June, 2012

~Franqui~ Frankie Stein ooak repaint reworked :o)

I have reworked my Frankie Stein repaint, let her hair down  and have given her a little frock to wear as well!

Here are some studio shots…..

Hope you like her 🙂

She’s up on ebay for a one week run….here’s a link.  Check her out if you can.

Franqui on eBay

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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Summer Floral for Pippa Finished!

This cheerful and pretty little outfit is all finished. Here as promised are the final photos.

I chose to make another version of the straw hat that is a little finer and more dainty. I have decorated it with a long sewn on bow in the more floral and augmented it with an off white blossom. It also has a little hat pin accented with a couple of beads. Her little handmade straw and leather purse completes her look!

Well there you have it! A look at the finished outfit 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Summer is almost here….

Ah summer, my old friend, you’re almost here!

I love summer. I love the heat, the heavy, slow days where lazing about dreamily is all one has energy for. Meals are light and cool and everything is more mellow…..

This summer will bring lots of changes for me. The studio too will undergo some revisions. I am a bit of a fragmented creator. I bounce from discipline to discipline and from doll to doll. Although this keeps me from getting bored, I fear it leaves me looking scattered and sometimes difficult to follow. It may be time to narrow the focus a little and really think about what I am personally trying to accomplish, if anything! Maybe at the least of it, I can get my studio to a point of organization where I can actually find the things I need when I need them. It’s no good finding them after, lol!

My own doll line, LuxDolls, awaits. I have many ladies patiently, if in pieces, waiting for me to string them and bring them to a finished state. My summer will be filled with drilling and sanding this small mountain of disassembled doll parts and putting them together. I hope to have some interesting girls at the end of it all…..


Also this summer I will be working on things for the Dawn Convention taking place in the fall on Cape Cod. So excited about this. Its going to be such fun! I’ve never been to Cape Cod and I’m sure it’s going to be a treat! The theme is a wedding, and what deeper mine of possibilities is there? I’m sure there will be a few small wedding dresses in my summer 🙂 Here’s one that’s nuptial-esque from the archives to get you (and me) in the swing….

Whispers in White

Well that’s enough musing I suppose! My most recent ensemble is complete and I’ll go and take the final photographs presently. I’ll post a few when that’s done. It’s supposed to feel like 109 degrees here today and tomorrow too, so I’ll likely be moving rather slowly, tee hee!

Stay cool everybody, thanks for visiting!


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Summer Floral Project for Pippa :o)

What’s a warm summer day without a pretty and girly dress? I have been asked to make just such a dress. The floral has been chosen and the only real stipulation is that it needs a straw hat. Well who doesn’t, lol!

Here’s the concept sketch….

Dainty neckline, lots of swing to the skirt and ruched in the midsection. And away we go!

The ruched section needed a backing (of course) so I thought I would use mesh. In truth I don’t know why I chose fine nylon mesh except that it is very thin and therefore would add zero bulk….

Those two narrow bits are the Marilyn-esque bodice pieces 🙂

So I went along this way until I had a piece for the ruching that I attached to the nylon mesh after having attached the other bits to the mesh as well. Basically I had constructed almost all of the dress. And I hated the skirt! I mean it was most definitely the weak link in the whole affair! The hem was big and clumsy looking and the skirt itself drunkenly changed lengths all the way around. It had a mind of it’s own and hung unevenly which pressing did not help. I know that circle skirts need to hang for a time to, as M. Vionnet famously said often, “to let the bias do it’s work” Only then can you hem something that is on the bias. By definition some of a circular skirt is gong to be on the bias. To reduce this I used two half circles cut on the straight and split the back one for the center back seam. But as I already stated, it was sub par at best!

Into the trash with it! Start again! I tried to take the little dress apart and salvage some of the work I had already done, but no, it was just too small to suffer that kind of abuse! No worries. I began again with a much clearer plan in mind. I wound up using the floral on the inside of the ruching instead of the mesh because frankly the mesh looked messy and even though it’s on the inside I like things to look neat even on the inside 🙂

So here we have the skirt I love!! and the coming together of the ruched bit 🙂

And some more ruching…

Look at all of those thready bits! Aye Carumba! It’s enough to drive one mad, mad I tell you!!

Well, here it is on my little model, who gets to wear a wig and not be bald so she’s happy, lol!

Now the skirt hangs prettily! I still need to attach the fastener to the neckstrap but it’s pretty much finished 🙂

Of course the girl needs shoes and a handbag and let’s not forget, the straw hat!

So, I started by crocheting. I used waxed linen sailmakers thread. It’s very, very strong and lasts almost forever, lol! But it’s a good size for things like doll hats and handbags and jute type soles and a bunch of other possibilities… Without further ado, let’s get to the hat!

What’s that?

A hat?

A crazy, funky, junky hat?

Overslept? Hair unsightly?

Trying to look like Kiera Knightly?

We’ve been there, we’ve done that. We see right through your funky hat!

Lol! Couldn’t resist that little poetic interlude from the Wizard’s of Waverly Place 🙂

Back to work now, stop fooling around already! Hat number one…..

It’s all right. I like how it really doesn’t look like it’s crocheted around the brim. I’m not sure it really does what I think it should in this particular case though. I did di some research on weaving and though some of it looks really cool much of the projects start out with some sort of rigid framework which I have found in past weaving attempts, to be quite difficult to create in this scale. Some of the African bowl knotting techniques looked pretty cool too, but again I couldn’t quite make the leap to tiny scale with them. That is a technique that I may try to decipher at some later date. For now I’ve decided to go more literal with the straw hat and braid some Rafia 🙂

After braiding, I am sewing the braided strip together in of course the shape of a hat.

Weeelll, Pippa seems to like the straw one better!

Then I made for a little pair of beautiful supple brown leather slides. This leather is so soft and flexible and it’s such a rich warm brown. It’s just wonderful! But I digress ^____^

These little peep toe shoes are made entirely of leather and are sewn by hand, except for the pink topstitching on the uppers to tie them in with the dress colours. That was done by machine.

So at this point, it’s really just her handbag and some pretties to decorate her hat and she can hit the antique fair in this outfit 🙂

I’m off to finish this up. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!

Thanks for reading,


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~Pretty Prom!~ Outfit for Dawn and Pippa :o)

Another rainy, gloomy looking day! Will my outdoor concert be cancelled I wonder?

Gloomy days call for more fashions, lol! What better to brighten a day 🙂

This sweet little frock I’ve called Pretty Prom. It’s a young looking outfit and it’s that time of year around here….

It is a strapless minidress with a metallic silver brocade lined bodice and a crisp white gathered skirt in a lovely firm nylon that has just a hint of sheen to it. It has seamless, sterling silver pearl type beads and silver hand knotted thread loops for fastening and it is accented with sparkly rhinestones around the waistline. She has a pair of black and white wedge heels with rhinestone straps and a rhinestone accented white flower on a stretchy band that she can wear in her hair, around her neck or on her wrist.

Here are some photos….






I will be listing this little fashion on eBay later today, I hope you’ll check it out! If you missed ~Gilded Girl!~ on eBay yesterday, it is now available in my Artfire shop. Get it before it’s gone!

Also, if we’re friends on FB I’ve got an exclusive running over there 😉

~Gilded Girl!~ in my Artfire shop

Hope your Saturday is warmer and less rainy then mine seems to be!

Thanks for reading – now go and hug someone you love 🙂


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