May, 2010

Silver OOAK Sybarite Outfit WIP 4

I wanted to update on this outfit because it’s almost finished, finally :o) Many other things were sucking away my studio time this past week. All that is past now though (I hope anyway, tee hee!) This outfit was tricky and picky and fiddly but has surpassed my expectations! I just have a couple of finishing touches to put on it and then I will prep a newsletter and offer it up for sale.

Let’s back up a little, shall we? OK in truth it’s a bit of a leap from my last post, lol! I attached the bodice to the skirt and began deciding how the hair would drape and fall. I configured a hook and loop system for the back that looks great and works really well!

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 1

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 2

There’s a bit of a stylized braid, a silver bead and a long fall of hair that hangs to the floor!I spent days on her wig. It is insanely long and matches the golden tones in the skirt. The front half of this wig is glass pearls of varying sizes with decorative silver chain and silver sadi thread. I was going to trim it a little, but I think I will leave it long for the photo shoot and see how much fun it is to pose.

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 3

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 4

Here are a couple of softer looking pics…

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 5

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 6

The last things to finish are her shoes. I wanted them to have the same feel as the rest of the outfit. I didn’t want them to overpower this somewhat monochromatic ensemble. I’ve been doing that recently, Cold be time to mix it up a little, lol! Although ~Ember!~ certainly wasn’t afraid of colour!

I wanted transparent soles and I thought I might bead the straps. I decided I didn’t like the look of that and instead did a close toed glass pearled slip on. If only I knew how to make these for me! I would totally wear them :o)

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 6

One down one to go lol! And, here are both!

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit wip 4 9

Just a few last little things and then the final reveal :o)  As I mentioned at the top of the post, this OOAK ensemble will be offered for sale through my newsletter and offered publicly after that if there are no newsletter takers. Should be ready in a couple of days. As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening!

dolly on!


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Sybarite Slipper is Here…At My House….Yahoo!!!

She arrived today and I really didn’t think I would even have time to open the box, let alone take a few studio shots. I guess she’s a pretty efficient motivator though, ’cause I did all of the work I had to do in record time and therefore had some time to play!

So here’s the unveiling as seen through my eyes, or rather my lens….

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 1

Sadly this shipment was treated pretty roughly and all the corners looked like this one :o(

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 2

Then I realized that the Superdoll box is mangled and was not sealed! Why oh why is my box opened?

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 3

When I actually opened the box, it was ripped on the center at both ends. Boo, oh well.

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 4

I thought maybe the Musée de Poupée had sent me a damaged box because this damage didn’t happen in shipping. I like to keep all of my boxes and paperwork, I don’t know why, I just do. However nothing could take away the excitement of seeing my new doll! And more importantly, the case is in excellent condition, phew!

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 5

Most importantly Slipper is perfect! Gorgeous, fabulous and in perfect condition!!

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 6

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 7

It’s not many girls that can rock a white flocked head. Seriously!

Here are the fabled, and most amazing pink shoes. I love them!

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 8

Time to hit the studio!

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 11

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 12

She’s so beautiful. I’m smitten with her!

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 13

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 14

And one more :o)

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 15

Oh wait, here are a couple with a white mohair wig I made

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 9

The detail in her corset is just astonishing and best of all, it’s Pink!!

awsumgal Sybarite Slipper 10

I hope you’ve enjoyed openiing this beauty vicariously though me. (Cheaper that way, lol!)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening!


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Silver OOAK Sybarite Outfit WIP 3

Well it’s a simply beautiful day here and it’s a holiday to boot in Canada. Happy Birthday Queen Victoria – fireworks to follow! It’s far too nice outside to work in the studio :p

In my defense though I was up early this morning and got a couple of very productive hours of work in before doing my Yoga! I am on fire today, lol!

I’m at the point in this ensemble where I can really have some fun! Probably why I got up early this morning :o)

awsumgal Sybarite ooak silver outfit wip 2 1

Look at all the cool choices I have for embellishing the bodice! I pulled out a bunch of my clear glass beads, silver beads and findings and chain and even some feathers! I won’t use everything of course, but I like to pull out all the possibilities and then see which things are perfect :o)

awsumgal Sybarite ooak silver outfit wip 2 2

I am stringing various beads on varying amounts of the free falling silver bodice hair. They will eventually form a pretty, randomly beaded strap over her one shoulder. To really see what was transpiring, I needed to put this on the doll. I needed to see exactly where the beads were going to wind up on her….

awsumgal Sybarite ooak silver outfit wip 2 3

She looks a little bit like a Bladerunner Replicant here or something out of Total Recall maybe, lol!

awsumgal Sybarite ooak silver outfit wip 2 4

She doesn’t seem to mind at all though.

awsumgal Sybarite ooak silver outfit wip 2 5

I like it and I can see in my minds’ eye what the final will look like. If I love it as much as I think I will, I’ll add the same effect to the bottom of the bodice too. But not today, now it’s time to play outside, enjoy the sunshine and smell the flowers. As that Flintstones’ character would say “Everybody Into the Pule! LOL!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying your day too!


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New Sybarite Outfit WIP 1

Happy Saturday doll folk!

I’ve been powering away on my next look for the gorgeous Sybarite gals. It’s coming along really nicely for me. I do sometimes wish that I could do these more quickly, but then I wouldn’t be giving them their due. I have to spend some time with the design. Give it some time to rattle around in my head, lol! In fact that is the most satisfying and challenging part of the whole process. There’s nothing tangible at the end of the day, but to rush that part of the project is to wind up with something that doesn’t work, or worse yet, something I am not happy with or proud of! Enough philosophizing…on to pics!

The initial hazy shadowy vision of an idea has coalesced into this bodice!

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit Wip1 1

The plastic is, of course, not part of the outfit. It is to protect my beautiful doll! The bodice is a combination of luxurious silver hair and glass beads on a stabilizing under layer. The hair over the bust will be permanently fixed in place, the rest will be artfully draped. I plan to add some in theme embellishments both on the bodice and in the hair :o)

The above pic shows the wonderful fabric I’ll be making the skirt out of. I wanted the skirt to mirror the sensual curvy feel of the bodice, so it will be a curve hugging one. A flattering line for the Syb girls to be sure!

I will add a extra bit to waistline in front to mesh nicely with the bodice.

Here’s how that looks..

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit Wip1 2

Gawd, I love this fabric. It’s so sumptuous and rich looking. It’s fab, I wonder what else I would like to do with this? I’ll revisit that later :p

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit Wip1 3

I’ve made a white mohair wig as well and have added some glass beads to the front, but I have decided to not use it for this outfit. I really love the way it shows in photos and it looks wonderful on Venus, but it doesn’t convey exactly what I want with this outfit, so, I’ll keep it for my own girls and have already started work on the head covering for this look! Man, I have way too much fun, lol!

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit Wip1 1 4

Here’s a closer look at the bodice and the wig…

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit Wip1 5

I plan to add much more visual interest to the bodice. There’s much more to do. Best be off to do that!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians!

Thanks for reading.


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~Ember!~ New OOAK Outfit for Sybarites Finished!

This outfit is finished! I am quite happy with the end result here :o)

I waffles back and forth a little bit on the wig treatment for this outfit. There were a couple of different ways I could have gone. In the end I chose a flame orange mohair to make her wig from. Now that it’s done I love it. It works beautifully with her outfit.

Without further ado, here she is! Gawd, I love this doll (and she is NOT for sale, lol!)

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 1

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 2

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 3

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 4

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 5

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 6

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 7

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit Ember 8

Hope you like it. The newsletter is on the way to subscribers with purchasing info. If you’d like to be included on my Sybarite newsletter, drop me a line!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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