July, 2016

Marianez – a La Dee Da ooak Repaint

One of the last repaints in the pipeline was this little lady. This is a La Dee Da doll by Canadian company, Spinmaster Toys. I love their oversized heads and giant eyes, offset by a teeny tiny mouth.

Anyway I think they’re adorable! With such big eyes, there is a lot of space to work with as a repainter. So I couldn’t resist repainting one.

I’ve just listed her on etsy, and please go and have a look, but here are some before, during and after photos…

Here she is before I began…


I removed all of her paint and roughed in her basic eyes…..


Then some shaping and the beginnings of the colours I want to play with ….



Then lots more paint sessions, and viola! Here she is….


I know, its a big jump, but I didn’t shoot much through the middle of this paint 🙁





Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Marianez in my Etsy shop!



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A Bit of a Change is Needed …

Another day, another deeply underwhelming response to my recent offerings.

(You can overwhelm and underwhelm, but can you just whelm? What would that look like?  Lol. I digress)

Sadly, a high water mark of apathy. I’m not even confident that anyone will read this post! I guess I’m just writing this for me. In light of this, I need to take some time to rethink how I spend my days.

We all, as artists, face challenges when we create and work diligently to overcome them. I am no different, but the challenges are out weighing the rewards in this particular arena. Challenges that are beyond my control – Our dollar is in still in the toilet, I am geographically challenged from a supplies standpoint, postal rates have just about priced me out of the market and there’s always the dreaded possible strike by the very same overpriced post office looming over all Canadian online sellers.

I need a break and I shall be taking some time to consider my next focus. Don’t be surprised to see me trying some different things going forward while I try to find the right niche for doing what I love. Creating things 🙂

See you in the funny papers!


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