February, 2009

Cosmopolitan~Little Black Dress for Dawn and Pippa

Good Saturday people!

I have just finished an outfit for Dawn and Pippa that I’m quite pleased with. I hope you all like it too :o)

I have named it “Cosmopolitan” because I can imagine the girls wearing this for cocktails on 5th Ave, or aperitifs on the Champs Elysees…. It is a little black silk form fitting sheath dress, fabby hat, and unique gold plated accessories, gloves and shoes.

I am in the process of prepping the listing and have just taken the photos. I will be listing this outfit on eBay, just for a change of pace :o)

Click HERE to be taken to my eBay myworld page, which will show the listing when it’s ready.

Here’s a pre listing preview…..

awsumgal Cosmopoltan little black dress for Pippa and Dawn 1

awsumgal cosmopolitan dawn and pippa outfit

I put rather a lot of time into my doll clothes, I don’t know why, I just do. It’s a mania, lol! Here is a little bit of the making of the purse for this outfit. It surprising how complicated something so small and simple looking can be!

First I had to decide on the shape of the bag. I knew I wanted something sleek and polished looking.

Awsumgal cosmopolitan Dawn Pippa purse 1

Then the pattern plot…..

Awsumgal cosmopolitan Dawn Pippa purse 2

I changed how I wanted the linig to shape up, So I had to do another pattern.

After the fabric was cut out, I pressed the top hems and the black silk.

Awsumgal cosmopolitan Dawn Pippa purse 3

And here it is almost all done. It just needs straps and a closure. I find it more fun when the tiny things work as they should, so this purse opens :o)

Awsumgal cosmopolitan Dawn Pippa purse 4

And here it is finished with the other accessories from this outfit.

Awsumgal cosmopolitan Dawn Pippa purse 5

I love this gold plate chain. The links are circular. It’s lovely and a little unusual.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little of how I put the wee purse together and the finished outfit too :o)

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading


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~Abbey~ my OOAK My Scene Barbie repaint up on eBay

awsumgal my scene ooak barbie repaint 1

Hi all,

I have been repainting dolls lately. I had a yen to do so :o)

One of them is up on auction at the moment. (For some reason it seems to be taking forever to show up in eBay search results. I hate it when they do that! Drives me mad!) She was a My Scene Barbie. I have changed her look substantially and named her Abbey. She has pretty green eyes, subtle brown shadow and natural blush. I have given her luscious deep red lips. I have made her a frock in a delightfully soft stretch fabric whose colours are just perfect for this girl.

Anyway here she is before, during (eek) and finally after! Click HERE to go to the auction :o)

Before…. (I can safely say that I, for one, have never worn orange eyeshadow!)

awsumgal my scene ooak barbie repaint 5

And during….. (creepy, in a zombie, undead kinda way)

awsumgal my scene ooak barbie repaint 6

And after….

awsumgal my scene ooak barbie repaint 1

awsumgal my scene ooak barbie repaint 2

awsumgal my scene ooak barbie repaint 3

Hope you like her :o)

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~Love Is In The Air~ new Outfit for Dawn and Pippa on Etsy

Hi all,

better late than never my “Love is in the Air” outfit and accessories for Dawn and Pippa is finished and I will be listing it in my Etsy Shop in the next hour. Here’s a peek!

awsumgal pippa dawn outfit love is in the air 1

awsumgal pippa dawn outfit love is in the air 2

awsumgal pippa dawn outfit love is in the air 3

I hope you like it! Her wee shoes are real pink hand stitched leather and the heels of her shoes are sterling silver pearl type beads. The red beads on her shoes and dress are Swarovski crystals and they’re just beautiful! Her sheath dress fits like a dream and her floral topcoat with bright red contrasting lapel facings, puts her in a Spring state of mind…..

Alrighty, I’m off to write the listing :o)

Click HERE to go to my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for reading,



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If Cupid Were a Girl…..

If Cupid were a girl…….

She’d dress better! What is with that diaper? Yeah yeah I know he’s a wee cherub. Don’t get me started. Sending a wee babe to do a womans’ work! Honestly! It’s either the wee cherub or the cigar smoking short fella of a certain age with 5 o’clock shadow. But, I digress…….

Here’s what I’d want Cupid to wear if he were a she :o)

awsumgal cupid Glori Dawn 1

If Cupid were a girl…..

She’d have better aim! None of those humorous “whoops, that arrow got away from me” hits either!

awsumgal cupid Glori Dawn 2

Happy Valentines Day Doll People!

~awsumgal Feb 14.09

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Meet The Press ~ new outfit for Gene Marshall!

Just a quick post to promo my second Gene outfit that is on auction right now. Here’s the link

Go look! :o)

Here’s a pic

awsumgal gene marshall brocade1

awsumgal gene marshall brocade 2

awsumgal gene marshall brocade 3

I’m really having a blast making these wee shoes. They take quite a lot of time and are very exacting work, but so satisfying!

Speaking of satisfaction, the shop where I purchased my Clash Control FR Erin (who turned out to be an Ayumi!) the very wonderful Vogue Collectibles has managed to find an Erin for me! Apparently she’s on her way. Yahoo! Pics to follow :o) Now I have two (shucks!)


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