November, 2012

From one Marilyn outfit to another!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well it’s been a busy weekend around here. We had our neighbourhood Santa Claus parade and our tree lighting ceremony on Main Street and it’s Grey Cup time the 100th Grey Cup as it happens :o)

Anyway I’ve just finished a very small version of the Marilyn Monroe 7 Year Itch subway dress. It was made for a 6 inch high Pippa. As always with this dress, no matter what size, it’s the pleats of the skirt that are the trickiest. Unless you can find a factory pleated fabric, you’re stuck pressing your own pleats! Leave yourself lots of time, breathe deeply and Do Not Panic, lol! All it takes really is a bit of perseverance and you can do it. You’ll likely burn your fingers a little bit though….

All that aside, there is a pretty dress at the end of it all and that works for me!

This tiny dress will be off to it’s new home in the next day or two, but already work has started on a new Marilyn outfit!

Must be Marilyn season 🙂

I have been approached to recreate one of Marilyn’s looks from the film Niagara. Not one of her evening looks which is what I am often asked, but rather the red jacket, white shirt and black pencil skirt stylish daytime look. You know, back when people dressed, even in the daytime! No sweatpants or schlumpy gear then! (Although full disclosure, I’m not a fan of pearls for vacuuming, lol! And I have been known to wear sweatpants, but not out of the house, ha ha!) This will be going onto a larger doll than the white dress. A Franklin Mint 17″ vinyl Marilyn doll is the destination girl for this outfit.

I spent most of today truing up the pattern for this outfit, jacket, skirt and shirt. This is the only pic I can find of this outfit. Well there is one other that I have seen but it’s just a head and shoulders shot and so doesn’t really help me with her outfit. I don’t own the movie Niagara and I although you can pay a small fee and watch it streamed online, it doesn’t work in Canada! So, I will have to go with just this pic as reference. Luckily as a wardrobe test photo, it does a pretty good job of showing the clothes.

What I don’t know is whether or not the shirt has sleeves, but I’m going to go with no sleeves because it will sit better under the jacket. For the skirt I’m going to make an educated guess and say that it probably has a back kick pleat or slit judging by how close fitting to the knee it is.

I can only guess at fabrics too and anyway, fabrics don’t behave the same way when used really small, so drape and weight for dolls, rather than using what was used originally is going to be more important. Of course finding the correct poppy red is key!

So the pattern is ready, tomorrow I will find the fabrics and away we go! I’ll post more once I get going!

Thanks for reading, now I’ve got to go and watch the game!



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Shay-La LuxDoll is up on eBay!

Shay-La is finally dressed and totally finished and she is up for sale right now on ebay!

Here are some photos of her 🙂

Shay-La LuxDoll on eBay

Fair warning, it is a reserve price auction. Thanks for looking 🙂


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New ooak art LuxDoll Shay-La is almost ready….

My newest little resin bjd is a light pink skintone girl. She is just about 6.5 inches tall. She is on my newest completely redesigned second generation body. Her knees and elbows have been improved and importantly, so has her neck allowing for greater and more natural looking head posing.I also sculpted more expressive hands and a flat foot. (Fashion feet and a separate set of hands are possible options.)

I had hoped to create a doll/pose-able sculpture that had a great range of movement despite her small size. I think I have achieved that with this girl.

Here are some body shots in various poses to showcase that pose-ability.


My resin dolls are all made from original sculpts made by hand by me. After making my own molds I then cast my dolls under pressure in resin that I custom tint. Then my girls are hand finished and seam sanded, hand strung, painted, blushed, dressed and wigged.

Shay-La is a part Pagan wisemaid, part Mystic Priestess and all fantasy. I gave her a large sterling silver wire and beaded headdress attached to her auburn mohair wig separated by a Katsilk Saran braid. This mohair is by far the nicest I have ever used and the colour is flat out incredible. This is all attached to a hard cap style wig, though it will be permanently affixed to her head cap. For other wigging options, a bald head cap is a possible option.

Shay-La is painted and blushed with artist quality paints, pigments and sealers. I have dressed this one of a kind pose-able sculpture in white raw silk. I have fashioned a wide sleeved long robe style garment with faux fur trim. The robe is fastened with a hand beaded back tie silk ribbon belt.

A little of her back story…..

Mystic Priestess

Well loved by her people, her honesty, fairness and generosity are legend. Many travel from far away lands to sit at her feet and hear counsel.
The natural world speaks to her, sometimes too often ;o) She converses with the wind, the waves and the souls of trees…. They seem to know everything and she is their messenger. Some believe she has powers, but Shay-La knows it is only a case of asking with respect and the world will move for her and help her find what knowledge she seeks. She treats the natural world as she does her closest friends, with reverence, dignity and love, and it responds in kind. In fact this is how she treats all she encounters.
Her most relished time is the quiet of the night, when other chatter is stilled, with her old friend the moon. This is her wisest counsellor and the most wry. All of her deepest understanding comes from these night visits with Moon, and joy too, the moon does have a sense of humor!

Shay-La is a one of a kind pose-able doll. She lies somewhere between sculpture and fashion doll. She stands 7.5 inches. She is an original sculpt made entirely by me. She is on my generation 2 Lux body. Each of her body parts was first carved of wax, painstakingly molded and finally pressure cast by me in custom tinted resin. Shay-La was then seam sanded and strung with elastic. Her hands and feet are wire hooked. Her legs are wired for greater stability.
Shay-La was then painted in artist quality paints and pigments and sealed with matte spray varnish, except her eyes and lips which are gloss sealed. I then dressed her in an outfit made just for her, a white raw silk robe. This long wide sleeved silk robe has faux fur edging. The back tie belt keeps it closed. This waist tie belt features a hand beaded square “medallion” of sterling silver, mauve Delica and other beads all sewn to silk and metallic ribbon that ties in the back. Shay-La’s hair is a custom made hard cap wig (permanently attached) made from the best quality hand dyed mohair, Katsilk hair, sterling silver wire and various beads.


This one of a kind creation will hit eBay on auction this Friday November 9th unless she sells privately first so do contact me if you’re interested in adding this girl to your artdoll or fashion doll collections!

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading 🙂


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Time for another repaint!

Hey folks!

Yes it’s true, another one of a king Monster High repaint and redress is up for auction even as we speak! This time I painted a Little Dead Riding Hood Clawdeen from the Scary Tales trio.

I just Love the red streaks in her hair! (I’m a huge fan of red!) So I know I’ll be keeping those streaks just as they are 🙂

I didn’t take a before shot (but most of you know what she looks like anyway, lol) and some folks don’t like the no paint at all shots ’cause the dolls look a little creepy with no features at all. Or maybe I’m just gettin’ lazy in my dotage, lol! So without further blather, here she is…..

Originally I was going to dress her completely in red, but when I tried that, I found it a little overpowering. So I made her a little glittery dress with a splash a lovely red silk at the waist.

One thing I love about the Clawdeen dolls, apart from the skintone, is their amazing fingernails! Of course I painted them red, toenails too!

I gave her olive green and warm sienna brown hazel eyes.




Nina is up on eBay for a week. Here’s the link so you can go and have a looksee 🙂

~Nina on eBay~

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day!




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