June, 2011

~Sasha~ Iplehouse Asa Face Up is Done!

I worked on this sweet girl today and she is looking really good! In terms of fashion, I have a whole look in mind for her, that I can’t wait to start, but wait I must, lol!

Here’s her paint almost done…

I am happy with her look. I think there’s a story there :o)

Here she is with some hair….

I made some eyelashes for her yesterday. Today they were dry enough to trim and apply to her :o) After doing that and putting her eyes in a little straighter and adding gloss to her lips, I took my darling Sasha down to the studio fro her first full faced shoot!

Then I went lighter :o) I think she looks quite dreamy in this pic…..

She pretty much looks good in everything!

Well, that was fun! I’m sure there will be many more photo shoots with this doll. She’s amazing. I love her!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for reading!


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Darling Iplehouse Asa Gets a Face-Up… Finally!

My JID Asa, a gorgeous BJD that I have had for months finally got some face colour yesterday. As soon as I got her, I made her something to wear, but I was undecided in how to tackle her face up. I tried a couple of different temporary looks just trying things on, but wasn’t happy enough with any of the results to commit to them. I decided to think on it for a while. So I left her with some lips on and set her where I could look at her everyday and get to know her a little better.

Well yesterday it was time! She was tired of waiting and I was tired of poor Asa looking at me mournfully with only lips! Here she is as I received her….

I was soooo excited to get her! She is my first real BJD. I also have a 60cm Obitsu girl but Asa is different. She’s resin, for one thing, so she’s quite substantial, and although she doesn’t like to sit, she poses much better then the Obitsu. Much more natural looking. I will have to play with her stringing and joints a little to see if I can help her to sit better. Someone on DoA can likely help me with that. For now though on with the pics and paint!

Isn’t she lovely?

There’s a close up of her unpainted face. Her random default eyes look like one is cloudy. It isn’t. It’s bad lighting and likely a finger smudge….. my bad!

After I made her a dress (some time ago) I did play around with the face up, but left only the lips (as I mentioned earlier) Here’s how she looked as she waited for me to get my act together and stop fooling around with commissions and projects for other dolls, lol!

Here’s a full length showing her little frock…

Right. Off with her head! Here has has the lips and a little cheek blush. Then I really went to work….

Now she has more definition to her lips. She has subtle blushing and shading on ears, cheeks, nose and in the eye area. She has a little make up too. She still needs eyebrows and lashes, but here’s a look with her eyes temporarily put back in.

That’s as far as I got. Ran out of time and had to pause to make some eyelashes for her anyway. All the store bought lashes I had were too thick and just looked silly on her! So I had a break while the lashes dried and hopefully I can finish her in my next session, this afternoon if I get time!

Hope you enjoyed watching Asa get a face! She has a new name now too ^_^ Sasha!

Thanks as always for reading :o)


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Gary Gear ~Grillin’ and Chillin’!~ new duds for Topper boys

Just finished new duds for the Topper and Palitoy boys. They need updated summer wardrobes too! Plaid shorts, matching T and sandals, perfect for a little casual backyard grilling! Here are some pics :o)

Full description and more pics when I put this up on eBay. I’ll update here when the auction is live, but I’ve decided to hold off for a bit due to the Canadian Postal disruption. Enjoy your Saturday!


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Big Display Case is Finished and Populated!

Yay! I have finished the large display case for my most treasured bigger dolls. It’s all painted now and varnished, inside and out. I added four quarter round pillars to hold a light wood shelf. I had origianlly planned a clear plexiglass or glass shelf, but got impatient and used a the wood shelf that I already had :o)

I was hoping to get four dolls into the case, but Savage has such a gloriously full skirt that she fills one of the shelves :o)

I installed some lighting in the case and I’m very happy with the upper shelf, but the lighting in the lower shelf needs I different solution I think. I will ponder the possibilities over the next while, but for now and I am quite happy to have a closed, dust free and safe place for my some of my favourite ladies :o)

Now I can gaze at these lovelies as I work in my studio :o)

Thanks for reading!


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Display Find for Sybarites, Devas and other 16″ dolls

I want to share a great item I found for displaying larger dolls. I’m always on the lookout for display solutions especially for my larger treasures – Sybarites, Devas and Numina. Good solutions are hard to come by. Most stock shelving units and display cabinets have default shelf heights that are almost always too short for the girls to stand. Posing my ladies sitting is fine, but I’d like to option of posing them standing. I’ve come across some possibilities online, but shipping is prohibitive. These units are just too large. I have found cases for single dolls online as well, but by the time you get one big enough for a 16″ girl to stand in (add some height for tall wigs and hats, plus the stand base) and the price is just too high for me – and then there’s that pesky ship charge on top….

So imagine my glee when I found something local that I could take home with me. Of course it isn’t a doll case. Call it a doll case and you can triple the price, lol! It’s designed to house a pillar candle on your back porch, or deck and I bought it at Winners. It’s wood and glass, finished pretty roughly and stands about a metre high. The model I chose has a vaguely Asian feel to it and that decided my colour palette for it. I figure I can add a shelf and I’ll have enough height for two levels of standing Sybarites!

It needs a little dressing up, I think. So into the studio with it for painting.

You can see where the glossy black paint had been applied and of course the top finial is now gold. The roof panels will be red, I’ve decided :o)

Some nice woven matting for the floor….

Red roof is looking just how I wanted! I’m hoping to be able to find some nice brass filigree corner pieces the I can add to the roof.

I painted the inside black wood surfaces too, to make sure nothing would transfer onto my dolls or clothing inside the case. I’m hoping to use plexiglass for the shelf, but it may prove too difficult to cut and I might go to glass instead. I also plan to install some lighting inside and I need to varnish all the painted parts. I can’t wait for my girls to get in here! I can have them standing in all their glory, protected from dust and any other environmental nasties – Yeehaw!

Thanks for reading!


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