November, 2010

Topper Gary Becoming ~Michael Jackson-Bad!~ WIP 3

Michael is almost finished! I’m pretty excited about how he looks. His facial and body colouring has turned out really well! His “Bad” duds have huge numbers of buckles and rings. There’s even a zipper or two! That’s what I working on now, In fact that’s the bulk of the work that’s left to do for him. So here’s how I decided to tackle the buckles and rings…

He has a band around each thigh and a suspended ring as well. I did those first.  The next shot shows just how small these little details really are :o)

There’s one of the thigh straps…

The jacket is looking good too. If you remember, it is has jean jacket styling. I started attaching the many buckles :o)

And… a few more…..

All of those straps will be fastened around Michael’s arms when I put in on him :o)

Then I made his gauntlets. These will be full of buckles and some other embellishments too :o)

I did hit a snag though on this project. The doll above is not, of course, Michael. He’s the Gary I was using as my fit model. This left the Michael Gary doll free to be worked on in parallel. I began removing his outfit in preparation for finishing, and found an awful lot of dye transfer from his shirt. Only on his vinyl arms, not his plastic torso, but it sure didn’t take long! I’ve never had black transfer that fast. That’s why I always line, especially if it’s black. I hadn’t planned to line this shirt because I wanted it to fit really colse to the  body, and I am fairly sure my client isn’t going to change his clothes anyway…but…. those of you who know me know what comes next!

Yes, that’s correct. Now he has a white undershirt! I don’t want all of that careful body blushing marred by dye transfer! I will be trimming his white sleeves sewing the black ones to them in a permanent “pushed up to the elbow” look. I have also made him a little pair of white socks for the same reason. In my limited experience though it is incomparable material, black leather is hands down the worst dye transfer medium on Earth!

Here’s that incredibly versatile, wonderful material as a wee shoe for Michael. Hence the white socks! Lug sole to be attached :o) Lots of hand stitching goes into these shoes. Surprising considering their diminutive size. The leather is not very accommodating to my needles either and I went through two on this pair of shoes :o/

Both of his shoes are done and frankly my eyes are tired, lol!

Just one, or possibly two more work periods will be needed, and then Michael will be complete!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely evening!


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ooak Tonner Doll ~Jane Eyre!~ WIP 2

Progress has been made on my Jane Eyre doll project :o) This makes me very happy and I want to share some of the process here….

First off, Jane’s dress. Again this is modeled after the one worn by Zelah in the BBC TV version of the book. Here it is to refresh your memory :o)

And here’s my smaller version :o)

At this point the skirt and the bodice are not attached together. I had to decide on the right closures for this gown because the full sized gown has front closure for the bodice, but not for the skirt. I didn’t want to have a center front seam on the skirt and I didn’t want to disturb the lines on the back of the bodice…. so here’s what I came up with :o)

The skirt will cross over at the waist and snap closed and the bodice stays closed with hooks and thread loops. Decorative matte black bead buttons and a separate self belt complete and finish the look. She’ll have her brooch too when I’m finished :o)

Here’s a close up of the bodice……

With her dress all but done (I still have to hem her sleeves) I started on her hair style. I decided to do hair first and then her face up. When her hair is the way I want it, I’ll wrap her hair for protection while I paint her face. Again I will be emulating Zelah Clarke’s Jane Eyre look. The Melanie doll I’m using has the right colour hair, but of course it needs to be restyled into the bun, side sweeps and little braids.

I don’t often use character dolls, so the hair that I usually restyle is somewhat basic. This Melanie doll has a pretty sort of chignon. When I began to take it out it was interesting to see how it was secured at the factory.

It’s sewn and pinned and bound. I carefully removed the pins and the threads…..

And hey look, it’s a braid! Who knew? lol

When I took the braid out I was surprised to discover that the hair on the back of the dolls hair had already been removed!

Having styled dolls hair I have found that sometimes you have to remove some hair for the style to work. I guess they run into that at the factory too. I don’t know why I was surprised :o/ makes perfect sense if you think about it, lol! Even after the factory hair cut she still has quite a lot of hair!

Here is her hair from the front so far. The side sweeps are in place :o) The braids are done, they just need to secured in the back under the bun.

More to do, it’s still messy and Jane Eyre is, well, not. And of course her face up needs doing. That’s next! I’m excited to paint her!!It will have to wait until next time however :o)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Topper Gary Becoming ~Michael Jackson-Bad!~ WIP 2

Man alive, it is busy around here these days! Not that I’m complaining or anything :o)

Okay, Michael….. I made a nice little yoked jacket. Like your standard jean type jacket, but black of course!

That’s it without it’s sleeves, but with the studded belts :o)

Here’s the jacket with the pants and the henley T and his belts, and also the sleeves, lol!

I like how it’s looking! I think it’s going to be pretty fabulous when I get all of the rings, straps and buckles on the pants and jacket :o)

With the clothing well on the way, I turned my attention to the man himself. As I previously mentioned, I chose to darken Gary, rather than using a Van doll. My client had enough faith to let me run with the idea. It was a risk, but it was worth it!

Here’s how his complexion turned out! Please excuse his hair, I’m only just beginning that part of his look. He looks a little more like Medusa than Michael in terms of his do, lol!

Here’s a shot with a reference pic of Michael….

Here’s one more shot with his hair a little more tame :o)

I had so much fun changing his facial skintone that I couldn’t stop, lol! I did his arms and hands because a little bit of them will show under his gauntlets. I did his neck and middle chest because it might show in the opening of his henley :o) The rest of his chest, his back and his legs I did because even though none of those areas will show I couldn’t leave him half done now could I? It just seemed wrong not to do all of him (but no he’s not anatomically correct or anything!)

Next time you see him, his hair will be put to rights :o) Still shoes and gauntlets buckles and so on to do, busy busy!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening :o)


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ooak My Scene Barbie Repaint ~Keely!~

I have a new pretty My Scene repaint up on Ebay :o) She’s a blue eyed blonde and her name is Keely…

and one more pic…..

She has borrowed Moxi Teen Melrose’s wardrobe for the photo shoot. Melrose wants them back so they are not included in Keely’s auction :o)

She’s up for a few more days. Here’s a link to her auction  ~Keely!~

Have a great night!


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ooak Tonner Doll ~Jane Eyre!~ WIP 1

Good day doll folk! It’s time finally for Edward’s lady, the one and only Jane Eyre! I am still working with my mini Michael Jackson, but will works on these two projects simultaneously (I’ll be updating Mr Jackson tomorrow or the next day :o)

Jane, dear sensitive, plucky Jane will be realized through Tonner’s Melanie Hamilton doll. She is a petite body sculpt and her hair is the right colour. It’s already in a bun too, but I’m not sure whether or not that will be a help in the end. Zelah Carke’s, Jane Eyre bun is rather specific and I will want it to look just like that when I’m done. Firstly… here’s who I’m emulating….

Here’s the doll I’ll be transforming….

I think “Miss Melnie” will work out really nicely as Jane. I will be repainting her features of course. (Jane would not have worn that shade of lipstick, lol!) Au natural type face up for this little lady! Her eyes will be green :o)

The dress she’ll be wearing is the black one with the angled pleats in the bodice, the puffy sleeves and belt.  Here’s my sketch of what I’ll be making.

The angled pleats were the biggest challenge :o) So of course, that’s where I dove right in, lol!

I use a combination of draping and straight up drafting. That is to say, partly I work my pattern out on the doll and partly flat on the work surface. For the pleats I found it was easiest to fold my pattern paper the way I want the pleats to look. It most the most painless way to get the angle right :o)

After a few revisions and some paper in the bin, lol I had what I wanted…

I’ve left her chemise and pantaloons on, because she’ll be wearing them under her finished costume. Despite this, the finished black dress will be lined in a light neutral. The sleeve is a pleated number as well. Here’s a test sleeve…

I’ll stitch down the pleats just a little in the black version. (“Cause that’s what I see in the full sized gown.)

Here’s the lining :o)

All righty! On with the black :o)

And here’s the bodice about half sewn, with the skirt pinned in place.

Whew! Time for a little break I think! Hope you’ve enjoyed it, I know I have :o)

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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