October, 2014

Nicole Kidman repaint

Ha-loo dolly fans!

I have tweaked my Tonner Mrs. Coulter repaint and listed her in my Etsy shop! I do hope you’ll go have a look 🙂

Here’s one pic for ya! To see more and maybe even add her to your collection, follow this LINK


Tonner Nicole Kidman ooak repaint doll by awsumgal

Thanks for looking 🙂



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Io – Heir Apparent listed in my Etsy Shop

With ebay fees at a staggering 10% not including the paypal hit, I’ve listed my most recent resin LuXdoll in my Etsy Shop.

Link:  Io – Heir Apparent

Io – Heir Apparent, ooak resin LuXdoll by awsumgal

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Thanks for popping in 🙂


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Io – Newest Lux Doll is finished :)


Io ooak Lux Doll by awsumgal


Io – ooak resin Lux Doll by awsumgal

Io – ooak resin Lux Doll by awsumgal

Io – ooak resin Lux Doll by awsumgal

Io – ooak resin Lux Doll by awsumgal

Io – ooak resin Lux Doll by awsumgal

Io – ooak resin Lux Doll by awsumgal


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing her! Thanks for reading


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In time for Halloween – Sera, a ooak Monster High Skelita!

What a lovely fall Sunday it is! The leaves are turning, there’s a fresh briskness to the air and yesterday we visited the fall harvest fair near me! Definitely the season is changing, Halloween is around the corner….

I have added more to this ooak Skelita Monster High doll. I have tweaked her paint, changed her hairstyle some, added a bracelet and some kickass shoes! She is up on ebay for a one week run. Hope you like her. Here is a link and a couple of pics to whet your appetite!

Sera ooak Monster High by awsumgal.


Sera’s ooak Skull Shoes by awsumgal.

Sera ooak Monster High Skelita by awsumgal.


Sera Skelita eBay auction… CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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The Artist is a Lonely Hunter

I know I haven’t written in a really long time. You know how it is, life kicks you in the can and sometimes it takes a while to get your mojo back. It’s not back yet, but it does visit from time to time, lol. I’ve been working as much as I can. It’s a mental marathon so there are moments of blank slate and nothing beats a blank slate like a break and a little life experience.

Creating is a leap of faith and an exposure. Every time you go into your studio you lay yourself bare. To interest, to ridicule, judgement and worst of all total apathy. No one likes negative attention, but creating in a void is worse.

Sometimes, as often as you can, you just need to keep going. Creators can’t stop anyway, even if they want to. It’s part of their make-up. When your favourite creator goes quiet and you think, hey, I haven’t seen them in a while… doesn’t mean they aren’t creating, it just means they don’t want to show what they’ve done. Maybe it’s a personal project that isn’t for public consumption, maybe it’s something that struggled to get out when the artist was supposed to be working on something else, or maybe it’s just that they aren’t as proud of it as they usually are or try to be, or maybe someone has sapped their confidence for a minute. …

It looks easy sometimes but I assure you it isn’t. Creators make a million little decisions that make up the final result. A million little decisions about colours and fabric and shape and intent and meaning and size and in my case hair and face and accessories….. Your resolve needs to be rock solid because every where you go in meatspace and online, people feel very free to ask why you do things the way you do and wouldn’t it look better like this and why do you do this anyway? Seriously, no one asks a -insert pretty much any profession here- why they waste time doing that. The world needs art and inspiration of all kinds. Who hasn’t been inspired by something? Music, writing, painting…

If an artist is lucky, they have a support system. People who love them in spite of their quirks, their preoccupations, their overly focused attention on whatever project or subject they’re working on. We need encouragement at inconvenient times, we have long memories and use everything in our work. Honestly though, no one really understands the process except another artist. We often dream of collaboration but find it difficult to achieve. It’s ridiculously personal and yet, connection and communication with people is what we strive for.

It’s most often a lonely road, so feel free to thank and hug your favorite artist as often as you can!



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