February, 2011

~Veil~ Couture Gown for the Sybarite Finished!

Good day doll lovers! I have just completed a new look for the fabulous Sybarite dolls. I have been working on this gown in and around other projects and finally carved out some time to complete it the way I want :o) Oh happy day, lol!

~Veil~ shields her nudity, but just barely! This gown is glamorous and sexy and looks as though it reveals much more than it really does. It is a little dreamy and ethereal and Queen B seems to like it!

Here are some shots…..

I don’t love it when Sybarites wearing sheer fashions have all of their hip jointing showing through their fashion, so I have made a nude coloured pair of Syb Spanx, lol! They just give a smoother line and appearance when wearing racy looks :o)

Lots and lots of hand beading :o)

Thanks for looking :o)


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Stylist Magazine Features Blythe!

Hey there dolly folk, I just received word that Stylist Magazine out of the UK has done a fashion spread featuring that gorgeous plastic girl, Blythe! Here’s the link so you can check it out! Thanks to Helen at Stylist Magazine for the heads up :o)


The shoot begins on page 76. There are some great shots of a bevy of Blythe beauties. Lots of other wonderful photos too, the ballet shoot in particular. Surf on over and have a look (and then come back, lol!) Enjoy!


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Restoring a Uneeda Dollikin Articulated Doll

I have always wanted one of these ladies from the 50’s. They’re so classy and iconic of the time. I wasn’t around at that time, but she certainly evokes all of that almost everyday kind of glamour. The days when women supposedly wore lovely dresses and pearls to vacuum! These dolls are usually out of my price range when they’re in good shape and the competition for the ones that need help is pretty fierce too! I have been on the lookout for one for years and finally found one! This girl needs stringing and new hair, but, she has good clear eyes, an unstained body, no cracks or chips… Good bones as it were! So I embark on my pet project to restore her to her former loveliness :o)

Here’s how she looked when I unpacked her…..

She was a little dirty, so first I gave her a bit of a clean up to the face and body.

See how short her hair is? It was also really dry and crispy too :o( I knew it had to go. I was a little concerned about the orange dot on her eyesocket, but it did come off in the end :o)

Her eyes sure are pretty though! Time to remove the natty old hair…..

In order to reroot this little ladies’ hair I’ll need to remove her head! I’ve not removed a Dollikin’s head before, so I took it slowly trying to see what I was up against at every step of the way. This doll is strung so there is a hook attached to a neck hole plate. It was tricky to detach and to make sure I can put her back together I have attached a piece of wire to the elastic cord….

With the head safely detached from the body, I needed to take the plate out of her head so that I can get at her scalp. I am prying this plate out very carefully because I don’t want to damage the plate or the neck hole…

And there it is! I will now put that aside for the reassemble.

When I took the plate out of her head, I was surprised to find that her head was full of stuff!

Little tiny shreds of paper and fluff. Clearly inserted when the doll was made. I carefully removed all of this and put it aside as well. I plan to put it all back when I’m finished rerooting her.

I’m telling you, there was a lot of stuffing in her head! Here’s a look inside her empty cranial cavity!

Phew, after silly amounts of time time with tweezers, her hair is all out and she is bald and ready to reroot!

I hummed and hawed a little about her haircolour, but in the end I decided to stay true to the restoration aspect and will be rerooting her in a Honey Blond colour that is very close to the original. Of course I’m using my favorite, Saran dollhair :o)

Her original hair is on the left and you can see the new hair I’ll be rooting in. I’m excited!

I am working on this girl in my spare time, around commissions and other commitments, (I’m working on a couple of exciting Sybarite items too!) so it will take some time to complete. Next time you see her she will doubtless have some hair!

Thanks so much for reading, until next time!


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Collezione Florentine Dresses for Dawn and Pippa

Here’s my new collection for Dawn and Pippa!

I just purchased some wonderfully lavish and luxurious quilting cotton and what a joy it is to work with! The print is so varied that depending on where I cut I can get lots of different looks for Dawn and Pippa.

I’ve listed four dresses (in three styles) and called them Collezione Florentine :o)

Dress one is the Sheath. Lined and close fitting, this is a sophisticated and classy look for Dawn and Pippa


Here’s a sheath in multi-tones…


I have also made a little Balloon skirted cocktail number…..


Glori is sure rockin’ this look! You go girl, lol!

Lastly for today is a sweet little mini, so of course I have Dinah modeling for me :o)


Hope you’ve enjoyed these. I hope to do much more with this inspiring and wonderful fabric! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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My new Couture Savage Sybarite is Here!

I am working diligently on a very commission (for a Sybarite, as it happens) but I had to pause because Savage came to live with me today :o)

Wow! I am so pleased! I am never disappointed with Sybarite dolls. It’s amazing really. I mean I’ve seen many, many photos of the Sybarites in general and Savage in particular, but still the pleasant surprise when you actually open one and see her face to face. Despite all the hype and anticipation in my own mind, I am still deeply satisfied. I always imagine them to be drop dead fabulous….. and they always are! Savage is so transcendental in her beauty. She is otherworldly….. enough blather, time for pics….

It IS Fashion Beyond Reason. My excitement is Beyond Reason, lol!

Squee! Time to open the box…..

Oooh! there’s Snarl the wee sweetheart, tee hee! and he very cool personal bag :o)

Ah… there she is…. You can already tell she’s beautiful…. Hang onto your hats, ’cause out she comes….

And immediately whisked off to the studio for little introductory photoshoot!

Her beauty is blinding!

I hope you’ve enjoyed opening and meeting my new doll with me. Must get back to work now!

Thanks for reading :o)


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