August, 2013

Never a Dull Moment in the Studio…..

I’ve been making a tiny ballerina and as usual I want it to be authentic despite it’s diminutive stature. Working small is always a challenge but it’s one I enjoy, so I’m good with that. As a result I’ve been refamiliarizing myself with the proper way to make a tutu, basque and bodice. Such an art! I’ve been plunging in to my Karinska book for inspiration as well. Barbara Karinska was one of the best ballet costumers, well, ever! Anyway, such fun!

My tiny tutu is red (mostly) and I finished the tulle portion yesterday. It’s even tacked! Next I will be making the basque and the panty. The basic bodice is already done and I will have to take some shots. I’ve been too caught up to take many shots. Today though, no ballet. Today is a cosplay day! I’ll be working an a Homestuck cosplay for a friend. It’s funny going from tiny tutu to giant green wings, lol! Completely different mindset here!

In the middle of this, literally last night, I had to begin a full office chair reupholstery project. I’ve been at my local fabric store every day for the last three days!

Hopefully next time, I’ll have some pictures to post!

Thanks for checking in!


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I’m Overwhelmed With Dolls – and I Like It!

I thought it had been a really long time since I wrote, but my last post was Canada Day, I think, so not as bad as I thought! Summer is always full of out of the ordinary happenings and there is no schedule to follow. Weeks go past in the blink of an eye!

Back in the studio, many projects are in process. Things I really should have finished long ago. An army of silent, plastic and resin sentinals languish in the buff awaiting – something.

Hair, paint, clothing, shoes accessories, they’re all waiting for something……..

Some might find that too much, but I see a world of possibilities in all that semi organized chaos.

Again I’ll be diving in to some long simmering projects, the ones that dance and flit around the edges of my imagination just waiting for the right moment,

the right fabric,

the right Doll…….

Speaking of dolls – I have been so very lucky over the last six months to bring some amazing girls into the fold here! After stupidly resisting Inro during her initial release, I was lucky enough to find a lovely fellow collector who was letting go of her girl. She is among the unclothed army, but not for long I hope! I want something truly exceptional for her to wear, because she is incredible and not just anything will do! I also managed to buy my very first Jamieshow doll. I am now the proud owner of Black Swan in all her glory! I’m a huge ballet fan so she is really special to me. The quality of the resin is so different from my other resin girls, and the way the light hits her – bellissima!!

I am honored to own both of these beauties and each will get their own blog post complete with photos in the coming weeks…

Lorifina finally lives here too! I am quite taken with her. She’s a play doll for sure, so I’ll be having some fun making her some couture too.

See, it’s been a helluva summer 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone and thanks for reading…..



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