April, 2009

WIP OOAK Dawn Calida 2

I have been working on Calidas’ outfit. I had decided that the preliminary go round yesterday was a little too white and too streamlined. Instead, I have tea dyed (no, not tie dyed!) some cheesecloth which I have overlaid onto a thin cotton unbleached muslin.The pretty chiffon print comprises the skirt.

Here’s a look see:

Calida awsumgal ooak Dawn b4 9

Calida awsumgal ooak Dawn b4 10

I like the volume of the skirt. I like how the tea dyed cheescloth sticks out a little. I’m thinking that the side front split in the print skirt will be a great spot for some of her accessories to hang from an interesting belt or waistband…….

In the above, the skirt is just pinned in place and the skirt hem is unfinished. The skirt also has a cascade in front for a bit of visual interest.

I next overedge stitched the entire skirt hem. I chose a warm complimentary brown thread, because the hem edge is part of the whole look really.

Calida awsumgal ooak Dawn b4 11

I need to pull in the waist a little bit, I think, because otherwise the dropped waist thing is kind of lost. I wanted to give this dress  straps. To emulate the fabric of the bodice I have hand woven a strap (one so far, but there will be two, lol)

Calida awsumgal ooak Dawn b4 12

Calida awsumgal ooak Dawn b4 13

I have hand stitched the skirt to the rest of the dress. I like my outfits to be removable. In case they need a wash, or heaven forbid, somebody tires of it and wants to put their doll in something else! Anyway, this dress has pearl bead closures at the back, and the skirt is not attached from the centre back to the side front to allow the dress to be removed if necessary. It too will fasten with a pearl bead, unless I change my mind :o)

I have decided to take a painting break to let my mind wander through all of the ideas I have floating around in there for accessories for her. I am painting my first Prudence Moody. It’s a gas. Will blog about that tomorrow…..

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!


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WIP OOAK Dawn ~ Calida

Good day people!

I have been working on a Dawn that is a crossover between a mythical/fantasy hidden power weilder and a semi-modern day wise Wiccan. I want her to be a little magical and a little now but with lots of nods and symbols rooted in the past. I’m not very far along with her yet, so I hope all of these ideas coalesce nicely. I am a big fan of High Fantasy and Sci Fi novels, and Earth, nature and season based disciplines like Wicca. I hope that elements of all these loves of mine show in this doll.

The doll I’m transforming is a K10 Angie headmold. I had to swap her body for a better one because she had fairly chewed up feet. (I must figure out a way to fix/diminish that problem. There must be a way….)

calida awsumgal ooak dawn b4 1

I have rerooted her in a custom blend of colours. A gorgeous “red” and a pale blonde. It’s pretty much a 50/50 mix but with a few subtleties. More blonde at the part on top and more of the red for the underside. Her hair colour is what steered me toward her name. Calida is the Persian word for fire and I like the sound of it. All chaotic power and heat and red!

Here she is with some hair….

calida awsumgal ooak dawn b4 3

Her hair is crazy looking because I haven’t styled it yet, but you can see the colours used.

I found this beautiful printed chiffon that just seems to be perfect with her colouring.

calida awsumgal ooak dawn b4 8

It looks great with her I think, but I don’t want to use too much of it because it’s visually strong and I don’t want it to overshadow her.

Originally I thought I would have a white bodice and the chiffon would be a drop waisted cascade skirt. The first white fabric I had in mind turned out not to work the way I wanted.

calida awsumgal ooak dawn b4 5

You can see if you look carefully that this fabric is too sheer. I don’t really want her hip joints to show through the top of the outfit. So, I thought I would use a fine rib cotton jersey and line it with this fine sheer nylon. Here’s what that looked like.

calida awsumgal ooak dawn b4 6

It’s OK and I like the fit. But…. it’s not the right look for the doll I had in mind. Here it is with the lovely chiffon.

calida awsumgal ooak dawn b4 7

It looks very pretty, I think. I will put this top pattern aside for now and I will make an outfit using that another time. It’s a little too clean, too urban and too modern for this mystic kind of doll. There’s not enough mystery to it.

I have chosen something else that meshes much more with the basic intent of the doll. It’s a better fit both visually and figuratively.

I’ll go into that tomorrow, after I get hopefully make some progress on it!

Thanks for your interest in my work and taking the time to read!

Remember, stay home if you’re sick and wash your hands often :o)


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Marie~OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint~before and after

Good Tuesday!

I have finished (and have listed-click HERE for her auction) a blonde Tiny Kitty Collier doll. This is the 10 inch gal rather than the larger Kitty Collier who stands 18 inches.

This doll had beautiful long blonde hair. I think she had been previously enhanced with paint by a previous collector. But maybe her paint was all factory, I found it hard to tell. You decide :o)

Here she is before I did anything….

awsumgal OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint Marie b41

It’s the white paint on her lower iris, and the darker central lip line and also a little swipe of pink on her lids that make me think she had her paint augmented at some point. I haven’t looked at enough of these dolls closely enough to spot subtle non factory enhancements. I received this beauty with her hair in a braid which I’m fairly sure was not the factory set.

Anyway, off with her paint!

awsumgal OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint Marie b42

Now she looks like a Roman statue in pink marble!

I like to get absolutely all of the paint off, even in the creases. I find it will show up when you least expect it, if you leave any behind.

awsumgal OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint Marie b43

Here she has several colours in her eyes. I have to backtrack here and say that I flip flopped a little about this doll because I wanted to paint her with blue eyes, but she already had blue eyes. I’m often reluctant to paint a doll if I think there’s nothing I can add to make her more lovely. If she’s perfect (in my mind anyway) I don’t want to ruin her just for the sake of painting. There are enough dolls out there that need a little lift :o)

So, I hummed and hawed a little with her wondering about the wisdom of removing blue eyes so that I could paint blue eyes, until I looked closely and saw the white stripes on the iris. That decided it for me. I knew my blue eyes would be different looking than the factory blues anyway and once I saw the white stripe, I couldn’t unsee it, if you know what I mean……..

I also very lightly blocked in where I wanted the lips. There is actually quite a bit of reasonable latitude in terms of lip length and width and shape too….

awsumgal OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint Marie b44

Now I can see the whites of her eyes! LoL!

awsumgal OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint Marie b45

OK, so now she has some eye shadow on her lids. Frankly it’s far too pink! Pinks and greys often look substantially different when dry…. to the point of madness :o/

The darker shade is just the wrong hue entirely. Sometimes a good idea in your head doesn’t necessarily translate well to the real world. At the risk of sounding flakey, you have to let the doll tell you what to do. Go against that and I think you wind up with a less pleasing result…..

Here she is finished. Obviously a lot more painting went into her, but to go through it all with you might, dare I say it, put you all to sleep! And we do not want that (spilled coffee, curious bosses and all of that….)

The pink has been toned way down and the other purpley hue is gone entirely, whew! It’s been replaced with a much better brown with plummy undertones sort of colour.

There are many more finished pics of Marie in the auction listing. Click HERE to check it out.

awsumgal OOAK Tonner Tiny Kitty Repaint Marie b46

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Special thanks to my dear daughter for helping name this doll :o)


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Alexis ~ OOAK My Scene Barbie Repaint up on ebay!

I have finished two dolls this weekend. The first one went up yesterday and as per usual, didn’t show in search results for HOURS!

However here she is before,

alexisb4 awsumgal repaint 1

She was already a repaint when I received her. Nice but, not my style, so under the brush she went again. As always for me, I remove all of her paint. Some artists don’t, they embellish or augment, but I like to start fresh…

Again, I thought she had green eyes, but I was wrong, lol! (I’ve thought this before you see…)

alexisb4 awsumgal repaint 2

alexisb4 awsumgal repaint 3

I didn’t like these eyes! Too flourescent olive green for me. Kind of alien looking, or maybe a robot? Anyway, ew! REDO! Off it all came and I started again.

alexisb4 awsumgal repaint 4

Ah yes, I like this much better. Of course she’s lashless and eyebrowless still, but, it’ll happen.

She also has no catchlights in her eyes, as of yet. Which brings me to an interesting debate amongst painters. To catchlight, or to gloss. Some people paint in white specs in the eyes to mimic a light source. This makes the eyes look more realistic. (You could do this on a glossy lip too, but careful here as it’s easy to get it wrong and then it looks rather cheesy…) Some people prefer to use a high, hard gloss on the eye surface and let the real ambient light catch the gloss. I have done both. I used to be gloss on the eye surface kinda gal, but a couple of things have come to my attention. One, gloss eyes are harder to photograph. Not just for the me, but for the end client who oftentimes likes to photograph their dolls. That’s part of the fun for many. And two, doll eyes are not as rounded as a real eyeball and therefore don’t catch the light in the same way, and so the gloss doesn’t look as natural as you would think.

In the end, it’s a personal choice decision, and I make mine on a doll by doll basis :o)

OK so, after that wee digression, here she is as she appears on ebay right now!

Click HERE to go my ebay page and her auction!

alexis awsumgal my scene barbie ooak repaint 1

alexis awsumgal my scene barbie ooak repaint 3

You might ntice the change in her mouth. I didn’t want Alexis to have the My Scene “o” shaped kissy mouth. So I augmented that spot to give her a more realistic looking lips. Sanded, sealed and painted, it blends right in!

Hope you like her and enjoyed reading a little of what went into her making :o)

Tomorrow, I’ll blog about the Tiny Kitty repaint I have also just listed, but for now, it’s back to the studio for Pippa in Farnborough prep!

Happy Sunday..


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Event Horizon ~ Pippa in Farnborough…

Good day dolly people!

Flights are booked, hotels too! The Pippa convention Pippa in Farnborough” is FAST approaching, eep! I still have much to do before I am really ready and I’ve been somewhat neglectful of the blog as a result :o(

I’m very excited to be lucky enough to be able to go to this convention (as space was quite limited) and see some doll pals that I’ve met and lots of new friends that I haven’t. Traveling to the UK is always fun and I’m sure this trip will not disappoint!

I wanted to share just a little of what I’ve been working on. Just a bit mind you, as I want these gals to be a bit of a surprise ;o) Two ooak Pippas for prizing.

First off, here they are before. Just as I received them from a very kind doll pal who traded them to me when I put the word out that I needed a Pip or two to customize for the prize table….. (thanks!)

awsumgal s palitoy pippas for ooak

After the convention I will post loads of pics, I’m sure, of the girls in all their glory and lots of others too! For now though here are a couple of in process teaser pics to whet your appetite, lol!

awsumgals ooak 1 Pippa doll Dawn friend

awsumgals ooak 2 Pippa doll Dawn friend

awsumgals 2 ooak 3 Pippa doll Dawn friend

The blond does not as yet have her eyelashes, but she soon will! I am still working on her costume, which I am hoping will compliment her colouring beautifully.

The green eyed, burgundy/brunette lass is pretty much ready to go but she still needs a tiny accessory or two :o)

Pippas are great fun to work with, their faces are lovely! Now if I could just get my hands on a couple more…… Maybe I’ll find one or two at the convention, lol!

That’s all for now :o)

Thanks for reading!


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