October, 2011

~Gilt!~ Golden Rhinestone Wig for Sybarite Ladies

Good Friday morning dolly people! I hope you’re all ready for Halloween! I’m not, but that’s another story!

I eagerly await the arrival of the HTT Dawn for the Mod Wedding Gown project and have been keeping busy with the veil and adding a few more flowers to the sleeves and embellishing the stockings. More on that later…

I’ve also just finished a new rhinestone wig for the Sybarite dolls. This wig is clear rhinestones in a gold toned setting. This is a handmade wig on a custom wig cap. Very glam :o) Just perfect for these icons of style! (A new girl came out this morning and was gone in a flash! Congratulations to those who were able to snap one up!) The newest edition to my little Sybarite family demanded to model this newest wig. The other girls reluctantly agreed, lol!

Without further ado, here is the fabulous Couture Salon (aye carumba! what a face!) modeling ~Gilt!~ and a fashion by me.

Here’s a link to this wig on Artfire ….

~Gilt!~ in my Artfire Studio

Hope you like it! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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New Wig for Sybarite Dolls ~Sublime!~ Now Available

As promised, my newest hardcap wig for the Sybarite ladies is currently listed for sale :o)

Here’s the link! ~Sublime!~ on Artfire

Have a terrific Saturday everyone :o)


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Just Finished ~Sublime!~ Hard Cap Wig for Sybarite Dolls

Despite the fact that there are many much more weighty things happening in the world today, I would like to share my new hard cap wig for the Sybarite ladies. I made this onto a custom hard cap out of a pretty pale peach Katsilk Saran (my favorite type of doll hair!) I’ve embellished a little with two braided attached headbands. One loose peach braid and one narrower tightly braided honey blonde braid. This wig is mid length and although the top is immovable, the lower part of the length is free to hang naturally. This little wig is tagged and will ship in it’s own custom box. Maybe a little doll wig will help take your mind off the harsher side of life for a moment. I;m waxing philosophical now, lol! On with the photos!!!

I’ll be listing this wig in my Artfire shop but not until tomorrow. I’m bagged!

Anyway hope you like it and thanks as always for reading!


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Mod Wedding Mini for Dawn WIP 4

As promised (though a day late-you know how weekends are, lol) here’s how the wedding mini project is shaping up at the moment.

I’ve done some white stockings for her that will need decoration to look like the high fashion ones in the picture. I’ve made them quite tall because the mini is fairly short ;o)

I was going to embroider the all over pattern onto the hose, but because they’re sheer you would be able to see all of the threads and it would have looked messy :o( Not to mention how difficult it would be to put them onto the doll without catching those threads! So I decided to use fabric paint instead. The one I chose is full of iridescent sparkles :o)  Here’s what the sparkles look like….

When that dried, I realized it really wasn’t as white as I wanted it to be. It’s almost too subtle :o) So, I added a little white in the middle of the iridescent dots. I’ve also added some lace to the bottom of the sleeves, inside and out.

Lastly for today, I began her sexy long white gloves. They are stretch silk charmeuse. Here they are with just the top edge hemmed as narrowly as possible :o)

I still need to do her veil and her shoes and ew a narrow lace to the sides of her stockings. Oh and I almost forgot about her bouquet! I can’t wait to get this all on the doll and see the whole thing together!

Well, more work to get to! Thanks for reading :o)


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New Outfit for Dawn and Pippa on Sale at eBay

I’m working hard on the mod wedding mini (I’ll be posting an update a little later on that project) but I took a little break to finish another gown for Dawn and Pippa.

I didn’t use a pattern for the skirt. I just decided to play with the drape of an oddly shaped piece of rose pink chiffon. This chiffon  incidentally (and luckily) matched the colours of the rose motifs in a pretty cotton fabric just beautifully! A perfect match :o)

Here’s a photo of the finished piece :o)

I used a beautiful piece of gold plated chain of tiny tiny figure “8” links around the waistline and more for the neckstrap. The links are so tiny that it was tricky to get even my beading needle through them! I just love tiny things, lol!

Here’s a link to the eBay auction :o)

Rose Pink Ball Gown on eBay

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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