September, 2011

Sybarite Trapeze Enjoys High Style Casual

Casual doesn’t mean no style sweats. Not for the Sybarites anyway! This outfit for the Sybarites is one that I have been playing around with for months. I’ll work on it a little and then get caught up in something else entirely. Then when I get inspired again, I gravitate back to it. This is where it is now… Trapeze likes it and wanted to do a shoot, so who am I to argue with the mellifluous voice of reason, lol!

Silk ribbon trimmed cotton lace shirt, silk bubble skirt, gold lamé boots, mohair wig and heavy gold jewelry completes her look, and she likes it!

I know it’s amazing, she stands! At least from time to time, lol!  Although I am never out of reach when she stands….

Trapeze is such a beautiful girl!

Well that’s what I do for fun, lol! Hope you enjoyed the look, and the pics :o)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn WIP2

Happy Sunday! (aren’t they always? ;o)

Just a quick update on this project today. I’ve been cutting and sewing many tiny flowers, it’s all I can see at the moment, lol!

Here are a couple of pics of my daisy harvest and relocation.

There are two sizes on this trim as you can see, but I’m only using the small ones. You can usually cut manufactured trims apart without too much unraveling as long as you’re precise with your scissors!

A little tedious maybe, but I don’t mind. It’s nice to slow down and focus on a simple task. Sometimes anyway, lol.

Then I got impatient and wanted to sew some on already and see how they were really going to turn out :o) I’m using lingerie thread for this because it’s a satin finish, very fine and strong thread. Expensive maybe, but worth every penny! It has the same finish as the flowers, so you really can’t tell where I’ve stitched. It just looks like part of the flower :o)

I think it’s working well, so I’ll keep on going with it!

Then a little pause to cut more flowers. It’s taking a surprising amount to cover such a little dress :o)

That’s the last pic for today :o) As you can see, I’ve almost got all of the daisies sewn on. Next I’ll be working on the sleeves, then the gloves (squee) and the veil and tiara and bouquet and stockings, shoes. Oh my there is quite a lot to do! Later…..

Thanks for reading :o)


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn WIP1

I’ve started a new project for a dear collector. I’ve been asked to recreate a very cool looking wedding gown from the 1960’s It’s very short, of course! Covered in daisies with amazing chiffon embroidered sleeves. Very modern and very dramatic! Here’s the dress I’ll be making in miniature….

The stockings will be an interesting challenge! We’ll skin that one when we get to it :o)

I want to be able to bring the texture of the daisies to the smaller version. As usual there isn’t a fabric out there that will work for this gown, so…. I need to come up with my own version. At first I thought a base fabric with it’s own texture would help the daisies that I planned to attach pop a little…

Then I went looking for tiny white daisies. A relatively fruitless affair, lol! There wasn’t anything small enough, but then there never is when creating for smaller gals like Dawn! After exhausting all of my favorite fabric sources, I found some nice small scale daisy based lace trim. Finally! Daisies small enough to attach. Yay!

Of course they are part of trim and will need to be carefully cut off before I sew them to the under dress. My client pointed out that the underdress should maybe be more satin like, and she’s right. The busy mesh just obscures the daisy shapes. Texture yes, but no definable shape. With that in mind, I made the under dress. A fairly tight and short sleeveless (for now) withe mini….

The destination doll is a HTT Dawn probably with the long fall, nicely styled. But for now, my white mohair reroot Oleander is modeling for me (while she waits for me to finish the beading on her dress, lol)

Here are some of the flowers, cut out and placed on the dress to make sure it’ll look the way we want.

With that decided, I wanted to map out the shape of the flowing sleeves as well. At first we thought they were more like a wrap, but upon closer scrutiny, we concluded sleeves! They are very long and become almost a train in the back. So they must be attached somewhere across the back as well as being sleeves. I drafted a pattern for those. I added a little extra across the top of the shoulder that I want to gather a little for more drape. It may be too much when I get to that point, and I might have to take it out. But for now, I’m following my instinct on that one.

Of course none of the edges have been finished yet, but they all will be when I’m done. I cut many many daisies off of the trim that I bought. Then I got to sewing them on. They look terrific! I’ll share some pics of that next time. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Hujoo Suve – Painted and On Sale!

Little Suve is listed for sale over at Artfire at the moment. If you’re interested surf on over and have another look :o)

Here’s the link…

Suve on Artfire

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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ABS Hujoo Suve gets her face-up!

I had a great time in the studio over the last few days painting and blushing my Hujoo Suve tiny doll. They look so very different when painted and blushed!

Suve got the full treatment :o)

Here she is before…

After some blushing basics and beginnings she started to look a little less plastic :o) Here she is in that state with her pal Ted (my next victim, lol!)

Then I really got busy! It took several days because I would wander away from it when I’d been looking at her for too long, and wander back to do more after a bit of a break. There’s also drying time in between too. When I am decidedly happy with a particular stage of the process, she’ll get a coat of MSC. I’ll do this three or four times throughout so by the time the doll is finished there are actually several coats of sealer already on her. Then she’ll get at least two more finish coats before I call her truly done.

These little dolls are new to me, so I didn’t yet have much in the way of accessories for her. I made a couple of wigs to showcase how she’ll look with different hair colours and I’ll have to make some clothes for them at some point too, but I’ve begun work on a commission that needs to come first! I’ll be showcasing that next time :o)

Back to Suve! Without further ado, here she is in full regalia (such as it is, lol) At least she has eyes and hair and of course, a face!

I was having some fun with enormous hair on her. I think she looks quite sweet with all of the hair in her friend Kelly’s dress!

She tires of this hair though and wants to try one of the others I made…

Black this time :o)

Now that is some wild hair, lol!

A more gentle and sweet look….

She’s quite versatile for such a little thing! I haven’t even changed her eyes!

Here she is in the buff to show all the body blushing she received. No sole was left unblushed, lol!

Well that’s all for now! Thanks for stopping in to have a look and have a great day!


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