January, 2009

~After Midnight~ Outfit for Dawn and Pippa going up on Etsy

Good afternoon dolly people! Well I made it home after just about being run off of the road by a speeding maniac (might have to soapbox about THAT later…) and am just listing this outfit on Etsy. It’s very like the one I listed yesterday, but this version is black, not navy and the jacquard pattern is different. There are other differences too: The beading on the wrap for instance and the bodice is black (fully lined of course!) with no pattern.

Click HERE to go to the listing at etsy.

Here’s a pic though,

After Midnight awsumgal outfit for Dawn and Pippa dolls

After Midnight…a complete evening ensemble specifically designed for Dawn and Pippa dolls

There is something enchanting and mysterious about the night. The quiet, the stars and the moon are all magical. Melanie takes in all of this in the empty courtyard. The delightful fete continues inside, she knows, but she can’t hear any of the revelry. The only sound out here is the occasional breeze disturbing the nearby foliage…..

The outfit she has chosen this evening is a sumptuous black and gold jacquard strapless gown. The bodice is black satin that is fully lined in pale blue twinkle poly. The skirt is rather full and gathered and features the richly golden embroidered section of this beautiful fabric. This gown fastens in the back with two gold toned pearl type beads and black hand knotted thread loops.

To accompany this she has a matching luxuriously long wrap. Made of the same jacquard, it is unlined allowing the inverse of the jacquard pattern also to be seen. It has been lavishly hand beaded on the ends, in a pleasing design of gold toned metallic and black glass seed beads culminating in a trio of black glass teardrop beads.

She wears a hand made beaded necklace that matched the rest of her ensemble. Gold toned metallic and black glass seed beads have been strung/woven onto strong beading filament and fasten in back with a hand turned brass wire loop and hook.

Finally, on her feet, Melanie wears a hand made pair of gold evening shoes. These shoes feature tiny gold toned bead, sewn on heels and stretchy beaded straps of more tiny gold toned beads and central black seed beads. They have gold soles and footbeds that have been hand stitched with gold metallic thread.

The fresh air and beauty of the night has been just the tonic that Melanie needed. She feels completely invigorated and she knows that she’ll dance the rest of the night away….

I have something to finish for a very kind dolly pal, so back to the studio with me!

Have a wonderful day everybody :o)



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Manhattan Supper Club – New Outfit for Pippa and Dawn on Etsy

Good evening all! Just a quick posting to share my newest outfit for Dawn and Pippa. I’ve called it Manhattan Supper Club :o)

Here’s a pic. Click HERE to visit the etsy listing.

awsumgal Manhattan Supper Club outfit for Dawn and Pippa

awsumgal Manhattan Supper Club outfit for Dawn and Pippa 2

Manhattan Supper Club by awsumgal

It’s Friday night and Glori is off to her favorite Manhattan Supper Club. Hard to say if the club’s more famous for its’ oysters, or its’ live jazz and blues. Glori loves both. Tonight the jazz is hot, the joint is jumpin’ and Glori is glad she dressed for the occasion when she sees who’s here….

This outfit has been designed specifically for vintage Pippa and Dawn dolls. This strapless gown is made of a luxurious navy blue and gold jacquard fabric. The gathered skirt is fashioned from the richly gold woven portion of the fabric. Her delicate strapless bodice is fully lined in twinkle poly in pale blue. The gown fastens in the back with two gold toned pearl type beads and navy thread loops.

Although it’s warm, Glori carries a matching wrap. Made of the same pretty jacquard the ends have been elaborately beaded in light gold and burnished gold metallic beads. It is unlined in order to reveal the inverse of the jacquard pattern.

Around her neck is a hand made necklace in tiny light gold metallic and burnished gold seed beads, strung onto very strong beading filament. It fastens with hand turned brass wire hook and loop closure.

Lastly, are her painstakingly hand crafted, tiny slip on gold evening heeled shoes. They have gold beaded heels, golden soles and footbeds hand stitched with gold metallic thread and gold beaded stretchy straps accented with a burnished gold central bead.

As she enters the club and is greeted by her friends she feels right at home….

Thanks for having a look :o)



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Screen Gem Evangeline Moon – on ebay now!

Ok, so normally I would blog as I go along. Updating every few days, as time permits, for those of you who like to follow along, until the doll is finished.

I didn’t intend to wait until this girl was finished until I blogged, but I just didn’t have much time recently and the doll called to me more loudly than the computer, if ya know what I mean….

So I got this Maureen in a lot. Definitely a tlc girl. Suffering severe head trauma, I nicknamed her brain tumor Maureen. (My advance apologies if that offends anyone……)

Anyway at her manufacture, clearly far too much hair was rooted in the part area. (I find that I usually need extra hair in this area for parting, but this was so much that it made her head bulge (hence her nickname) and it split her poor head clean open. Clearly she needed some help to regain her former glory.

Here she is before I did anything….

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 1

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 2

Her hair is cut at the side part exposing a bald patch. I wasn’t going to be able to fill that in and keep the rest of her original hair, because of the unsightly bulge, so basically her hair had to go….

Here’s her head trauma, after I removed her hair. Maybe you should sit, lol!

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 3

Ok, it’s really NOT that bad. And it doesn’t hurt a bit.

I picked a hair colour to go nicely with her eyes as I thought I would keep her face paint the way it is. I changed my mind later. Still a lovely colour though…. First of course I had to suture her scalp poor muffin! I stitched carefully and used existing holes where possible, so as not to weaken her head. Here’s how it looked. (Maureen herself still looks a bit freaked out!)

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 4

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 4

Half way rooted…..

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 5

So, I think she looks a bit relieved to have her hair on! Here’s the thing though, if you look closely at her eyes you can see that they really aren’t very even. It’s as though she’s got a lazy eye. In some ways it is a little endearing, but in all of the ways that count (to me anyway) it’s annoying, like a thorn, or sand in your food. Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it…… I decided I was going to have to paint her.

But first I tortured her in with hair styling…. mwa ha ha …..

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 6

Doesn’t it look like some kind of cobbled together torture device? It’s a cobbled together hair curling system, Lol! Doesn’t she look like she wants out badly?? Poor thing, beauty can be painful.

Here is the sketch for her outfit, and some of the pattern bits I drafted…..

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 7

Here’s a pic of the underside of the dress. I felt that all of the edges needed finishing, or they would fray like mad and the whole gown wouldn’t last very long.

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 9

Here’s a pic of her sweet faux fur fox wrap. This pic is pre front legs and nose… I know he looks a bit like a polar bear. He’s maybe a bear/fox cross?

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Maureen pippa friend 10

I thought the faux fur wrap was in keeping with the silver screen Hollywood glam thing that I wanted her to have.

Well that’s it. Here’s a pic or three of her finished..

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Evangeline Moon 1 pippa friend

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Evangeline Moon 2 pippa friend

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Evangeline Moon 3 pippa friend

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Evangeline Moon 4 pippa friend

awsumgal ooak topper dawn Evangeline Moon 5 pippa friend

I would add more pics, but this is already image heavy and I’m afraid my webmaster will hunt me down if I add any more, so… Have a look at her auction, where there are more pics of her. Here’s a link to it http://myworld.ebay.com/awsumgal

Hope you’ve enjoyed the behind the scenes look at this one of a kind doll. Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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OOAK Pippa Tammie

Tammie is looking all fresh faced and pretty!

She has all her new paint :o) I’ve done her eyes in a multitude of blue shades with a tiny bit of a warm accent. I’ve given her a little sepia shadow and black liner. Also a pretty pink lip that reflects nicely the colour of her hair.I took the plunge and gave her soft brown brows. I had to as her original brows were almost all rubbed off! I find brows difficult to paint, they’re so dang small. They change the look of the face so much in my opinion, that getting them right is rather critical! And did I mention, they’re really quite small :o)

I wasn’t too sure about how a fantasy hair colour would look, but sheeoot,  I’m hooked! And oddly enough the parting on this gal was dare I say it, a breeze! (How bizarre!)

Here she is pre lash, post paint… you decide :o)

awsumgal ooak pippa tammie WIP3-1

Here’s her bod and her outfit. They both seem to be saying come on with the head already, jeez!

awsumgal ooak pippa tammie WIP3-2

I rooted her lashes and sealed her paint, dressed her in her new duds……..

And finally, SHE’S FINISHED!

Without further ado, I present ~MAGENTA~

awsumgal ooak Pippa tammie WIP3-5

awsumgal ooak Pippa tammie WIP3-6

I hope you’ve enjoyed her transformation, I sure have!! :o) At some point I will trim the ends of her hair…… probably…..maybe…..

Here’s one last pic of her….

awsumgal ooak Pippa tammie WIP3-7

Have a great day everyone!


Jan 16.09

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OOAK Pippa Tammie

Now that her bod is all together and fixed up I can pop her head off (Sounds really bad doesn’t it?) and get started on replacing her alarming lack of hair!

I want her to be a retro stylin’ funky urban girl. She has such a sweet and open face. I imagine her as a cultured and sophisticated fun loving kind of gal. I chose this colour for her hair and a drop dead gorgeous paisley fabric to be at least part of her outfit. I thought this colour went really nicely with Tammies’ “skin” tone.

awsumgal ooak tammie wip2-1

This paisley was given to me by my Mom from her amazing fabric stash and it’s just a tiny, wee piece. I wish I had yardage!! It’s pretty delicious isn’t it? It’s better (almost) than chocolate :o)

Here’s a last look before transformation….

awsumgal ooak tammie wip2-2

I didn’t take as many pics as I normally do, (oops!) I just kind of got caught up in the rooting. It went really quickly for me this time. I must have just been in the mood or something. So, I don’t have any  progress pics on the reroot. Oh well.

On the upside, here she is with her hair!! …….. but no make up or lashes.

awsumgal OOAK Pippa Tammie WIP2-3

I love how this looks on her! Yum!

I have removed most of her factory paint (more stubborn than Topper paint!) There’s just a little bit in the corners of her mouth and on her right eye that I still have to remove, but, I’m out of time for today. I have pulled her hair back in prep for painting, but her new make up will have to wait until tomorrow…… :o(

thanks for visiting, have a lovely evening!


Jan 13.09

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