August, 2011

New Custom Boots for Sybarite ~Paint!~

Hello doll lovers! Today I finished a custom pair of high heeled, knee high boots for the Sybarite beauties. These boots were a bit of a labour of love, but I have learned quite a bit in their creation. I’m using a new resin formulation for the heels which cures much more reliably. It’s not as brittle either :o)

These boots are a little unusual and special because the fabric that they are made of is a graphic that I created from a work of art, an acrylic abstract landscape by painter Mandy Budan and used with her permission of course!

This vibrant, small scale graphic print was then carefully cut to become a matched set of knee high boots. The boots fasten in back with small scale orange zippers.

The boots are fully lined in white. The heel needed something exciting, so I wrapped the majority of the heel in blue silk fibre. The top of the heel sports hand brick stitched green glass beads.

The sole is topped off (or rather bottomed off, lol) with a light blue leather sole. The end result is stylish and colourful :o)

Wig, jewelry and chair by me, dress is factory (AG I think)  from a lovely doll friend :o)

~Paint!~ have been listed for sale at my Artfire studio. Here is a link….

~Paint!~ Boots

Thanks for reading and have a lovely evening!


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Tonner Galadriel and Strider arrive!!!

I just love it when a big box gets delivered! Mostly it’s doll related, lol! I had been eyeing Galadriel for a long time, but just couldn’t quite swing the full pop for her, even though she is so lovely… I almost bought a nude version, but held off and it’s a good thing too, because Tonner offered an extremely limited time drop dead unreal price for her and I couldn’t resist her charms any longer! I wasn’t the only one either :o) The orders had to be made by phone and the line was awfully busy! Took quite some time to get through, but I did in the end and splurged a little more for Strider too!

Without further ado, here are some visuals :o)

Here’s Galadriel Lady of Light…..

And here’s Strider Ranger of the North…

Immediately I whisked these two up to the studio for their first photo shoot.

Here are some of those images :o)

I mean, just look at that serene and tranquil face!

I think this is the prettiest sculpt that Tonner has ever made! She is just so angelic! Her circlet is metal and her brooch is stunning. Her gown is amazing too. I love everything about her!

Here’s her pal Strider Ranger of the North….

He’s pretty dishy, lol! He does suffer from crazy hair though. I will need to tame that, but since that will require that I de-clothe him, I didn’t have time this weekend. He’s got a great face and his costume is cool. His sword and knife accessories are pretty fab too.  His boots are perfect for him.

All in all I’m a very happy LOTR fan!

Hope you enjoyed the pics, thanks for reading!


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Just Opened….. Awsumgal is now on Artfire!

I have decided to try Artfire as a shopping/retail environment for my doll items. It is rather like Etsy. User experience is quite similar to that of Etsy for customers, but slightly better (so far) for sellers. We’ll give it a go and see how it pans out. The unfortunate move of eBay to charge FVFs on shipping has made them even less compelling to list with than they were before! I charge actual shipping, so that little move is costly for me. Shipping costs are already high enough, I can’t see rolling more and more fees into my pricing that my customers pay. I also don’t want to make less and less on everything I sell. It will become too costly to make anything at all if I stay with them, so on with the new!

Click the link to visit my new Artfire shop and please tell me what you think!

awsumgal on Artire

In honour of the new shop I have spent the weekend making some pretty cotton sheath dresses for Dawn and Pippa. Three of the quad I was able to make over the weekend are from the same blue palatte Florentine fabric and the fourth, also in blues, but with hints of red, (must have been my blue period, lol!) all have beaded hemlines for some added texture and femininity.

Here’s a group shot, including an Asian themed fabric one too :o)

Here’s the blue Florentine trio….

I just love fabrics like that! So much richness and variation! Love it :o)

Here are the individual dresses. All sheaths, all fully lined, all tagged and all for sale right now at Artfire.




And last for today Blue Swirls Mini

Hope you like them. More photos are at Artfire. Names and pics will take you there. Artfire accepts paypal. Contact me if you have any questions or comments about the fashions, or your Artfire experience. I always love hearing from you!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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A Hujoo Face-Up for a Friend

I was asked to give a Hujoo doll a face-up and of course I said sure! I’d been intrigued by the PukiPuki dolls and have been considering them for some time now, but wasn’t sure I would warm to the size, or even the body type. I’m mostly all about high fashion dolls….. The Pukis are a little pricey, especially if you’re unsure, so these little Hujoo ABS babies are an affordable test doll :o)

Here’s how the painting went…. First blank canvas, clean and ready to go!

A little blushing to begin….

A little more and some lips…

More blushing, eye definition and brows :o)

Some lip gloss and lower lashes, and violá! She has a face :o)

Here’s a look at her with some eyes and hair :o)

Here she is with a brunette wig….

After these pics I did apply some upper lashes as well, here’s a pic, but it’s eyeless head only. No time for a second photo shoot, lol!

The eyes are a spare set that I have hanging about my studio and the wigs are ones I made for Sybarites a while ago. They are a little big. Deva wigs are almost the same size though their styles are deeply divergent! These little people can wear some Dawn clothes and her owner tells me some Kelly clothes fit.

For the cost, these dolls are great fun to play with, and they are a great way to decide whether or not tinies are a size you want to get into… This little one has gone home, but I’ve got a couple of my own on order, if they’d just hurry up and get here!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening. Stay safe my UK friends!


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And a Little More and Poof! – it’s done :o)

Happy Wednesday!

Well I finished the little project that I posted about yesterday. Could you tell what it was going to be? No, not yet?

Here are a couple more shots….

This fabric is even pretty on the inside (just like all of my favorite people, lol!)

OK, this should give it away :o)

Daphne loves it so far, but wants me to hurry up with the bodice and trousers already! Best get back at it!

After much fussy cutting (and much fussy sewing too lol) here it is finished…..

Yup, it’s a hostess gown! I’ll call it Summer Hostess as homage to the painting that the fabric print originally came from “The Summer Tree” by artist Mandy Budan (used with permission of course!) The skirt lining, bodice panel and attached pant are all raw silk and the colour matches very nicely with this special fabric and with Topper’s orange shoes! I’ve added orange, red glass and gold metallic beads at the center waist for decoration. I will be listing this silk and cotton fashion for sale this evening and will update with a link when it’s live.

As promised……

Summer Hostess Gown Auction Link

I’ve made two, but will only be selling one. Here’s a shot of the twins, lol!

I am deeply in love with this fabric! The colours! The shapes! It’s a privilege to get to be able to make fabric from Mandy’s work that I then get to sew with :o) I am one lucky girl!

That’s all for the moment (though I have more plans for this awesome fabric!) Thanks for reading :o)


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