January, 2017

C.A. Cupid Monster High doll NRFB on eBay now!

This is the 1st wave doll Sweet 1600. Box says “New! Nouveau!” bilingual box for the Canadian market. Made in Indonesia (subsequent releases were made in China). Excellent condition, has never been taken out of her box. Complete and untouched.

Monster High 1st Wave C.A. Cupid NRFB on eBay

Thanks fro stopping in and have a great day!

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High Ponytail Wig for Sybarite Dolls

I played with the Sybarites today! Dolly days are fun days 🙂

I finished a hardcap high ponytail wig today and tried it out on some of my girls. (It’s in my Etsy shop right now!) I even finally deboxed my Forest from last Christmas! Can you believe it took that long to even take her out of the box? Omgawd I’ve become one of those people. The ones who buy expensive limited run dolls and then leave them in the box! What on earth is my world coming to? Clearly, I need more dedicated display space and more time and probably more funds, but I digress. These girls need real display scenes, not just a stand….. One tiny step at a time, right?

Anyway, wig first 🙂

Limo wears it so very well, but then she wears everything beautifully. She’s dreamy!

Rochas looks great in it too, I think. She a nearly finished repaint of mine. She needs catchlights and gloss to her eyes. I’ll post all about her transformation in an upcoming post, because believe you me, she was in seriously rough shape when she arrived here.

Khyrie is getting in on the wig fun! She another Sybarite rescue lady. She was Apple I think originally but I’m not 100% sure. She still need some eyelashes attached, but she rocks this wig even without them!

Lastly, one of my newer ladies, Forest, a vinyl Syb, wears the wig 🙂 Isn’t she beautiful! What a pretty doll 🙂

Thanks for looking at dolly pictures with me today 🙂

This wig is available right now in my Etsy shop!

Platinum Blond Wig


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La La Land – a review :)

In a total departure for me, I’ve decided to review this “little” film I saw yesterday, La La Land.

This film had me smiling all the way through, except when I was tearing up. Truly I was smiling without realizing it.

It starts with the colours for me. The wardrobe and sets are no accidents. Everything is considered. It’s subtle in places, but everything has been thought out here and appears for a reason. The balance of reds for instance in the opening singing and dancing number, is superb. All of the bright jewel tones that are chosen throughout the film. It has a distinctive look. The second number, the quartet “Someone in the Crowd” follows the same pattern.  Again we get four bright true jewel tones. It’s lovely to look at and the four dresses are great. The costuming follows an updated 50’s vibe. The dresses are mostly too short for the 1950’s but the styles echo that time. Emma Stone has a couple of looks that feel very Audrey Hepburn. Pencil leg capris and flats paired with a white button up blouse anyone?

The only complaint that I have in terms of costuming is that some of Emma’s wardrobe just doesn’t fit her as well as I want it to. The yellow dress with the black flowers gapes a little around the neckline which I found distracting. The purple sleeveless sheath I love. It’s got a great looking cut, but it does some flapping around the armhole. The yellow dress Emma does the tap number in, so it’s possible that’s why the looser fit around the neckline (maybe…) but she doesn’t dance in the purple. Again, minor, but distracting for me personally.

There are lots of nice echoes throughout the scenes as well. A dance number is performed while moving through a film set we saw earlier as the Ryan and Emma were walking around the Warner Bros lot. A nod too, to the orange ad in the background where Ryan stalks the Van Beek that reappears. (I think.)

The dialogue is delivered beautifully, masterfully. One is pulled right into this story. The party scene in which “I Ran” is played, well I won’t give everything away but it’s a delight and will have you laughing out loud! Emma Stone rightfully gets the Golden Globe for this performance. She has emotive eyes for days this lady. She conveys so much emotion in her face. (If you like Emma Stone and have not seen “Easy A” go do so. A great, underrated film. Maybe I’ll review that next!)  Ryan Gosling apparently spent three months learning how to play the piano for this role. I’m glad he did, it shows. Otherwise that whole part of the story would fall flat. It doesn’t fall though. Ryan is endearing, and excited about his passion, Jazz, and it works. Speaking of Jazz, and who isn’t? I was happy that the Jazz musicians that appear with him are introduced by name both on screen (Khirye Tyler, Cal Bennet, Nedra Wheeler, Javier Gonzalez , Eddie Clifton and are fully credited in the crawl. (Yes, we’re those people. The ones who sit through the credits at the end of movies, and you should too!)

Emma and Ryan do their own singing and quite a bit of their own dancing too. There is at least one, maybe two sequences where it’s probably not them, because their dancing is not super strong, but it’s accomplished enough for the task at hand and Mandy Moore (not the actress – different Mandy Moore ) does a nice job with the choreo.

The music is great, the dialogue is fast and funny and believable, the lyrics work the story. I won’t give it away, but you get a nice little “gift” at the end.

This movie is a delight! Go and see it….. right now!


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Penny a ooak Draculaura is up in my Etsy shop :)

Good Sunday morning!

I have a new girl to see. SHe is a Monster High Draculaura that I have repainted and redressed. I’ve called her Penny. Penny is a girly girl. She has pretty grey eyes and light pink lips and she wears a crop top with magenta straps and a light, soft pink gathered knee length skirt aith self waistband and attached gold toned chain belt. I have given her tiny gold bead “stud” earrings and recoloured some Monster High shoes to better match her outfit.

Here are a couple of pics. If you’re interested, there’s a link at the bottom of this post to take you to her Etsy listing 🙂

Penny on Etsy

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Sunday! Don’t forget Sadie Pippa ends tonight, don’t miss her auction!

Sadie on Ebay


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Sadie – ooak Pippa doll reroot repaint make over

Happy Saturday doll fans! Today I have for you a repainted, rerooted and redressed vintage Palitoy Pippa doll. Same scale as her American counterpart, Topper Dawn. I don’t do very many Pippa makeovers, not because I don’t like Pippa, but because they are very hard to come by on this side of the Atlantic, especially in Canada. No finding them in boot sales around here!

I have a small collection that I have curated over the years and there have always been a couple of girls who were waiting patiently for new hair and faces. This is one of them 🙂

I gave this girl a platinum blonde reroot because I just love that super pale blonde hair! I use a sew in method that is a variation of the lock loop, so I don’t fill their heads with glue. I don’t use any glue. I also don’t poke the hair into the scalp from the outside as that method tends to tear the vinyl of the head.

After her reroot she was parted and styled and given a trim. (Side note: I was sure I had taken some in process pictures but now they’ve disappeared! If I locate them I’ll update the post.)

Then on to her new features. I gave her warm brown eyes with a little black subtle liner and deep red lips. I use artist quality paints pigments and sealers on my repaints. I want them to stay looking fresh and just painted for years to come. I rerooted her lashes as well.

She needed something fitting to wear and I chose deep red silk to match her lips. Her raw silk outfit is a two piece dress. The strapless bustier top is fully lined and fastens with two brass beads ands hand knotted red thread loops and the matching gathered skirt has a silk waistband and also fastens with a brass bead and hand knotted thread loop. It has metal chain and red glass seed bead hem embellishment all the way around the hem.

I’ve made accessories to finish her look. She carries a hard sided red silk purse. This tiny purse has metal wire handles, is lined inside, opens for Pip’s important bits, and fastens with, you guessed it, a brass bead and hand knotted thread loop. She’s also got a chain necklace sporting a small red Swarovski crystal in the center and she wears a custom pair of shoes. The little gold shoes have chain uppers and stacked bead heels.

This little lady is on Ebay right now but only for another day and a half!

Sadie on Ebay

Thanks for stopping in 🙂


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