December, 2010

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas….

I have just finished this rhinestone demi bustier for the Sybarites. I love it and so does Venus! She wanted to wear it to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas :o)

May your holidays be happy……and gorgeous!!


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Dawn’s Christmas Tree and My New Book ~TEN~

Happy Holidays everyone! No matter what you celebrate I hope it’s happy!

This year my holiday offering is a pre-lit artificial Christmas Tree for Dawn, Pippa and the Topper and Palitoy friends! It is lit with battery operated LED mini lights. It’s decorated with a white and gold trim garland and forty one handmade bead and wire ornaments that you can place anywhere you want on your tree! I have also made a little angle for the top (of course) and a quad of little wrapped presents for under, in case Gary, Pete, Ron and Van have forgotten…again, lol! It is up on eBay for a one week run.

Here’s the tree….

Here it is with the lights on….

Here’s a look at the ornaments that come with the tree….

Lots of fun to decorate, I can tell you!

Here’s to link to the eBay auction… Dawn + Pippas Christmas Tree

The other exciting thing that happened here today is my book arrived from the publisher! Very happy and excited about this! The quality is terrific. I’m very happy with the paper stock, and the photographs printed beautifully. The colours are wonderful! This little softcover book looks back at ten of my favorite recent Dawn projects. Though there were many more! (I keep remembering projects that would have been at home in this volume. Maybe I’ll do another book, lol!) It’s called “TEN Topper Dawn Projects in words and pictures by awsumgal”. Each of the ten projects discussed in this book have full colour photographs in process (all but one) and after. I’ve reproduced my listing/insert texts where applicable as they were often backstories for the dolls and a a little bit about what inspired me to engage in each project. It was a lot of fun to do, but more work than you’d think!

Here’s the link to purchase   “TEN Topper Dawn Projects in words and pictures – by awsumgal”

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays to all :o)


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Sybarite Newsletter No. 4 ~Sheherezade!~

Sybarite Newsletter No. 4

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Have a great day everyone!


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~Sheherezade!~ ooak Silk Ensemble for the Sybarite Dolls

I’ve been working on this outfit off and on for some time now. I haven’t blogged it because there were too many other projects to be showcased here. It is very different in it’s finished form than the fashion that I originally envisioned! I let the outfit come together as it wanted to… I’ll make the other outfit too at some point, but for now, I give you ~Sheherazade!~ (I considered calling it “sandstorm” in Arabic, but that turned out to be “haboob” which wasn’t really appropriate!)

This outfit has lots of options. Both of her silk skirts can be worn over her shoulders. She can wear either skirt or both together. Trapeze’s colouring was a perfect compliment to the silks of this outfit so she does the honors for me :o) There is  quite a lot of detail in this fashion. The lace front bodysuit has pieced cups, side front topstitching, organza cross neckstrap and hand sewn beads across the top edge. Her silk charmeuse bubble skirt can be worn open or closed. Her silk crepe headwrap is a bit of soft sculpture sewn into gentle drapes to compliment and frame the Sybarite’s wonderful faces.

Well this fashion is complete….now off to choose my next project (but first …. more Christmas shortbread needs to get baked!)

Thanks for reading :o)


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Topper Gary Becoming ~Michael Jackson-Bad!~ Done!

Yes it’s true! He’s finished and I’m very satisfied with the end product :o)

Let me just very quickly back up and show the last few finishing bits of his outfit. There isn’t anything that he wears in this gear from Bad that doesn’t have multiple buckles on it. Many very small buckles were made and sewn to very narrow ribbon and then sewn to where they needed to be! They are all functioning buckles and can be undone if desired. (I certainly wouldn’t though,  ’cause I wouldn’t look forward to the time and tweezers it would take to do them all back up again, lol! Especially the gauntlet ones. Man alive but I made them tiny!

Michael gets his pant leg buckles….

Here’s the outfit on the dude himself!

Here are his short leather boots. Of course these have buckles too…. I’ve given the soles some tread

Lastly are his gauntlets which you guessed it are basically a series of buckles. Michael’s real wrist gauntlets are slightly different. They trace around his middle finger for example. I considered sewing a “studded” strap right through his hand, but then decided I didn’t want to weaken the vinyl of his hand by doing that. It would probably have broken his finger off over time and anyway you wouldn’t be able to take it off. I prefer not to have clothing permanently attached when possible but that’s just me :o)

All right enough of that, here’s the finished man himself!

This dude has a head of real mohair, his boots and belts are real leather, pant and jacket are black twill and his two T shirt, one black, one white are poly cotton. I gave him his chin cleft and shading through his cheeks to make him look as much like Michael as possible.

I hope you like him and have enjoyed watching the work come together. Thanks for reading :o)


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