September, 2012

~Mordeen~ Clawdeen Monster High Repaint now on eBay

Good Sunday dolly people!

I finally got my hands on a Clawdeen that I wanted to repaint. You see, I was feeling a little picky about which Clawdeen to paint because I didn’t want one with hands a different colour than her body. A lot of the Clawdeen’s wear “gloves” which is to say that their hands are different coloured plastic and that felt restrictive to me. The new party girl one with the heavy disco influence was cool looking, but frankly the lime hair wasn’t what I wanted…

So the Gloom Beach Clawdeen looked perfect! But, alas she’s a Target exclusive doll and we don’t have Targets here, so I had to wait quite a while for a reasonably priced one that would ship here to come up on ebay. Most of them are from the five doll pack too, so they don’t have a box and they don’t come with stands (unless you buy the singles, which are harder to find, sigh) Anyway, I finally got one!

Here’s her before pic…

And here are her afters :o)

Interestingly, she has two sets of holes in each ear. Of course I filled them with some jewelry 🙂 And I made her a little pretty dress that matches the purple colour in her hair.

She is no on ebay along with Nephele my Robecca repaint and redress. Here’s Mordeen’s link…

Mordeen Clawdeen repaint by awsumgal on ebay

Thanks as always for reading and have a great day!


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Robecca Steam Repaint Done and Listed

Happy Sunday!

I have been having fun with the Monster High dolls again and this time it was Robecca Steam that got a new look. I really had fun shading and accenting all of her rivets and panels, not to mention painting her pretty face!

I stayed with the robot basis and added some decorative metallic elements. I didn’t think her blue straks were in keeping with her new look, so I removed them.I have some cool watch gears too in my studio so I employed a couple of those too 🙂 I made a dress for her embellished with some more metallic elements.

Here she is, I have named her Nephele…..




Here is a link to her ebay auction…..

Nephele on ebay

Thanks for looking!


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Cherese ~ ooak Monster High C.A. Cupid repaint finished!

Happy Labour Day!

It’s a holiday here today, so what better time to blog 🙂

I have repainted another Monster High girl. This time I chose to redo C.A. Cupid, Cupid’s daughter. That’s quite a long name so I’ve decided to call her Cherese (which means “dear one” so it’s appropriate)

Here she is before paint, post box….

Most of the things that make her Cupid’s daughter will go. Like the hair heart and of course her heart shaped lipstick for instance. Her white lace on her black hands and feet will stay though.

Cupid’s daughter unmasked!

She really looks different without her paint!

Since my mind seems to be elsewhere today I’ll just post some finished photographs and her ebay link…

Anyway I hope you like her! Here’s her link

Cherese on ebay

Have a terrific holiday Monday! Thanks for reading…


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