May, 2011

Doll Collecting: Glamour Gal or Girl Next Door?

The world of doll collecting is an interesting and varied place. The reasons for collecting dolls (or anything really) are hugely different from person to person. The sorts of dolls out there are amazingly varied as well. Everything from completely realistic ‘reborn’ infant baby dolls, to life sized mannequins, from new resin fashion dolls to antique and vintage girls and boys, to rough hewn heritage craft dolls, dolls designed for play and those for display. Dolls have been part of the human culture since the beginning. Some people love dolls, some people don’t and some folks like only some dolls while inexplicably loathing others…

My area of ‘collecting’ is fashion dolls. Everything from street level funky to leading edge weird works for me. I have vintage beauties and brand new ladies. Some factory, some redone but rarely do they stay on the shelf at my studio! My dolls are a creative outlet for me. I love to design clothing and accessories and since I am unlikely to be invited to an Embassy Ball or the like anytime soon, my dolls ‘will go’ instead. (At least I’ll design and sew something for them to wear to such an occasion.) My dolls can go places I won’t (the Sultan’s tent for dinner), and can’t (signing soprano arias on stage at the Met) My dolls live exciting, fascinating lives full of travel and philanthropic endeavours. They’re mysterious and glamourous and they look fabulous doing it all! I deeply enjoy creating back stories for the outfits I make, though I don’t always share them. I like to imagine where they are, where they’re going and what they’re thinking about. I can be anything I want through my dolls. The sky is the limit and nothing is out of reach.

Though I can appreciate and do occasionally make casual day to day clothing for my dolls, the kind of thing you would actually see on the street, even those looks have to carry a lot of style to really grab me. The clothes that people wear to the office for example are just not what inspires me. I mean you see that everyday in the office, lol! I’ll do an office look (or any other genre) if I can push the envelope a little on style and content, otherwise I leave that for folks who are deeply inspired by that sort of realism. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it or can’t appreciate it though.

Some collectors out there seem personally offended by high style, runway type fashion on dolls. (As if there is something morally reprehensible about high glamour dolls or something. Honestly, how much trouble can they possibly get into? They’re just plastic, vinyl and resin after all (-_-) I personally love it! I enjoy the fantasy part of runway style couture. Gravity defying and ‘how on earth did they do that?’ garments and full on statement looks. It’s a very visually rich, creative part of dressing and fashion and I love to marry that with gorgeous dolls! I don’t wish to dress my dolls like they’re in Little House on the Prairie, but I am not offended by people who do. To each his own, in this and all things. (Hmm, Little House on the Prairie might be fun, lol!)

So what’s your take? Are you a ‘fashion forward girl’ lover? Or do your girls have a more wholesome ‘girl next door’ kind of feel?Whichever way you lean, play, and enjoy your dolls!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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~Society Luncheon!~ Fashion for Dawn and Pippa on eBay

The small set has captured my imagination again. I do so love these little muses! Spring is here, the weather is turning and the studio is full of fun and inspiration! I can’t seem to work fast enough to keep up with all the ideas crowding my head at the moment! It’s a nice feeling to have so many exciting ideas to look forward to :o)

Here’s one of them….

The fabric inspired me here. I’m a big fan of luscious quilt cottons, especially those that have gold metallic accents! Yummy :o) The blooms are larger than I would normally use for such a diminutive doll, but I liked this fabric on Dawn and Pippa. It says Spring to me! I used deep red silk for the jacket. The red silk just seemed to go so nicely with the blooms in the cotton. I used more of the quilt cotton fabric for the jacket lining, because, of course it gets to see the light of day at the sleeve edges and anyway, I like it when the inside looks as nice as the outside. It’s like a  little secret that only the doll, the buyer and the maker ever see! The dress is fully lined in champagne coloured satin :o)

I chose a different process for her shoes. I wanted delicate and stylish, but not eveningwear, for this outfit. Then, because I wanted her to be on her way to the annual kick off Horticultural Society lunch, I gave her a flower accessory. A little rosette, made of red silk, with tiny golden beads sewn on that she can wear in her hair, or the edge of her bodice, or she can carry it in her hand :o)

This little fashion is up on eBay right now, only for a short run though, it ends on Saturday. I hope you can surf on over and have a look.

Here’s the link: ~Society Luncheon!~ on eBay

I’m working on another fashion right now! I’m a whirling dervish (hey, that could be a cool subject for a project…lol!) in the studio today! Best get back to it :o)

Thanks for reading!


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Numina Devon ~Wow!~ This is one amazing fashion doll!

I think I may be the luckiest woman alive. Really. Apart from enjoying all the truly important things in life, love, family, good health, a roof over my head and plenty to eat, I get to spend my days amongst some of the most beautiful creations in the world. Devon is now one of them!

When Devon was released, I really didn’t have the cash and I hummed and hawed and missed out. I didn’t have a Numina doll and didn’t know if I wanted to delve into another doll even though I loved her look. The next girl to come out of the Dollcis Numina studio was Sen, the doll destined for the Paris doll show. She seems the same sculpt as Devon and she’s wonderful. I’m sure they were all snapped up at the show. I certainly never saw any for sale anywhere! You can see pictures on Paul Pham’s own site ( I was lucky enough to get a second chance at owning a mint and complete Devon and I couldn’t pass her up a second time.

She arrived shortly after I bought her, so I didn’t have to wait long. I was not disappointed! This doll is amazing! She’s completely enchanting and poses dreamily, sigh…. Her Patta wig is perfection, her fashion is drop dead gorgeous. It’s unique, a little edgy while still being flattering and gorgeous and it’s made really well! And her face paint and body blushing are astonishingly beautiful! Honestly, there is nothing about this doll that I don’t LOVE!

OK enough blather, here come the visuals……

I even love the sketch of Devon on the outer shipper. Though it is a shame that it’s full of postal stickers!

Here she is on her bed of blue satin :o)

I was instantly enamoured and I immediately took her to the studio for more pictures!

She photographs like a dream!

I tried her in my brown mohair and I like her with this hair too!

This doll gets all 5 golden stars from this doll collector!

Thanks for enjoying Devon with me. You’ll be seeing more of her, lol!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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~Rhapsody in Light Blue!~ Outfit for Dawn and Pippa

Hello doll folks!

I am working on a couple of things in the studio and having a ball! My most recent completion is up on eBay foir the weekend. It’s a formal ensemble for Dawn and Pippa and like sized tiny ladies :o) Here are a couple of pics….

She has a deliciously decadent soft, off white yarn boa and tiny gold hand stitched shoes!

One last close up of the shoes and bodice :o)

Ebay link: ~Rhapsody in light Blue!~

Thanks, as always, for reading! More on the other projects going on in the studio tomorrow :o)


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