July, 2011

Musings and Mental Meanderings…..

Ah summer in Canada (contented sigh) Wonderful warm days spent with family, with lots of time to recharge the imagination. After a somewhat trying winter, I really needed some time to reflect on where I want to go with my creative pursuits. After a delightful and fun commission that I’ve ust finished, but can’t show you (it’s secret until convo time in the fall) I feel ready to make some serious progress on a personal project that I have had in the back of my mind for over a year. I also plan to finish all of the half completed outfits in my studio. There are just too many things in various stages of completion all over my studio. It’s overwhelming and needs sorting and finishing! Clothes for Dawn, Antoinette and Sybarite ladies will be coming out of the studio. I’ll also be working with my JID Sasha. So look in the coming weeks and months for clothing and accessories for her too.

Ebay remains a quandary for me. I’m finding the pricing is just getting too high to justify. It recently came to my attention that a $35 BIN item incurs a FVF of over $4! That cost does not include the listing fee, and it doesn’t include the Paypal fee. Since these two are the same company, that sure feels like a mad case of double dipping! So I and everyone else are faced with a question….. raise the price, or lose money. Times are tough and people resent raised prices. Don’t get me started on shipping from Canada, lol! The other option is to list somewhere else. I will be using my Etsy store more often and I’ll be listing on my site at www.awsumgal.com and sometimes right here on the blog!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer too! If you aren’t, then get out there and smell some flowers :o)

It’s a work day, so must get back to the studio… I know! It’s a post with no photos! Shocking, lol! Pics next time, I promise :o)


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Gary Gear ~Grillin and Chillin~ Auction is Live on Ebay

With the post office back to work I’ve popped this fashion for Gary and the boys up on eBay. Here’s a link to the auction. ~Grillin and Chillin~ Auction

It ends Tuesday :o)  Thanks for looking and Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends!


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