April, 2011

New Shoe Styles for Sybarite and Avant Guard Dolls!

I have been focusing on footwear recently. I love shoes! I covet beautiful shoes both large and tiny :o) A heel is a must, unless you;re jogging that is, lol!

I have finished three different shoe looks with the Sybarite in mind. One I have done before, the heelless shoes that I first saw on Lady Gaga and Loved them! The other two are new :o)

The possibilities for strapping and uppers are endless! Such fun I’m going to have!! ~Dark Matters~ a new heelless pair are up on eBay this weekend. Here’s a shot or two…

I just love the fabric in the footbeds! So gorgeous! And on the soles, Gold Leather!

~Dark Matters~ on eBay

The next pair I’ve called ~Foxy!~ This pair is grey with silver and black ribbon straps, sealed black glitter foam footbeds and little clear rhinestone “eyes” :o)

These ~Foxy!~ shoes will be going up on eBay in a minute!

The next pair I wanted to share is not quite ready for sale, but I wanted to share them anyway…. I’ve called these ~Discus~

Here they are with the outfit I made them to go with :o)

I like the shape and style, but they don’t stay on the feet very well, which drives me crazy! I will be adding some clear stretchy cord to the pretty silk sari ribbon straps  for this pair and will be tweaking how I strap future pairs to eliminate the “lost shoe” issue :o)

I probably should have focused on hats, seeing as it’s Easter! Oh well, maybe next year, lol! Thanks for reading and have a safe and Happy Easter whatever you’re doing this weekend…


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Avant Guard Eclectic Wears ~Shine!~

I’ve made a ~Shine!~ rhinestone wig for the Avant Guard doll. Eclectic consented to a photo shoot today.

I -think- she likes it, lol!

Thanks for reading :o)


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