August, 2009

Wonder Woman Outfit Finished!

Wonder Womans costume has had its’ last stars handpainted onto her starspangled shorts :o)

I took the time to repaint the original Mego Wonder Woman dolls’ face. She was experiencing facial difficulties. Widely varying hues and degrees of pigmentation of her face :o(

That would never do! Here she is before I evened out and deyellowed her face and painted new features….. (She’s also wearing the reject gold vinyl tiara

awsumgal Wonder Woman 1

Here she is after a bit of time at the dolly spa,

awsumgal wonder woman 2

I think she’s looking much better! Hey though, that’s just collateral! It’s all about her costume :o)

Here’s a parade of pics of the finished outfit. It will be removed from this Mego Wonder Woman and sent to my wonderfully patient client to put on their very own Mego Wonder Woman (who is in better shape than this gal)

awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 3


awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 4

awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 5

awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 6

awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 7

awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 8

awsumgal Mego Wonder Woman 9


Hope you’ve enjoyed the trip :o)

Some rather exciting things have arrived on my doorstep in the last couple of days, more on that this weekend!

Happy Friday all,


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~Lainy Sedgewick~ ooak Gene Repaint B4 and After

Hi all!

I have just listed a Gene Marshall repaint and redress on ebay (click HERE to visit the auction) and wanted to show a the before during and after of her.

Here’s what she looked like before I did anything.

awsumgal Gene Marshall oaak repaint 1

I like Gene dolls, but I did get a little tired of the identical face ups. Sometimes I don’t like grey eyebrows either, but maybe that’s just me! I have a couple of Genes that are perfect the way they are IMHO. Like “Dance With Me” in that gorgeous bronzy orange dress and “Breathless”. I love those two! Breathless stands overlooking my sewing machine in my studio as inspiration I mean look at her!

The Ashton-Drake Galleries Gene Breathless Doll Mel Odom

And here’s Dance With Me (It’s a little bronzier in person :o)

Anyway, those two I will not touch!

The doll I’m customizing is unknown to me. I don’t know who she is as I received her nude. The only clue is her number and the pearls in her hair…. But I digress, let’s get to work shall we?!

Here she is with all of her paint and lashes removed:

awsumgal Gene Marshall ooak repaint 2

Her lashes were a little tough to remove carefully. They were a tenacious little buggers :o) In the end perseverance won the day!

I started the painting with the eyes, the irises in particular. Probably everyone starts with the eyes, but some begin with pupils. I use several colours for my irises as peoples’ eyes are all manner of hues contained in a single eye. I paint my pupils in last. I don’t know why. The pupils seem to me to be the mood and personality of the doll. The size of the pupil can change the look of the entire face. This dolls eyes have decided to be mostly green….

awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 3

I gave her a little light periwinkle eyeshadow to contrast her green eyes. Here’s the palette of colours I used so far. I thought they looked nice together all of these hues. Makes me wish I could design my own fabrics, hmmm…..

awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 4

I began the defining of the lids and tear ducts etc and some facial shading too. I have also roughed in where I want her eyebrows to be, and no, they will not be grey :o)

awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 5

Here eyes are beginning to  look a little softer and more subtle now. I spend a lot of time blending colours gradually, for a natural sort of look.

Next she received her lips, some defining black eyeliner and some more facial contouring,awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 6

I liked the look but something about the vibrancy of her lips bothered me. That coral lip put me in mind of seaside picnics on rugged shorelines in the 50’s, nice, but not what I had in mind for her.

So, I added her eyebrow and matted her lips thinking that I would like them better, and I did, but still it wasn’t really what I was after, so next time maybe….

awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 7

I removed the lip paint and went to a very pale pink. This new lip colour sets off her eyes better.

Here she is finished as she appears on ebay. I have given her lashes that are thick and dramatic, but not ridiculously long :o)

awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 8 Lainy

She has a custom dress, earrings, necklace and shoes all made by me.

awsumgal ooak Gene Marshall repaint 9

Hope you’ve enjoyed her transformation. Please visit her auction to see more


Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Aug 21’09

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Wonder Woman WIP 3 Seeing Stars!

My Wonder Woman ensemble is nearing completion.I’ve done quite a bit since my last post about her… Here’s some catch up,

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 1

I decided to make a change to the gauntlets and the tiara. Looking ahead to the eagle on her chest the gold vinyl just wasn’t gong to have the same impact as something shinier. I wanted the eagle motif to match the gauntlets and the tiara, so when I made the decision to cut the eagle out of shiny gold lamé, the tiara and gauntlets had to be remade too. Maybe I’m a little too picky…..

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 2

Anyway, it’s done now :o)

Here’s how the bodysut looked so far…

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 3

She’s still wearing the old gauntlets in this pic, but I’ve finished all of the fasteners up the back of the costume.

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 4

I’ve used coresponding coloured glass beads and hand knotted thread loops as the fasteners.

The golden eagle motif is semi-attached. It will need a few strategically placed stitches to hold everything in place. I can’t sew it all the way around the edges as the piece is only about an eighth of an inch wide in most places and the bodice is three dimentional, so it would look, in a word, messy…..

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 5

So strategic stitching and a little fabric glue is the way to go. The eagle motif above is not the one I ultimately used. I cut another (well 4 actully, argh!) that is narrower and shaped slightly differently.

I’ve also added the stars to her star spangled shorts! What with the star on her tiara and her gauntlets plus the stars on her shorts, I’ve been dreaming tiny fabric stars seemingly for weeks, lol!

Five pointed stars are a little tricky to draw for me. It’s so easy to make them look wonky and unbalanced. After this project though I getting loads of practice in drawing them! I was musing about how best to apply stars to her costume. I could cut them out of fabric, but it have to be a fabric that didn’t fray because they’re so dang small. They couldn’t be sewn on because the stitching would interfere with the shape of the star. I could glue them on, but frankly I would suspect that eventually they would fall off and that would never do. Despite the fact that there is some glue on her bodice, I really try to use glue sparingly. It is, imho, bound to fail at some point in the future. I want my work to last as long as possible, and not fall apart :o)

In the end I decided to paint them. To help them look neat and precise and, of course, place them in exactly the right spots, I cut a stencil.

My most wonderful sister Mandy Budan of Budanart suggested the stencil idea. Quite fitting as she is an award winning artist,  a painter of much renown! Click HERE to see her work. Prepare to be floored :o)

Rather than just cut a single star stencil, I cut a stencil that encompasses the entire front. This makes sure that I place them properly, and there are three different sizes of stars. This seemed the best way to accomplish this part.

Stars and stencil before cutting:

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 6

Below are th new gauntlets :o)

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 7

Here’s the stencil, in place, with stars carefully cut out and ready for painting!

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 8

And poof! There you have it! Stars a plenty, lol! This is the new narrower eagle motif as well…

awsumgal wonder woman wip3 9

I’ve made her all improtant lasso also. I have hung it from a hand turned brass wire hook from her hip. Ah, but which hip? I have pics of her with it on both sides.


wonder woman promo 2

Two shots with it on the left hip, but then……

wonder woman signed poster

Shazam! Here it is on the right. Since this is signed I’m thinking that the other pics have been flipped at some point but I don’t know why -_- Just to be sure, I checked with the omnipotent YouTube and sure enough there are some episodes of the Lynda Carter series and a bunch of other random Wonder Woman related material. Some authentic, some spoofs and crazy remakes. If you want to see the real woman in action click HERE to see an original TV episode on youtube and be transported back to the 70’s! Sure enough the lasso is on the right hip, so that’s where it went on my costume as well :o) That’s it for today, until next post,

Thanks for reading!


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Wonder Woman WIP2

Today was dolly day for me… I worked on Wonder Womans’ outfit (and a Sybarite wig, a Gene repaint  and I took a break to shop for a few Blythe dolls, but that’s another post, lol!)

Wonder Woman is looking gorgeous I must say :o)

Here’s what I’m going for…

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 1

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 2

Today I made the boots. This is a good thing because doll footwear is tricky for the indy dolldork like me! I can’t mold plastic into heels and footbeds for example , which are the foundations for most doll shoes (although I’m working on that, lol!) There are of course other shoe solutions and I’m always looking for new ones…..

My Wonder Woman boots are red cotton poly stretch fabric with sewn on white trim. I have lined them in white to protect the dolls vinyl legs. This is likely unnecessary, as I don’t think my delightful client will ever change her wardrobe, but you never know…..

Here are some pics of the boots coming together:

awsumgal wonder woman outfit wip2 1

Originally I thought I would use the same nylon for the stripe that I’m using for the lining of the boots, but then I decided that madness that way lay…….

In other news, I bought a new work surface. It’s Purple! It smells a little like machine oil.  *sigh* I hope it outgases soon -_-

awsumgal wonder woman outfit wip2 2

I chose a non fraying white drapery lining coated fabric instead. Much more better :o) It’s sewn on, so it’s never going anywhere, it’s completely staying put!

awsumgal wonder woman outfit wip2 3

Both boots are done, except for the heels…..

awsumgal wonder woman outfit wip2 4

I’m happy with how the boots look. I think they look like the real things….

Then I worked on her gauntlets and tiara.

They are gold shiny metal in the real thing but metal mirror finish is tough to achieve, and her gauntlets and tiara match her eagle motif on the front of her costume, so it had to be fabric of some sort. Metal just wouldn’t be possible here, so I chose gold vinyl.

The gauntlets and tiara needed to have some structure to them, some rigidity beyond the vinyl itself. I chose watercolour paper as a substrate. Good watercolour paper is acid free and relatively inert, so it’s not going to react with anything and won’t degrade over time like many other substances would. Also it can get a little wet!

awsumgal wonder woman outfit wip2 5

The fact that it can get wet and not completely dissolve or fall apart makes it ideal to shape into a curve. In the pic above, I have gently dampened the surface and curved the paper. The tiny clothes pins are clamping the paper until it dries completely. As you can see I have not yet begun on the tiara curving yet….

The gauntlets and tiara all have a red star motif on them. There were a couple of ways that this could be achieved. I could cut out littl red stars and glue them on. I couold draw red stars on, ew yick not likely!

I decided to cut the stars out of the gold vinyl and back it with red fabric to create the stars. That way, I know the stars will never fall off, they’ll never fade, or fray. And hey, I like the way they look! Here they are all clamped and drying….

I love tiny clothes pins! They make awesome doll clamps!


Tomorrow I hope to finish the fasteners on the jumpsuit and plot out the eagle motif and belt. Then It’s just her lasso and she’s ready ready to trounce the foul wherever they reside!

Thanks so much for reading and have a fab evening!


August 11, 2009

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Custom Ponytail Wig for Superdoll Sybarite!

Hi and happy summer day to you all!

My Copper Titian custom hand made wig for the Sybarites ends today on eBay! Click HERE to go to the auction… In the meantime, here are a couple of pics so you can see what I’m talking about :o)

awsumgal superdoll sybarite custom wig 1

awsumgal superdoll sybarite custom wig 2

awsumgal superdoll sybarite custom wig 3

This Katsilk Saran wig is a high ponytail held by a braid also in copper titian. It has been hand made by me on my Queen B Syb. The auction ends tonight. Get it before it’s gone :o)

Thanks for visiting,


August 5, 2009

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