December, 2008

Ice Princess OOAK Topper Dawn

Hello all, I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays! The year is winding down, it’s almost ’09!

I have finished a OOAK Topper Longlocks. She is up on ebay as of today for a 1 week run. Click HERE to visit the auction.

Here she is:

Here is a close up of her wee face… She has several shades of green as well as black in her eyes and several shades of eyeshadow as well. She has new lashes and of course new hair!

I chose lots of clear glass beads and silvery tones in hair and in dress broken only by the occasional use of deep red mauvey plum tones.

Here she is before her make over…..

I have switched out her body for a better, less franken, one. Now she’s all ready for display!



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Twas the Night Before……

Twas the night before Christmas when all through my house

there were dolls everywhere some in need of a blouse!

I in my jammies all covered in thread, had just gone upstairs to get into bed

When from my own studio came the unmistakable noise of a dolly party in full swing with absolutely no poise.

There were hoots and some hollers, shrieks and more shouts

And the clicks and the clacks of resin and vinyl moving about

With no end sight I rolled myself over I had to make sure the dolls were all sober

When I got to the party I was in for a fright

Ron, Gary and Van were in the midst of a fight

Something about Angie or maybe it was Dawn

It was hard to hear clearly with everything going on

There were dolls on the rooftop and zooming around in their car

And some dolls had set up a miniature bar

I wanted to stop them I needed my sleep

But was far too unwilling to look like a bleep

l knew in my heart these dollies were good so I made my decision right where I stood

In the end I decided there was really no reason, it’s but once a year in the Christmas season

So I broke up the fight and admonished the boys, turned up their music and left them to their toys

As I went up the stairs disappearing from sight I wished them Merry Christmas and to all a good night


I hope you enjoyed my little Dawn dolly Christmas poem!

Happy Holidays!!

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awsumgals OOAK Custom Blythe Doll Done and Listed!

I have called her Akashi. She has a vaguely Asian sentiment, so it seemed a fitting name to me. I am very pleased with her end look. I have some nice fabrics in mind to make in this dress pattern as I think it turned out rather well and the possibilities are endless!

She’s up on ebay as of last night for a weeks run. We’ll see if she resonates with anyone!

Click HERE to go to the auction.

Wishing everyone the best of the season. Happy Holidays to all in whatever way you celebrate!


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Blythe WIP3

Well, I’ve finished the eye, nose, mouth and philtrim carving and was happy enough with it to have sanded her entire face and airbrushed her eye make-up and her cheek blush. I did quite a bit of practice off doll with the airbrush, just to make sure I was comfortable with the consistency and flow of the paint, not to mention the colour! At some point though you just have to commit and jump in with both feet!

Here she is with some paint (no eyes though tee hee)

I have brush painted her lips with a lovely coral blended colour, with a darker hue for shading and a warm iridescent highlight.

I have also painted her eyelids a gold mica shade. There are new eyelashes under the masking too :o)

I’ve also just about finished her outfit as well. I used this Asian jaquard as my colour palette and inspiration.

Here’s what I’ve come up with and I think it suits her!

I’m so close to being finished that I hope to be ready to list this doll for sale tomorrow!! ~fingers crossed~ :o)

’til then……


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Blythe WIP2

Here’s just a quick update on my Blythe. I am going at a blistering pace on this one. Don’t know why really, the planets are aligned perfectly I guess, or maybe it’s the Christmas spirit in the air!

I have decided not to go into all of the mechanics of taking her apart, because, honestly, there are lots of posts all over the net on how to do this written by customizers with way more experience than me :o) If you’re keen, spend some quality time with your web browser and your favorite search engine and go wild!

Ok, so my girl is all taken apart, carefully, with much time and patience I might add and I have removed her factory make-up. On to begun her carving. I have changed her eye socket shape to a more almond looking one and I have started reshaping her mouth, her philtrim and her nose. I use a combination of really wicked sharp craft knives and a rotary tool. And lots of really really fine sandpapers.

She doesn’t look very lovely here, but trust me it’s going well. :o)

And a little more carving…..

Ai carumba! There is lots more carving to do yet but I’m really having a blast with it. It’s certainly not something you can do with a Dawn or a Pippa!

When I’m happy with the shaping of her mouth and nose etc, I’ll be sanding her entire face to a matte finish before I apply her new make-up. Then everything will be sealed with matte sealer.

I find myself looking forward to each stage of her transformation and she is determining how she will turn out!

I have chosen her new eye colours and each set will be customized by me before they go in the doll.

I have decided that I don’t want to reroot her entire head. The last time I did that it took FOREVER -_-

There’s a lot more hair on a Blythe then on a wee Dawn! So anyway I’ve decided to augment this Tea for Two’s stock medium brown with blonde highlights, mahoganey midtones and black lowlights, but, not tonight!

That’s it for now from the snowbelt :o)


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