November, 2009

Tonner Tyler Friend Charlotte OOAK Repaint Before and After

Happy Black Friday!

I wanted to share some before, during and after pics of my first Tonner Tyler repaint. I have repainted many different types of dolls in the past, but this is the first Tyler type gal!

This lovely lass was originally a 16 inch Charlotte and she has gorgeous platinum blonde hair. Here is what she looked like when I received her….

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 1

First I carefully removed all of her factory paint so that I would have a  nice clean ‘canvas’ to work on.

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 2

Then I began her eyes….. I have roughed in what I think I would like her brows and lips to do…

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 3

More layers, more colours, pupils, some liner. She begins to take shape….

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 4

So, again after much more paint, eyeshadow, lips and brows It’s funny, but the doll looked quite a bit different in my studio. Her eyeshadow was more subtle and the magenta lip looked like a good colour. When I saw the pic, I knew I had to go back and change some things.

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 5

While I thought about that, I styled her hair :o)

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 5

After a further repaint, her eyes are more vibrant now and her shadow is less aggressive. Her lip colour even though much bolder, suits her better. I have to say that I sure wish I had her hair too, lol!

awsumgal ooak Tonner Charlotte Tyler Repaint 9

awsumgal ooak tonner charlotte tyler repaint 8

Click HERE to visit her auction. She’s up on eb*y for a one week run :o)

Hope you like her and thanks for reading!


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Shoes ~ Glorious Shoes!

Shoes Glorious Shoes?

Well, hopefully, at some point, lol!

Frustration reigns supreme in the studio on shoe days. Who would have thought that something so small could require so much exacting work! Crikey, heelfire and brimstone! Sheesh, be difficult why doncha :o/

As part of the wardrobe for the Marilyn Monroe dolls, I need shoes. Of course. So, I thought, I’ll buy some. It’ll be faster and cheaper than me making them. It will save my client time and money. Sounded like a good idea at the time……

Shoes arrived, and I don’t think they’ll work. They seem out of proportion, a tad clownish maybe even? They’re very long in the toe and the heel has a good 1/8th of inch of air between it and the foot. Iwas, in a word, disappointed. :o( I don’t want to be too critical of them though. They look nice and all, they just don’t fit as well as is necessary.

So…… it’s cobbler time!

Here’s attempt one:

awsumgal marilyn monroe red shoes ick 1

Ummm, no I don’t think so…..

Attempt number two:

awsumgal marilyn monroe red shoes ick 2

Erm…… Ew……no and I thought iron on glitter ribbon would make my life easier, ha!

So I changed my method. Here’s what the next pair looked like before they were assembled….

I think we’re onto something here!

awsumgal marilyn monroe red shoes in progress

Thanks to whoever invented small clothespins! They are the finest mini clamps around, imho!

After assemblage…… Attempt number three:

awsumgal marilyn monroe red shoes almost 3

Now this last one had me sorely defeated. They are so close! The execution is good, the methodology works, but !@z£ª!! the toe shape is no good (really wanted to say CRAP right there, and so, I shall.  The toe shape is crap!) It’s very round and big and makes the lovely Marilyn Monroe doll look like she’s wearing Spanx (in reference to a really funny Ellen Degeneres bit about all your fat being squeezed into your feet when you wear Spanx girdles, I howled with laughter at that bit! but anyway I digress….)

This Marilyn will not be wearing duck billed platypus feet (or Spanx, lol!)

Here is the last pair….. (cue the Hallelujah Chorus….)

awsumgal marilyn monroe red shoes hallelujah 4


They are not finished yet, they have no soles or heels, but dang I am one happy cobbler!

OK, that was exhausting, off to get me an espresso! Then heels and soles….

Happy Saturday, and thanks for reading!

~ awsumgal

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Just for Fun ~ Liv Daniela Doll

I was curious enough by the look of the Liv dolls to take Daniela home with me.  She’s really pretty cute and very poseable! She’s fun to photograph, and the camera loves her! These fun little 12 inch gals are wigged and come with a second wig and wig stand.

awsumgal Liv Doll 1

awsumgal Liv Doll 2

They have additional wigs for sale separately too…


I was impressed with the quality of the hair. It’s very fine and soft. I was unimpressed however with the cutting and styling of the wigs. They seem uneven and choppy :o(

awsumgal Liv Doll 5

awsumgal Liv Doll 6

The biggest surprise to me was how much I liked her with no hair! Her head is a little oversized, but she has a kind of Audrey Hepburn vibe to her!

awsumgal Liv Doll 7

awsumgal Liv Doll 4

awsumgal Liv Doll 3

She’s fun and I’m happy with her, so much so that I went straight out and bought two of the others!

Sophie and Alexis have joined my doll universe. I left Katie on the shelf, I admit. (Her eyes were too bright neon green for my tastes.) I’ll take pics of them too, when I get a chance, and post here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this new doll with me :o)

As always, thanks for reading!


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Some Like It Hot ~ Black Dress for Marilyn Doll WIP 2

Good evening all,

I have been working on this dress and have made lots of progress! The dress itself is now almost finished.

The bead buttons have been sewn to the front and the all important fringe has been sewn on too.

Here it is as I was putting on the buttons. You can see the little lace insert that appears on the dress in the film, so of course, it’s on mine!

awsumgal Some Like It Hot black dress for Marilyn Monroe doll WIP2 1

awsumgal Some Like It Hot black dress for Marilyn Monroe doll WIP2 2

Here are some studio shots of the dress on the Marilyn doll. I am really happy with how well it fits her. The linings still need to be sewn in and the fasteners on the sleeves and up the back still need to put on.

awsumgal Some Like It Hot black dress for Marilyn Monroe doll WIP2 3

awsumgal Some Like It Hot black dress for Marilyn Monroe doll WIP2 5

awsumgal Some Like It Hot black dress for Marilyn Monroe doll WIP2 6

awsumgal Some Like It Hot black dress for Marilyn Monroe doll WIP2 4

As you can see, this Marilyns’ hair is rather long! I have yet to trim it, and style it into her gorgeous signature waves, which I will be doing……but not tonight!

That’s the full update for me today!

Thanks for reading :o)


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Some Like It Hot ~ Black Dress for Marilyn Monroe Doll

Happy Sunday dolly people!

I have been working on a couple of iconic Marilyn dresses for a discerning client and I wanted to share what I’ve done so far…..

First, here is one of the dresses I am making. It’s the delightful black fringed dress that Marilyn dances around in at the beginning of the film “Some Like It Hot”

awsumgal makes Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 1

awsumgal makes Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 2

awsumgal makes Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 3

I apologize for the poor quality of my screen pics, but they, in conjunction with the film itself of course, help me recreate the look as closely as I can.

My client has sent their doll, and two outfits to be better fitted to the doll. From what I can discern online, the dresses come from the Franklin Mint dolls, and as a result don’t quite fit as well as my client would like. Not surprising really, after all, Marilyn is said to have been sewn into many of her movie costumes for a truly form fitting result!

I will also be rerooting the doll as she her hair was not in terrific shape and adding lashes as well.

Here is my clients’ Marilyn doll (I believe that this is by “World Doll”, but I am not sure….)She stands approximately 18″ tall and is vinyl.

awsumgal Marilyn Monroe Doll Project WIP 1.1

awsumgal Marilyn Monroe Doll Project WIP 1.2

I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t really make much use of the original black dress. It had already been somewhat altered and there just wasn’t enough to really work with. Remaking and refitting something is often more work than starting from scratch. So….from scratch I began, lol!

To begin with I, of course, watched the film. I had completely forgotten that the film is black and white. I mean, I’ve seen the film, but all of my internal memories of Marilyn Monroe are in colour! Good thing it’s a black dress and I don’t have to try and research its’ colour, tee hee! (THAT can be a challenge!)

There are a couple of notable differences between the doll version I was sent and the real one in the film. For one thing the real one is longer than you might think! It seems to be beneath the knee! The one I’m making will be just above the knee. The other major difference is that the fringe on the doll version is straight across the front and the back. The movie version has the fringe coming up to a bit of a point. I think too after watching the appraisal of the original online at PBS (a PBS Antiques Roadshow bit) that the decoration down the front is not braid as it is in the doll version, but small buttons.  And lastly, there is a little lace bit in the ‘v’ of Marilyns’ dress in the film, but it is not present in the appraisal version. Maybe a separate piece that has been lost? These are negligible differences to many, but for me they are significant :o)

Also, the point of this dress is its’ tightness. In order to keep her sleeves tight, I will have to allow them to open at the cuff. This dolls hand is semi wide open and it would never fit down a sleeve as narrow as her wrist…

OK, so, research done…… pattern done….. much of the sewing done……

awsumgal ~ Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 4

You can see the original doll dress in the background, which didn’t have any gathering under the bust, but needed it, so my version has it…..

Also, it was lined, in black!?! What on earth is the point of that? I will be lining in a neutral, non-staining blush pink poly broadcloth. I mean if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, right?

Here I’m just checking the fit over the chest, the length in the bodice and the length of the skirt….

awsumgal ~ Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 5

Just checking the all important bust, lol!

awsumgal ~ Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 6

And lastly for today, all pinned up to check the overall silhouette. There is a little lining visible, but that is because the linings aren’t sewn in yet. In fact the skirt isn’t even attached permanently to the bodice yet. It’s just pinned. It’s always a good idea to pause and check your work regularly. That way you can catch things before they go to far awry :ol

awsumgal ~ Some Like It Hot dress for Marilyn Monroe doll 7

Still much to do (fringe, buttons etc.) but it is shaping up very nicely.

This little black dress is one of three I will be doing for this Marilyn doll. I’ll be blogging about the other two as well. (Can you guess the other two dresses I’ll be doing? ;o)

That’s it for today, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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