July, 2012

New ooak Monster High Cleo repaint…. Meet ~Kohl~

I set about painting another Monster High doll and I just love Cleo De Nile’s tanned skintone.

I began with a Cleo De Nile Dead Tired doll, purchased new to customize…

Of course out she comes! Here’s a close up.

Off with her paint!

I found the factory lip treatment to be quite interesting. How the lip paint goes quite a bit below the sculpt of the bottom lip and the sides don’t go all the way to the edge of the mouth. Still, it does look good with the rest of her paint, but since that’s gone, sayonara lip paint, lol!

Ack, she’s faceless!

I removed that last little bit of the residual lip colour and began anew 🙂

I started with some contouring and shading around the eyes, lips and nose, cheeks and chin… Then on to some eyecolour. I have chosen to give her green eyes. The colour is achieved by mixing and blending a number of hues.

Still lots more work to do on her eyes, but they’re coming along. Still lips and brows to do as well!

K, here she is just after having the gloss applied to her eyes. She has of course had full body blushing and shading and she’s all sealed with MSC.

I made her a little something to wear that looks great with her lip colour 🙂 She’s also got gloss sealed finger and toenail polish!

After that, it was time to take her up to the studio for some better lit shots 🙂

She’ll be up on ebay a little later and I will update with a link when her auction is up. In the meantime, here is one of the studio shots 🙂

Thanks so much for reading 🙂

Kohl on eBay


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Bala Monster High Lagoona Blue ooak Repaint

I’ve just finished and listed a Monster High repaint. This time a painted a Lagoona Blue Daughter of a Sea Monster doll from the Skull Shores line.

Here’ she is before I even took her out of the box…

Here’s a close up of her face before…

Bye bye factory face up, lol!

And away we go, lol!

I always intend to take loads of photos along the way, but after the above photo I got into the zone and didn’t stop ’til she was done! So….. oops! Anyway here’s a couple of done pics…..

Meet Bala!

I called her Bala after the colourful Bala Shark. She is, after all, a sea creature 🙂

Hope you like her!

Here’s the auction link for Bala 🙂

Bala on eBay

Thanks for reading 🙂



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Deva Homme Thewa up for auction

Hey there dolly folk!

I have decided to part with my amazing Deva Homme Thewa. Or rather my old car has made this decision for me 🙁

I always meant to sew for him and make him wigs and the like, but never seemed to get around to it. Maybe the girls in the studio just yelled more loudly at me. Either way though he didn’t get much play and is bored here, so he is the first whom I have chosen to find a new home. (Although there will be more, ’cause the car needs a lot of work.)

He’s up on eBay as are his suit by Chewin and his shoes.


Here’s his link

Thewa on eBay

Here’s the suit link

Chewin suit for Deva Homme on eBay

And lastly for Deva anyway, his shoes

Deva Homme Shoes on eBay

Sad to see all of this go as I know I won’t be able to replace him, but needs must, so head on over to ebay and have a look and a bid 🙂


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Saturday and it’s HOT!

Happy Saturday 🙂

Sure is the depths of summer now. Days of 30 plus temperatures strung together. Makes for limited time outside and slow moving folks, myself included. Also makes for some productive time inside!Of course if we didn’t have aircon I think I would be keeping my resin parts in a cool dark place (like the fridge, lol) ’cause it’s freaky hot baby!

I’ve been working on another LuxDoll. She is turning in a different direction than when I started. When the idea in my head doesn’t work on the doll, I have to change tack and go with the flow. I wind up with wonderfully surprising results when I just let the creative take over and stop thinking so much. That’s when the piece “tells”me what it wants, and no, I’m not hearing voices, lol! I had this girl all painted up and I thought she looked good, but after several days of being completely undecided as to what she would wear, I realized the problem wasn’t her clothing, it was the palette I used for her face-up. I had too many colours in her irises, or maybe they just weren’t subtle enough, her eyebrow colour was just wrong and her lippy didn’t seem to want to play nicely either. Crikey, no wonder I couldn’t decide on a wig! Gawd, was I painting in the dark, or what? lol! This face had personality to be sure, but it wasn’t working for me, so off it went o.O

Once I had realized that was what was blocking me, it was easy to wipe her clean and start again.

She has a new face now, and it suits her feeling much better. The palette is much closer to her skin tone than it was and originally I thought it would be too monochromatic, but it isn’t. It’s exactly right in my opinion. (Geez if I could only remember to always go with my gut, I’d save a lot of time!)

Ah, that’s better now. Big contented sigh…..

After that, the rest began to fall into place. That’s when I know I’m doing the right thing. Now I’m halfway through her wig and her gown. The endgame is in sight!

More on her next time (literally, lol!) that is if I don’t full on melt first!

And hey, LuxDoll is now on Facebook. If you like this, ‘like’ the Facebook page too 😉

Lux Dolls on Facebook

Stay cool people!

Thanks for reading!




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Meet ~Mindy!~ my new mohair vintage Dawn ooak

Just finished and listed this vintage Dawn updated doll 🙂

She’s and H11A headmold on a Hong Konh H bod.



Short post today as I in the middle of like three projects!!!!

Here’s Mindy’s eBay link….

Mindy on Ebay

More next time 🙂

Thanks for stopping in!


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