January, 2011

The Postman was Very Good to Me!

I was a very happy doll collector today! I received two packages from my friendly neighborhood postal dude, and both were dolls and neither had taxes or customs charges :o) That is a good day, lol. Not only did I get my pre-ordered 13″ Basic Blonde Tonner Revlon doll, (who will appear in another post as I haven’t even opened her shipper yet!) I also finally got a doll I have been hoping for from the earliest days of my doll madness. I am the proud owner of a 19″ blonde Uneeda Dollikin. She’s in pieces of course, I’m not made of money, lol and so can’t pay the hefty price of a gorgeous mint creature, though there have been a steady stream of them on eBay since I started looking and I have sighed like an unrequited lover at every one of them. But enough of me! This girl is in excellent shape, despite her dis-jointed current stance, lol! Her blonde hair though will have to go. It is dry, course, brittle and embarrassingly thin through most of the back of her head.

I will be restoring and dressing this girl to bring her back to her 50’s beauty! I’m really excited to finally get my hands on one of these dolls! Yippee :o) I will of course be blogging about the process as she goes from sad to spectacular. She will quietly wait now, with a baleful look in her pretty plastic eyes until I my first commission is complete (well maybe I’ll get wee snippets of time during my commission work)

Here’s a shot of Uneeda Makeover, lol before I do anything….

She is going to be such a fun project for me!

And now….. I’m off on my first commission of 2011! Wheeee! I am going directly from this post to the first post of the Annie doll commission, so check the very next post :o)….


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2011 First Post ~ Plans for the Coming Year

Happy New Year doll lovers! For me, the holiday season has wound down and routines are already back to normal. I know for lots of you out there the best of the holidays are still to come. Celebrate on!

I’m suffering a little whiplash from my spectacular spill on the slopes yesterday, and so I’m taking it a little easy today. I thought it might be an opportune moment to write as I’ve neglected the online environment in general and the blog in particular of late. I blame/thank the holidays for that :o)

This year will see the completion of some projects that are very dear to me. This actually began with the completion of my second book, which was a long time coming, and was something I really wanted to do. With that project finished I decided the moment was right to set aside the time for the projects on my own “to do” list :o)  I am very excited about the things I have lined up for the coming year. I have loads of ideas and plans and likely not enough time, lol! A long term project I have been working on in the background for some time, gets the go ahead for full steam this year. I’ll reveal more of that when there is something to look at. It’s still in the rudimentary stage. Another major project for me that I have been waiting so very long to do, is a Dawn and Pippa project that I hope you’ll like. So, I hope fans of those wonderful dolls will check in from time to time :o)

I am in the middle of a project I began over the holidays that is a high fantasy Antoinette doll. This stems from my favorite genres of novel,  high fantasy and sci-fi (best if well blended!) I’m working with silk, cotton and leather and thoroughly enjoying myself! This girl will have her own ride too :o) Can’t wait to get started on that! I will introduce her in the next post……

All of that and some commission work too should keep me out of trouble in the coming year (um, well maybe, lol!) A very Happy New Year to all, however and whenever you celebrate. Best wishes for 2011!


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