July, 2010

New OOAK Outfit for Sybarite ~Cloud!~ WIP 3

This look is moving among nicely. I am enjoying it and am excited about how it’s turning out! Trapeze is even helping me, lol!

So, of course the bodice is silk, what else? This silk I have used before. Maybe because it’s gorgeous and substantial, and a joy to work with. Feels lovely too :o) I didn’t take as many shots in progress as I sometimes do. When I get rolling, I forget to stop and take pics :o/

When I paused long enough to take a shot, this is how it looked…. The main bodice is well on the way. Clearly the other half of the bust needs doing and something attractive on the shoulder. Maybe a strap :o)

As I mentioned last time, I thought long and hard about what to use for the bottom texture. (I tried a whole bunch of options that weren’t even pic worthy, in my opinion.) I went, in the end with pure cotton gauze!

I made a silk under skirt as a base for the gauze and then sewed the gauze on by hand with fine lingerie thread, gathering as I went. I wanted more “cloud” up at the top hip, gently tapering down…..

Here’s a shot of the gauze during the gathering.

awsumgal ooak sybarite outfit wip 3.1

Trapeze holds the needle for me! (And refuses to take off the rhinestone wig!) Can you blame her. Dang, she looks good in this wig!

awsumgal ooak sybarite outfit wip 3.3

The silk bodice is lined in lighter weight silk charmeuse.

awsumgal ooak sybarite outfit wip 3.4

The look has an Erté feel to it. Which is nice ’cause I’m a big fan of his work :o)

awsumgal ooak sybarite outfit wip 3.5

However, at some point Trapeze will have to take off the ~Shine!~ wig, ’cause that’s not what I have in mind for this outfit!

awsumgal ooak sybarite outfit wip 3.6

Trapeze works this look and it isn’t even finished! A true diva!

I’d say I’m about half finished this one. It still need the bodice finished and a more permanent strap, also footwear and head covering/wig……

Until next time! Thanks for reading and enjoy your day :o)


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New Sybarite Outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP 2

All of sudden, it got a little busier around here! Not only am I finishing up a few commissions for lovely dolly people, but I have agreed to a very interesting period commission, but more on that when I begin :o)

And of course my personal project ~Cloud!~ for the Sybarite ladies :o) The first muslin of course required adjustments.

I transferred those changes to my pattern pieces and cut a new muslin to check the fit and style again…..awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP2.1

I wanted to make sure that there was enough throw on the one side the gown for what will be underneath. I have not shared what I want to put underneath yet. More on that later….

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP2.2

The following pic is actually the third muslin, and I am finally happy with the fit and shape. It is what I was going for. I have added the underskirt base layer also.

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP2.3

Here’s the back…

awsumgal ooak Sybarite outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP2.4

This confection will fasten at the side. Centre back isn’t going to work with this design :o)

I spent many a day musing about the best treatment for the textured part of this gown. The same, or a variation of will be used for the other side of the bust and possibly the shoulder on one side.

I considered gathered silk strips, hemmed, or gathered silk strips, unhemmed. I considered chiffon tubes, gathered, chiffon hemmed strips gathered. I considered yarn fibres, hair…. I left no texture unturned, as it were, lol! In the end I found a solution that I love! But…. I’m going to share that next time :o)

Thanks as always for reading!


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New Sybarite Outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP 1

Recently, instead of endlessly trolling eBay and the like looking at pretty dolls first thing in the morning, I began doing what I used to do when I got up – sketch. After the coffee of course! Often when I wake up, unrealized and unfettered design ideas are roaming around in my head. If I sketch them soon after waking I can remember most and some of them are even executable! If I wait too long, or look at too many things, the ideas start to fade a little…

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing recently and it has been quite fruitful. This next design is one of those early morning sketch sessions. This design is an asymmetrical gown for the Sybarite girls and will be mostly shades of off white, bone, ecru and white. I may use silver as an accent colour, or I may use something more vibrant like orange or red, navy? hmmmm still thinking on that. We’ll see what the design dictates :o)

Here is the original idea sketch, a very rough sketch to be sure….

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 1

I began the pattern draft and already it’s a little complicated. Each pattern piece is unique and needs to used right side up!

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 2

I then cut a test muslin and realized pretty quickly that it would help to number the muslin pieces…..

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 4

Muslins are an invaluable tool especially when the pattern is complicated. You can draw right on them and make the adjustments you need, recut and resew until it looks exactly like what you have in mind.

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 5

So here it is on my Trapeze, inside out so that I can make seam adjustments. As you can see, I had to add some fabric to the skirt side to have the hemline I was going for. This is only part of the bodice and the upper part of the skirt. The lower part of the gown has yet to be plotted along with the other half of the bust….

(Despite the unfinished state of the muslin, I think Trapeze looks rather fetching in her ~Shine!~ wig :o)

That’s all for today…..

Thanks for reading :o)


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Sharing a New Sparkly Creation ~Shine!~ for the Sybarites

I am enjoying some down time (if you call staining our new deck at the lake down time, lol!) but this year we have internet access here, so I can blog, even from here! At least from time to time. Most of the time we are doing other things up here :o)

Anyway, I wanted to share a new item for the Sybarite that I have very recently created. (Told you I was prolific recently, lol!) It is already up for auction and I posted about it on my favorite doll board, but I wanted to share it here too! Without further ado, I give you ~Shine!~

awsumgal ~Shine!~ rhinestone wig for Sybarite 1

awsumgal ~Shine!~ rhinestone wig for Sybarite 2

awsumgal ~Shine!~ rhinestone wig for Sybarite 3

Seriously shiney and somewhat distracting, lol! The rhinestones are all firmly affixed to a neutral custom wig cap. This one is on auction right now. I will have to find some more suitable rhinestone to make another for my own dolls, who a little miffed that I dared to let it our of their wardrobe, tee hee! Hope you liked it!

(Here’s the link ~Shine!~ on ebay)

Have a great Saturday night (wear your own rhinestone wig if you have one, lol!)

Thanks for reading!


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~DecoTwist!~ Silk Outfit for Deva Dolls for Auction

It’s a stormy Friday here in the middle of a couple of really sultry weeks. After a period of blankness, the ideas have begun to flow again and the dearth is over! I have been alarmingly prolific in the last week or so :o)

This outfit has been in my head since I purchased this lovely substantial reclaimed kimono silk piece. I was happy to finally get it out of my head and into the real world. It looks exactly as I thought it would!

Here is the dress, pre adornment….

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 1

It’s a form fitting princess line strapless dress fully lined in cream silk charmeuse. I made my own hair weft out of gorgeous silky Saran doll hair. Matches beutifully with the colours in the silk!

I was only going to make the dress and leave it at that but I just kept going. It sort of told what was needed :o)

So, I cast some clear resin shoes and after adding rhinestone trim to the “hairy” hem, I decided I wanted rhinestone strps on the shoes. Then of course she neede rhinestone earrings (well of course, lol!)

Then came her wig…… I didn’t have anything in my stash that was the right style or colour, so, of course I had to make one. I was getting a real Art Deco vibe from the outfit. (I could see her in a speakeasy in the thirties in this dress.) So I went witha modern twist on a deco feel. It was a challenge to make but it was interesting. I will probably explore this wig process some more. It has endless avant garde possibilities!

Anyway I’ll stop blathering on and give you what you want……Pictures!

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 2

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 3

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 4

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 5

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 6

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 7

awsumgal silk fashion DecoTwist for DHD Deva Doll 8

Here’s a link to the auction   ~DecoTwist!~ on eBay

That’s all for now :o) More tomorrow- unless I get sucked into the studio vortex! :o)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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