the conical plastic pins because they’re a little hard to see. These are the offenders when it comes to the “pinpricks” in legs that we’ve all seen. They are also one of the reasons that you can’t just pull out an inner leg and say, replace it with a better one. The other reason is that the vinyl is formed right over the plastic and so goes right through the rivet openings and the other holes in the plastic form. Here’s another view….

I have circled the corresponding “pinpricks” in the vinyl and in the plastic.

Well now I know why they are the way they are! I hope you found Dawns’ leg anatomy as interesting as I did!


September 22, 2008

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OOAK Dawn ~ Elite Syncopations Dancer WIP1

Good morning!

I have decided on my OOAK project. I just received a group of TLC dolls. After giving them a major cleanup I could see their true conditions. It’s hard to tell sometimes how well dolls will clean up. This lot cleand up better than I had expected!

The Longlocks in the group is pretty good. Her body is solid, her walking mech still works for example, but she has an awfully nasty case of green knee and ankle and well you get the idea. Getting green out, as most of you know, is very difficult. Sometimes it works, sometimes it goes to far, and sometimes it doesn’t come out at all. She is also the recipient of the ministrations of a no doubt budding hair stylist. In other words, her hair has been poorly cut :o)

What jumped to mind when I looked at her and wondered what to do with her, was a ballet I saw as a child with my mother many years ago. Elite Syncopations is a ballet set to the ragtime music of Scott Joplin which I just loved! I saw it performed by the National Ballet of Canada at the O’Keefe Center in Toronto. It made quite an impression on me as a young person because I didn’t know ballets were performed to anything other than classical music and in anything other than tutus. Now don’t get me wrong ~ I love a good flouncy tutu and I’m also a big fan of classical music. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised by the (relative) modernity!

All of this flooded to mind and I decided that the perfect costume for this doll is the attire of the principle soloist in this ballet!

Here is my next willing? victim in her “arrived on my doorstep” state

Pretty filthy! Here she’s cleaned up and looking much more presentable!

Ah, that’s better! You can see her greenies and the fact that she seems to have a sun discoloured pelvis. I guess  someone switched out her pelvis and maybe her whole lower half, because her upper torso is not discoloured. She’s going to make a terrific Elite Syncopations dancer!

Work on her will likely be slow (is it ever fast? ~ no) because I’m still moving as quickly as humanly possible on items to take to the convention which is fast approaching! I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve for the convention, that I hope will go over well. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet but I’ll post about it later…..

Fingers crossed that we have a tropical storm/hurricane free weekend!



September 17, 2008

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10th Annual Dawn Convention

I’m working at a feverish pace for items to take with me to my very first Dawn Convention. It is actually the 10th annual such convention, for those of you who don’t already know! It’s in Atlantic City on the Saturady the 27th of September. (Though Friday evening has some fun things planned too!)

There will be a live webcam link thanks to the dedicated and incredible team of organizers and volunteers :o)

Here’s the link to the webcam DAWNS’ 10th LIVE WEBCAM

That’s it for now, the studio calls…….


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September~ busy, busy, busy!

Hello dolly people!

Well I’ve neglected my blog recently in favour of readying items for the upcoming Topper Dawn doll convention. It will be the tenth annual such convention and my first! I’m looking forward to meeting face to face, some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” online. Click HERE for their info.

Having said that, I will doubtless not have all of the things finished that I would like. ~sigh~ There are just too many ideas and never enough time! I have been toiling away, which is why I’ve not posted lately.

My ooak Mermaid Dawn is still making her way to her new home. I hope she arrives soon. I’m always just a tad nervous until a doll has safely arrived (unnecessary, I know, but there you are!)

My dear, sweet Chloe doll did not sell, and so she will live with me! I quite like her and there are some people in my house who didn’t want to sell her at all! Chloe will not be my only Blythe custom. I have another one planned, but she will wait until after the convention.

Since there are a lot of collectors who will not be attending the convention, I don’t want to save everything I’ve been working on for that event. I will be listing an outfit later today on Etsy, but here’s a sneak preview :o)

Film Festival Aficionado!

I was inspired to this theme by the big film festival in my city at the moment. Brad Pitt’s supposed to be here somewhere… Yoohoo, Brad…..

The retro popcorn box was inspired by a specialty coffee box that I was flattening for recycling the other day and as I looked at it I marveled at the engineering that went into this 3D box from flat cardboard. The shape was rather intriguing and I just had to make my own version. Mine is hand painted and varnished for longevity.

The popcorn itself was a little challenging. I could have used beads, or polymer clay but I decided thaat better artists than me have already done those! I came up with something that looks a little like the real thing. More so than beads would have anyway! Two popcorn bits are not attached, the rest is glued into the popcorn box.

Her film schedule is a real thing but modified in several ways. The name of the festival has been changed to the “Dawn International Film Festival” and the rest of the content although unreadable anyway was moved and changed for a better overall look. When I shrunk the schedule down after these mods, the quality was not good enough for any of the info to be read. So, I printed it out at full size, took a high res shot and shrunk that down for her final schedule. Time consuming for sure, but the end result is better. You can actually read Dawn International Film Festival with a magnifier!

The outfit itself is a stretch lace top and thigh high “boots” and a faux suede mini, lined in pink twinkle poly with gold toned chain deatil on the front. Of course all this info will be in the listing!

Please click HERE to go to my Etsy shop!

Thanks for reading!


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