January, 2013

Homage to Érte in my newest Lux Doll bjd

Lux Dolls are my own line of small 6.5 inch tall (approx. depending on hair and stands etc.) artist pressure cast resin strung ball jointed dolls. After designing and engineering this doll I sculpted all of her parts over a long period of time, tweaking and refining, I then made my own molds (that’s a vast area for study :o), learned how to pressure cast with resin (a learning curve all it’s own I can assure you – quite a lot of resin wound up in the trash!) and then stringing, sanding, finishing, painting, dressing and wigging.

It’s been a really terrific ride and all of that work now pays off because I can make dolls! My newest LuxDoll is based of the incredible graphics of Érte. This artist was prolific in the areas of costume design and set design and his work is all executed and presented with an unparallelled sense of style, design, colour and imagination. If you’re not familiar with his work, do look him up. There are images all over the web. Back to my little doll though 🙂

She’s resides is a sanctuary of beads. Strung by hand, they hang down all around her from her golden wood and lamé and rhinestone headdress. The headdress, entirely hand made also has an attached ponytail that reaches to the floor. Her headdress can be removed and she is bald underneath, suitable for wigging. She has 14 points of articulation and can displayed in many natural looking poses. Her light skintone is custom tinted resin. I have extensively shaded and blushed her entire body. She has painted finger and toenails. Her facial features are all hand painted by me and all of her paint and shading is sealed with multiple coats of MSC uv protectant matte sealer. She is wearing a short golden open work ribbon and under this she has tiny gold lamé panties and gold stretch across the bust. She has her own regal wood stand. Gold painted goal post style stand to accommodate her heavy and substantial wood and bead (and hair) headdress. It is stepped and painted gold and has a deep red and black brocade pillow with gold and white trim.

Her name is Deco







There you have it! If you are interested in acquiring this little resin lady, please message me here and I will get back to you. Please be aware that as a one of a kind studio piece she can only be shipped fully insured and tracked and that may rule out some locations. If in doubt please ask 🙂

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!



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Pink Ribbon Floral for Dawn and Pippa Girls

Hello doll fans :o)

I’ve been quite prolific this week! I have finished another gown in a most beautiful fabric. I simply couldn’t resist this fabric at the store. Pricey but worth every penny, and it’s pale pink! What could be yummier, lo!

This beautiful fabric did prove a bit of a challenge to work with, especially on a small scale. The cut pieces need immediate edge finishing so the the ribbons and sequins don’t migrate right onto the floor while you’re working. With that done though the fabric is quite stable.

The sheer mesh presents an aesthetic challenge too because if you line it, it shows through and takes all the fun out of the sheerness. Hemming and edge finishing requires special consideration on a sheer too.

I chose to draft a waist yoke dress and I had a perfect co-ordinating pale pink for the yoke.

Without further ado and blather, here are the visuals….

Here’s the Ebay link :o)

Pink Ribbon Floral on Ebay

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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Gilded Age gown for Dawn and Pippa on ebay…

I just finished a pretty gown for Dawn and Pippa dolls. I had this gorgeous fabric given to me as a gift. I’ve waited a long time to cut into it. This felt like the right time to finally let it see the light of day. I thought it would make a rich looking gown for Dawn and Pippa.


I’ve been waiting to use these wonderful gold beads too. Their shape makes them look terrific when used together. I added some pretty dark red beads to each end for a little visual interest.

Here’s the ebay link…..

Gilded Age for Dawn and Pippa on eBay

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!~awsumgal

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Niagara outfit for Marilyn is finished…

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well the blog was down for a bit and I was too busy with the holidays to do much about it. Apparently my chosen theme was not happy and playing well with a newer WordPress version. It would be nice to be alerted of such an incompatibility, but whatever. No worries, it’s all fixed now :o)

On to more important details! When I last posted about this outfit for the Franklin Mint vinyl Marilyn doll, it was only beginning to be constructed. I spent a fair amount of time on the notched oversized lapel. I wanted it to lie naturally and that took a little tweaking :o)

Here it is pretweaked. It’s also on my Tonner Tyler because I didn’t yet have a Marilyn doll to work with. One was on the way, but I didn’t want to wait until it arrived before I began!

Back to the collar… It is not sitting nicely. The collar piece was too rounded. I removed it, redrafted, recut and resewed that bit and carefully reinserted it. It was much better!

Niagara outfit on my Tonner Tyler before I got my doll

Here’s a look at the shirt with the jacket open…

awsumgal Niagara outfit showing the shirt.

More refining of the collar went on after this pic too :o)

awsumgal Niagara outfit jacket fit test.

I tidied the jacket up a bit more. I pressed it and made it a little shorter when I hemmed it.

The black  stretch skirt has a nice little vent in the back as I imagine the real one probably had. In real life it’s for stride room, on a doll it’s just a touch of realism. Not necessary, but nice. It’s also lined for a clean finish and to protect the doll from dye bleed which can be an issue with black, dark or very vibrant fabrics. Her silk/cotton asymmetrical shirt has an attached panty so that it won’t come untucked during posing (something that used to drive me nutty!) and also ensures that even the narrow turn over edge of the black skirt won’t touch the doll.

Then some hand finishing on the jacket and the Niagara outfit is finished. It’s even all packed and ready to go, but before that I took some finished studio shots.

Franklin Mint Marilyn Monroe in awsumgal Niagara red jacket fashion


Here’s another shot of the whole outfit. I used a vintage abalone button that seemed about the right size. The original one is a generous one.

The whole enchilada!

Marilyn just needs some footwear and she’ll be ready to go :o)

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the process.

I’m currently working on a couple of things. Another LuxDoll and a repaint too so keep popping in!

Happy New Year


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