June, 2014

Little Lux lady :)

Happy Tuesday good people of the internet!

I’ve been playing with dolls again – well I guess I never really stopped, lol! My most recently painted girl got some camera time and I wanted to share some of those photos.

She’s the little 7 inch Lux doll …


She’s wearing the beginnings of a ballet outfit I have been working on, on and off for a while.



Here are a couple of nudes so NWS! Don’t want to get you in trouble 🙂


She is perched atop a skull suitcase I am in the middle of making. It’s unfinished but she wanted to sit on it anyway…



She is demanding more clothes now though, so back to the salt mines with me!

Thanks for checking in 🙂



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Frozen outfits all done and off to their new home :o)

The Frozen outfits are all finished and have been sent off to their new home. They’ve likely even already arrived! I’ve been meaning to show some of the final pics for days now, but life has been kicking my ass all over town recently so there’s that.

It’s a funny thing when a project that you’ve had inhabiting your head for some time is finally done. It’s a denouement of sorts. This project consuming your waking thoughts is …. done! Not to say that’s a bad thing – just different. Time to switch gears and think of something else. Sometimes it’s hard to turn off.

I am very pleased with the end results. The look, the feel, it’s all what I was hoping for. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to really get something just right. I know that sometimes I redo things that would be ok as they are, but for me, just ok, is kind of disappointing. I want the thing to be the best I can make it, otherwise I’ll always be reminded of the improvement I didn’t make and I don’t like that!

That’s probably why these things take me so long to complete. I like to take my time and do things carefully. Sometimes I find I need to go away from a project and put my mind to something else in order to formulate a solution to a puzzle that’s dogging me. This can look like I’m not working on what I should be working on, but nothing could be further from the truth!

At any rate, I’ve blathered on enough already, so here are some final photos of Anna’s and Elsa’s dresses. (I did a couple of quick doppleganger girls to show off the outfits, but these heads were just for the pics….)













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