March, 2011

~Caliopsis!~ ooak Topper Dawn LL

Caliopsis, the name comes from a flower and when this doll was finished, that name leapt into my head and wouldn’t budge. It seemed perfect for her. An unusual name for an unusual doll :o)

She came about quickly, which is unusual for me. It was one of those projects that had already decided itself what it was going to look like and it was up to me to me to make it happen. It was almost like I was following her lead, she was in full control. I was just dong what she told me, lol! She’s not exactly what I had in mind to start with -although her hair is pretty close ;o) Her dress wound up being different than what I pictured, but I am pleased with the result.

I didn’t take too many process photos because she sort of happened fast, aand I didn’t pause much for photography, but here she is with her new unstyled as yet mohair and only part of her paint…

And that’s the only shot I took! I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop :o/

Anyway, here is the finished girl. She doesn’t much look like your typical Topper doll anymore and not to everyone’s taste I’m sure! But trust me when I tell you that it is an improvement over the paintless face and shortened natty hair I started with! At the end of the day I am happy with her :o)

She is one of a very small number of Mohair reroots I have done for Dawn. I have a couple of other ideas for Mohair girls though, so I expect to put out at least a couple more in the coming weeks :o)

Here’s the link to her auction: It runs ’til Sunday

~Caliopsis!~ on eBay

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!


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Fashions for the Sybarite

Happy Friday!

I haven’t been posting much lately, too much work to do! I’ve been sort of prolific lately (comes from spending less time on the computer, I suppose…) But back to the computer I am!

I have two outfits for the Sybarites, both of which are currently live on eBay. The first one is ~Graphique Magnifique!~ Top, print spandex pants with attached custom resin shoes, collar and cuffs.

The auction runs ’til Saturday night. Here’s the link… ~Graphique Magnifique!~ on eBay

The second outfit I have is more an eveningwear look for the Sybarite (original body, not V3) ~Purest!~ for the purest couture purist in your Sybarite collection :o)

It’s a two piece gown in white cotton factory embroidered fabric. Both pieces are fully lined in light khaki poly and all seams are enclosed. I have heavily hand beaded the bodice in white glass seed beads. Both pieces have snap closures. This look comes with a silver beaded and sequined ruffle elastic collar necklace. This too closes with a snap. Here’s a look at “Purest!~

Here’s the link for the online auction…. ~Purest!~ on eBay

This one ends on Sunday. I have also listed a one of a kind Topper Longlocks whom I’ve called ~Caliopsis!~ and have done some more work on ~Teagan!~ my Tonner Tiny Kitty repaint, but they’ll each get their own posts :o) Or you can see them all by checking me out on eBay.

awsumgal on eBay

Thanks for looking and happy weekend to you all!


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Vintage Uneeda Suzette Restoration

Happy Sunday dolly people!

After a delightful break from reality in which I spent more time on Florida rollercoasters than off, I arrived back home to find my vintage Uneeda Suzette doll! She was in need of a spa, but was in surprisingly good shape for a doll of this age. I love these dolls. I like their body style. They’re the only ones I know of with this kind of leg and torso construction and I think they are prettier than a Bild Lilli….

Here is what she looked like when I got her…

She’s dirty and she has marks on er face and neck. She’s also got really gnarly hair and her legs bow to the right. It sounds bad, I know, but she is is actually in pretty good shape, especially if I can get the marks off of her face!

Here are a few close ups of her face….

Her neck had some red markings as well.

So I set to work on her. Her hair although dirty and out of it’s ponytail is pretty much all there! No missing plugs! I cleaned her face and it came clean :o) I was pretty excited, lol! I washed her hair and put it back up into her ponytail. It’s not mint because the ends are a little rough, but it looks quite good. I refreshed her eye paint which was a little uneven and gave her some natural lips and some blush to her cheeks. Here is her after look…

Now she’s my favorite Uneeda Suzette, ’cause she has such an innocent face. She looks so good that I am encouraged to clean up on of my other Uneeda Suzettes. Here’s the trio (the Andrews sisters, lol!) before anything was done to anybody :o)

I have a blonde girl who has lost most of her hair. I have decided to remove the tufts that are left…

There was so much old dirt hiding under that tiny bit of hair! Ew! Off to the sink…..

Phew! Now she’s clean :o) I will reroot her and she’s going to be the easiest reroot I’ve ever done! I mean there’s hardly any hair plug holes :o)

No time to rehair her today and I need to make her something suitable to wear but, that will have to wait. It’s a good start though! Thanks for reading :o)


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~Whispers In White~ for Dawn and Pippa on eBay

Here’s the second project I’ve been feverishly working on recently. It’s a little white confection for the six inch set. I really enjoy this type of creation because it is a little organic. It sort of does what it wants, in a way. I help it along to it’s finished place but it kind of has a mind of it’s own. I get a little lost in the sewing of the draping. Shaping it with stitching until it looks gravity defying, lol! There will be more of this sort of style I think, because I enjoy the process so much :o) Anyway, here are some pics….

I admit, I do love the simplicity of white. It allows aspects other than colour to be the star of an outfit. I very design inspired at the moment having just received a most wonderful coffee table book about a designer from the Philippines that was previously unknown to me. Sylvacion Lim was active in the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s She does amazing things with draping, construction  and gathering. A woman after my own heart! She’s up there with some of my other faves, like Vionnet and Etré. I’ve got another design book on the way too by a Japanese artist and I can’t wait!

But I digress :o)

Here are more pics….

Well there’s that done! Here’s a link to the auction if you’re inclined to bid early and often, which I highly recommend ;o)

Whispers In White on Ebay

I’ve listed a repaint too, but I’ll blog about that tomorrow, I’m too pooped tonight! Thanks for reading :o)


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Full On Sparkle for Sybarite!

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve been working hard in the studio on a few projects. I’ll be sharing a couple over the next couple of days.

I’ll start with this fetching little rhinestone bra and skirt set for the Sybarite dolls. This set took quite a bit of time and rather a lot of rhinestone. In fact I ran out of stone before I was finished and had to order more! (That’s the main reason I have been working on three projects at once, I had to wait for stone!) It’s pretty much finished now although after taking the photos I decided she’ll need another little bit of coverage in the back ;o)

Prepare for sparkle, lol!

Trapeze is looking seriously glam and shiny in this set! Until next time, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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