October, 2008

BOO! Happy Halloween!

Slayer is sooo looking forward to her night tonight……. mwoa haa haa…….

Beware the Begoths!

Happy Halloween


Oct 31 ’08

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“Woman of Influence” new Dawn and Pippa outfit on etsy!

I have just finished a new glamorous outfit for Dawn and Pippa that I have chosen to list at www.awsumgal.etsy.com Etsy will be performing “maintenance” tomorrow morning, so I wanted to show it here too, in case there are some bugs at Etsy….. :o)

Woman of Influence~by awsumgal

This regal looking outfit is perfect for the “bluebloods” in your Dawn and Pippa collection! Something a lovely dignitary would wear to an evening state function….

The outfit consists of a strapless gown, it’s gold metallic bodice lined in pale pink cotton/poly broadcloth. The skirt portion of the gown is a rich cotton print in shades of grey and opulent gold all on a cream coloured ground. The hem has been edged in gold metallic fabric, stitched on with gold thread. This gown fastens in the back with two gold toned pearl type beads and hand knotted thread loops.

Overtop of this flattering gown, a floor length cape graces her shoulders. It is cream panne velvet, that also enjoys a golden, sewn on, edge treatment all the way around. This long topper features hand sewn beading around the neckedge. Beaded onto strong beaded filament are clear glass and metallic gold seed beads culminating in opalescent clear glass teardrop dangles. This cape can be worn fastened at the front waist by way of a hand turned and beaded double loop and concealed hand turned brass hook.

She moves delicately, and whisper quiet through the reception in her matching, above knee length, cream panne velvet boots that have been embellished with a trio of beads on each foot.

At her throat she wears a necklace fashioned from tiny gold toned metallic and clear glass seed beads. This necklace fastens with a bead loop and brass hook. Her wrist is graced by a golden loop “bangle”.

Whether it’s funding for the arts, education, or the less fortunate, she will be able to garner support from the powerful for ANY cause this evening!

I hope you have enjoyed this outfit, thanks for reading!


Oct 26, 2008

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Embassy Ballgown for Dawn and Pippa newly listed…

Hello dolly people!

I have just listed on *bay, for a change, an outfit for Dawn and Pippa. It’s very sparkly and red. Quite festive :o)

I haven’t done a gown recently and decided that the girls needed some new glam. Click HERE to see the auction.

Here’s a photo:

I went to the semi annual sewing show in Toronto last Friday and that is where I picked up the Sadi thread that I used around the waistline of this dress. It’s pretty cool stuff, this Sadi. It’s made of metal, but it’s coiled, so it’s flexible. They call it “thread” but you don’t really “sew” with it. You sew it on, ideally with the same colour of thread (gold or silver). You have to be careful handling it though. If you kink, or stretch it, it doesn’t bounce back into shape :o(

The sewing show itself seems to be moving away from actual sewing and needlework, and is more and more about things like scrapbooking and stamping. Lots of kits too. Which is fine if you like scrapbooking and quilt and knitting kits, which I don’t particularly! ( I like to choose my own colours, you see. I mean, isn’t that sort of the whole point in making something yourself? ) In fact it used to be called the Sewing and Needlework Festival. Now it’s called the Creativ Festival. It’s a shame really, because every year I go and I find less and less of the vendors that I am interested in. Oh well, there’s always that giant virtual shopping mall that is my computer Lol! I must say though, it’s just not the same……

But I digress….back to the Embassy Ballgown!

I hadn’t done much beading recently either, so it was nice to do some on this wrap and I like the way it turned out.

The little red centered gold bead thing is actually a bracelet. The floral motif was bead stitched first and then strung onto transparent stretchy cord for Dawn and Pippa to wear on their wrists.

I fell in love with this red sparkly fabric as soon as I clapped eyes on it. You can get lost looking at it! The little red sparkles have a tendency to migrate around, so it’s best not to handle this too much…

Here’s a close up:

I think Dinah wears red rather well!

ttfn :o)


Oct 21, 2008

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“Miami Beach” Outfit for Dawn + Pippa and a My Scene Repaint

I’ve just listed on etsy “Miami Beach Walk” outfit and accessories for 6 inch girls. Here’s a pic:

A chiffon print pant and jersey rib knit T, handmade sunglasses and shoes and a crochet handbag. All handmade by me.

Click HERE to go to the “Miami Beach Walk” etsy listing!

I also have up on ebay at the moment a My Scene Barbie repaint with a custom pink summery dress.

I received this doll in a bunch of dollies and , to be honest, I didn’t like her facepaint at all! The style borders on the trashy, and is somewhat dependent on the colours used. Sometimes they look quite glamorous and sometimes, well….. not so much!

Here she is before:

I do NOT know what they were thinking with this one!

I wanted to see what she would look like with more natural, fresh make-up. I also washed, cut and restyled her hair. Here’s her after…

I actually bought a Barbie outfit to dress her in and it didn’t fit her! I made no changes to her body of course. I couldn’t believe it! Anyway she has a custom dress now!

She’s up on ebay for another two days. Click HERE to go to the ebay auction.

Have a great day!

~ awsumgal

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The Making of Miss Americas’ Costume for Dawns’ 10th ’08

The Official Dawn 10th Annual Convention doll is now up on ebay!! This is a fundraising auction for next years convention. Click HERE to go to the auction.

As the maker chosen to design and complete her ensembles (40+ of them!) I thought it might interest potential bidders what she looked like in the making. The doll in the photographs however, is my own doll, and is not the one in the auction.

Well first a colour scheme was chosen by our hostess, one that I love! Pink, silver and white. Delicious!

So I went looking for fabric…

A crepe backed pale pink satin and a very floaty white satiny poly. I found silver edged ribbon for her sash. I wound up hand making the flowers as the one above proved to be unpleasantly large!

Then I had to design the gown itself. I knew I wanted it long and that she must have a cape. I spent some time looking at pageant winners from the 70’s, and then earlier, and then later, and though there were many with merit the end result is probably more of an amalgam of many plus my own ideas.

Here is a tiny army of bodice tops, four for each dress. There were times when I thought I would drown in tiny pieces of pink satin….

Of course I made a little pattern piece!

After all of these were sewn to their mates, turned, pressed and gathered just slightly and paired up they were sewn to the waist yoke portion of the bodice. The lower bodice, if you like…

A little army of boob covers :o)

Here’s my muse:

And she has on her prototype sash. She’s getting impatient for the rest of it though….

After that i was on to the skirts.

The lower edges of the skirts were edge stitched, then pressed and hemmed. Then I began attaching skirts to bodices each one receiving multiple rows of stitching. I tried to take as much care with each and every one of these even though I was making so many. I didn’t want to cut any corners with any of them. I wanted to be proud of each and every one of them, and I hoped each and every collector would find something in theirs that they enjoyed.

Almost done!

On to the “lamblook” capes in the absolutely most perfect of colours! I broke the bank on this fabric, but I had to. It was the perfect thing! Only the best for Miss America!

Here I’m putting a strip of white fur around the capes. First pass by machine, the second by hand :o)

Above, they’re all waiting for me to come sew them by hand……

Much of the work is completed by this point but there was still scepters to bead, sashes to print, press, cut and stitch with beads, dress neckline to be beaded and hand turned silver wire hooks to be made and added. Also pearl type closures and thread loops on the dresses and beaded and silver thread toggles on all of the capes…

I was very glad that I didn’t need to make shoes for them all! Whew!

The tiara in the pic was made by me and is not the tiara boxed with the Glori doll on auction. That was lovingly made by the convention hostess!

Cue music, she approaches…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this perspective on my contribution to this official convention doll. The boxes and labels, not to mention the dressing of everyones’ doll, was accomplished by other dedicated volunteers and showcases the finished doll beautifully.

I have not covered my making of her accessories (the rose, scepter and sash) as this post is already rather long winded, but I would be happy to answer any questions about this outfit anyone might have. So go now and bid! Bid often. All of the proceeds go to the 2009 Dawn convention to help make it fabulously memorable! Thanks for reading!


October 8 2008

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