April, 2014

Frozen – Elsa’s outfit WIP 5

I’m nearing the end of my work on Elsa’s outfit and shoes and have started to work on Anna’s outfit as well.

I was last working on Elsa’s icy shoes which I had sculpted and planned to cast them in very pale blue resin to enhance their icy glamness πŸ™‚

I’ve refined and shaped the shoe getting it ready for molding and casting.

ElsaWIP5.1w - Copy ElsaWIP5.2w - Copy

And here they are all cast in blue!

ElsaWIP5.3w - Copy

Lastly here they are on the feet of my hard working headless model, who’s wearing the rest of the outfit except the cape πŸ™‚

ElsaWIP5.4w - Copy

You can see the fully sparkly bodice and the rest of the dress. I need to attach fasteners tot the back and I need to attach her snowflake cape and then she will be finished!

I had some time to work on Anna’s outfit too. I drafted the pattern for her shirt, her vest and her skirt as well. I found the perfect pale teal silk for her shirt. It’s a protion from a reclaimed vintage kimono! One of the most interesting parts of that fact is that the fabric was loomed at only twelve inches wide. I found that quite interesting πŸ™‚

Here’s the initial Anna work. Anna’s shirt pattern wound up being a little complicated, lol!


I’ve found a terrific colour for the skirt and a beautiful fine black wool for her vest. I’ve cut everything out, now I just have to put it all together πŸ™‚


Thanks so much for reading!



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Elsa Wip 4 – Icy Bodice and Shoes

Happy Good Friday!

I know it’s a holiday, but I love my job, so of course, I’m working!

I first hand edged the sparkly under bodice with silver thread. For look, but for function as well. We can’t have the edge unravelling now can we? Of course not!

The join between the sparkly and the skirt isn’t beautiful, but then it won’t ever be seen as it will be underneath the icy, glittery bodice.


Speaking of which πŸ™‚ That’s what I did next…


Here it is all drab and blue with no exciting shiny bits of any sort. Well, we’ll fix that, won’t we?


Armed with a good close up, four colours of glitter and glue and I can start! I did this stages because I really wanted the rectangular aspect of the original to show…


So here it is after the first two applications of the three colours. I opted not to use the straight silver glitter. It didn’t fit in. It just looked kind of wrong, so it got canned. No hand holding here, lol!Β The bodice looks a bit crude here, but with more apllications it will look better!


All righty then, here it is with much more glitter and I like it! It actually looks better in person, because more of the glitter catches the light. It’s a little tough to capture the effect in the photo.

So, I sealed that with a spray. I’m sure it will be something that will be handled delicately, but I certainly don’t want it to leave a trail of glitter everywhere it goes….. unlike me, who is doing just that, lol!

Then I did some more work on the shoe. The animated ones are sort of a snowflake at the toe and another around the heel. I’m trying to sculpt that effect.


So the jagged edges evoke the right feel, but I would prefer the edge to look more like a deliberate snowflake. So I had to add some more clay and wait (endlessly it seems) for it to dry before I could shape it too much….


Still needs more shaping and refining, but it’s almost ready to mold.

Molding and casting is such a long process with lots of waiting that I will likely be working on Anna’s gown during the curing and waiting periods.

All that’s left for Elsa is fasteners on her bodice and dress and attached her snowflake cape to her gown, and of course the shoes πŸ™‚

Well, thanks for reading, have a wonderful Easter and please check out my auction for Blue Oyster for Dawn and Pippa. Here’s a link …

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Frozen – Elsa’s Icy Blue Gown WIP 3

After a weekend of testing and fooling around with glitter and paint and glue and the like, I have come up with a cape that I am happy about πŸ™‚

But, let’s back up and show you how I got there….

First I worked on the stencil I planned to use for he glittery snowflakes. I played around with cape size, snowflake placement and size and when I was happy I began carefully cutting them all out. They are small and somewhat complicated so honestly it took me a while to cut them all out. I had started that last time, but here it is all cut out and ready for use.



I realized that the moment I added paint or glue to this it was going to disintegrate, so I spray varnished both sides before usung. I wasn’t sure how many times I was going to need the stencil and I wanted to go the distance…

After that was all dry, I tried my first plan, which was glue, dabbed on through the stencil onto the organza cape, and then sprinkle the irridescent glitter on generously.


In all honesty, the results were not what I was hoping for. The snowflakes were not quite visible enough, for one thing, but also the stencil tried really hard to stick to the organza and was difficult to get off. Even then there was some extra glue bleed, because even though I watered down the goopy glitter glue, it still got where it shouldn’t! Son of biscuit, eye of newt!

No worries though. I had another plan in mind in case this wasn’t superspectacular. So I cut another organza cape and continued with plan B : Interference BlueΒ  Paint and glitter! Woot!

And here it is! The paint carefully brushed on through the stencil and then glitter applied after each snowflake so as not to let the paint dry. And I like it! To make sure that the glitter has some staying power I went over each glittery bit with clear varnish. I mean what is the point of all of this if the glitter just falls off, right?


I also added a few more glittery bits after with a brush.

Here’s the cape up against Elsa’s gown. I like the effect, I think it works. Still, it need a couple of pleats and some gathering and an edge treatment of some sort. I won’t attach it though until I’m finished shining up the bodice πŸ™‚


So there it is, for now. I’m going to work on the bodice today and the shoes. The challenge with the bodice will be getting the glitter to be rectangular looking……

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


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Frozen WIP 2 – Elsa’s Capelet and Shoes

Work continues on Elsa’s outfit. I began sculpting her cool snowflake-y shoes! It doesn’t look like much yet, but I’m confident that it will πŸ™‚ I was going to sculpt a left and a right shoe, but we’ll see how tough it is to get the snowflake shape. I want the two of them to match obviously, so I might just sculpt one and cast it twice. It may turn out that I won’t be able to get all the detail in a sculpt and if that happens i can probably use a textile for the snowflake upper instead of the sculpting clay. Anyway, it’s a start!


Next, her attached cape, capelet as I like to call it. The piece I’m trying to emulate is very diaphanous and very sheer with sparkly snowflakes all over it. The challenge is finding a really sheer fabric that drapes nicely and can have glitter snowflakes painted on it. I know just the thing…..

Mesh! I’ve got the glue, I’ve got the glitter and now I have the mesh too. I chose a pale blue mesh. Let’s see how the glitter and glue works out!


Well, the glitter type glue is pretty thick, so not really conducive to fine lines and these snowflakes need to be pretty small in some cases, so hmmm.


It looks clumsy and messy. This won’t work for me. I thought maybe if I thin the glue I can get narrower, neater lines.


You can see in the above pic that the smaller snowflakes are finer looking but they would likely have t get glue painted and glittered twice. The problem that I see is that they still seem a little big and the weave of the mesh is getting in the way of the snowflake shape. I need more of a base for the glue and then the glitter to sit on.

So, I went back to my fabric store and came back with with some pale blue organza and some stretchy white mesh and blue fabric dye. The transparency and shimmer are right with the organza although the drape is not as fluid as I would like. The stretch mesh has great drape, but is the wrong colour and I might run into the same weave issue that I had with the mesh net. The last option would be a fine chiffon in a very pale blue, but they didn’t have anything the right colour at my local haunt. I will test the glitter paint with the organza, but if the drape disappoints I might have to go further afield for the right chiffon. I think the stretch mesh is probably off the table. Into the stash it goes for some other future project!

Here’s the shape of the cape. My starting point. The shape is little tough to discern because the capelet looks different in different scenes. When it is created for example, it’s really and I mean really long. Later in the film it seems quite a bit shorter. Ah the magic of Hollywood!


Here’s the organza overtop of the pattern template. I will use the template to decide the placement and size etc, of the snowflakes.


Not bad, but needs a little more acreage and refinement of shape…..


So I’ve played around with the placement and size of snowflakes and started cutting them out to use as a stencil. Still trying to decide between glitter paint, or glue and glitter. I’ll do some testing and make a decision πŸ™‚


That’s all for this post. Next time more shoes and finishing the cape, I hope!

Thanks for reading,


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Frozen WIP 1 – Elsa’s Icy Blue Gown

So, as promised, I jumped right in to the patterning for Elsa’s gown


Then I cut …..


So, I have a lovely pale blue for the skirt and bodice lining, and a darker blue for the bodice and sparkly blue for the sleeves and under bodice. Then I bean piecing it all together.

It went well, I thought…….

I was wrong lol!
The first bodice was smaller looking that it should have been. I mean it fit the doll, it just looked too small, so I did another one that was bigger. I liked the visual size better with the second one but then decided I didn’t like the darker blue! (I am picky, I’m the first to admit it. ha ha!)Β  Even though the plan is to pretty much cover the bodice with glitter or sparkles etc. I still thought it just looked too dark. So, um, just no!

I also noticed as I was trying this on my model, that the front of the skirt had a flaw. I mean right there on the front hip! WTH?


And I’m thinking “where did THAT come from?” You’d think I would notice something like that and not cut there. Then by the time I had it comfortably on my model, there were two! G-sus!


So of course, I say to myself, “Well this will never do!” And I realize, it’s the FABRIC for crissakes! It has no integrity. If you hang on to it too tightly you mess up the weave and there is no fixing that. No making that look better. Toss and start over, preferably with a different fabric. Such a disappointment really. All is not lost though (it never is) because I’m lucky enough to have another fabric in exactly the same colour. Thing is, it’s chiffon, so I’ll have to double it up otherwise it’ll be too see through.

Dang, back to the cutting table, third time lucky and all that.


Ah yes that’s better. No flaws in the skirt, the bodice is a better colour and a better size. Sparkles to come. The sleevelets and under bodice need attaching and hemmimg, I just wanted to see how they’d look with the rest of it.

Next I’ll do said hemming, sculpt the shoes probably (I think I’m feelin that today!) and decide upon which path to bodice sparklihood Nirvana I shall follow…..

Have a fabulous day dolly peeps!

Thanks for reading



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