May, 2012

Gilded Girl and Blue in Bloom for Dawn and Pippa dolls

Happy Sunday, people!

This past week was a busy one. Outfits were backing up in my head and I had to get some of them out into the real world before my head popped! The frenzy of activity didn’t stop at the weekend either!

Wow and what a weekend it was! All dance all the time complete with quick changes and chaotic backstage fun! In the midst of that, I listed two new little fashions for Dawn and Pippa girls that I finished earlier in the week 😮

The first, Blue in Bloom went live on Wednesday and ends tomorrow……

Here’s the link to the auction…

~Blue in Bloom!~

And the other fashion is called ~Gilded Girl!~ ’cause she has so much accenting gold about her! This fashion went up on Friday night for a seven day run….

And here is a link to this auction 🙂

~Gilded Girl!~

If you have a moment please have a look at the listings 😮

A big shout out to the Pippa people enjoying their Manchester convention and celebrating Pippa’s 40th!!! She still looks hot for forty, lol! Hope all you ladies had a terrific time getting together and enjoying some dolly fun!




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Ocean Inspired Gown “The Deep” for Pippa Finals :o)

This project is finished. I put the last touches on it today!


More beads and some invisible stitching were added to the silk fiber bodice and I made a little hair accessory out of some of the silk cotton blend that I dyed and decorated it with a tiny shell and a bead. I’ve backed it with a hook so that it can be worn, or even carefully held.


This was definitely the very smallest shell in the box!


Then I made her some shoes. I actually made her three different pairs, but this is the pair that matches the outfit the best imho 😮


Silk/cotton strips, foam soles and footbeds and varnished glass microbeads around the edges….


And that’s it! Here are some shots of the finished ensemble modeled by one of the hardest working Pippas in my studio!



Both the bodice and the skirt are sprinkled with randomly placed sewn on beads for some sparkle, like sun on water 😮






Here’s a close up of her little accessory…..


And here’s a look at the back…..


Here’s a look at the shoe I like with the outfit…..



Whew! A lot of pictures I know, lol! I’m a bit shutter happy, especially with my 105mm Micro lens! That is some sweeeet glass my friend! Crystal clear and punchy! Love it 😮


Soon I will be lovingly packing up this little outfit for travel to it’s final destination and then I’ll have to tame the tornado scene that is my workroom, yikes!


Anyway, thanks for reading!


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Ocean Inspired Gown “The Deep” for Pippa Wip 5

Weeellll, I would have posted sooner but my hard drive was so full I couldn’t off load anymore pics from my camera. So full in fact that I couldn’t even write my archive-able info to discs without the use of an external drive! Why oh why do I let my computer get so very full?!?

Two solid days of clearing stuff off of my hard drive, but now there is some space again, for as long as that lasts, lol!

Now I can finally blog about the progress on The Deep!

K, so first off I worked on the silk fiber bodice. After placing the silk fibers where I wanted, I added some beading, a pearl and some glass beads. It looks cool, but it’s too long I think and there is just a little too much of it at the bottom.

So I tamed it a little. Took some of the volume away. I don’t want it to overshadow the skirt….

Ah yes, the skirt :o) I have been working on this as well. It’s all very Zen to sit in a sea of custom dyed silk and cotton in lovely shades of blues and greens and everything in between, and deciding what colours and beads should go where….

More beads, more silk, more cotton, yummy!! I’ve added some little custom silk rosettes with bead centers too.



Next time you see this gown, it will be the final studio shots :o)

Thanks for reading :o)



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Ocean Inspired Gown “The Deep” for Pippa Wip 4

Hi all 😮

This fashion is coming together really nicely now. First, here are the fruits of my labours with the dye pots…

Well let’s get this party started!

It’s taking shape and I like where it’s going. It needs more work of course….. like beads 😮

Here’s how the back is coming along 😮

Ooooh! I love this is. It looks wavelike and swirly watery! Here’s the front so far…

It’s a big skirt, but I like it like that!

I’ve added little silk bead centered rosettes in different colours, blue pearl beads and a random assortment of other pretty beads too. I’ll be adding still more to the skirt. More silk/cotton, more beading and silk fibres too!

Until next time, have a great day!



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Ocean Inspired Gown for Pippa WIP 3

What fun I’m having in the studio today! I’ve turned into a mad scientist complete with crazy hair and maniacal laugh, but that is another story ha ha!

Seriously though, I decided after fooling about with the skirt ideas, none of which I liked, that I needed to take another approach entirely. I found the fabrics I wanted and decided to dye them to my concept. I bought three different colours of dye. Two greens and a blue….

I have a lovely silk and cotton blend, in white and off white, so floaty, so light, wonderful! Also some white cotton gauze that will gather up beautifully 😮

I’ve prepped my fabric into smallish pieces so that I can have a bunch of different intensities of colours and blending options!

I’ve even decided to blend a blue and green dye because they really didn’t have a straight up Teal hue in this range of dyes.

Sacrilege! I’m not measuring and I’m mixing dry dye powder! There is also salt in there as per the directions (I choose carefully which rules to break, lol!)

Then hot water and let the fun begin!!

The green in the middle is my ow mix 😮 What a blast! I pre-wet some pieces and not others, I wadded up tightly some pieces and not others. There was even some co-mingling in and out of various dye pots. Despite the fact that my hands are a sickening shade of blue-green, I am really happy with the results and can’t wait ’til they’re dry!

~I feel a deep seated need to batik in my future! (In my future, though because I am far too busy right now ;o)~

Here are the results as they are drying….

You see why I can’t wait? Aren’t the colours terrific?!? I will be pressing all of these pieces, the heat will help set the colours. Now I have to find something else to do while I wait……

Later doll folks 😮 Thanks for reading!


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