“Desperately Seeking Susan” WIP 8

Here we are at WIP 8! I’m still working on the Skull stenciled drum case that Susan uses as a suitcase (it sure would be fun to recreate Jimmies’ skull stenciled econoline type van, but I digress! Maybe one day….lol)

I finally added the piping to the pants. Up the outseams and on the back pockets. I used embroidery floss (ribbon was too wide) and sewed in on with colour matched thread so you can’t really see it. Turned out quite well! I’m quite pleased with the fact that the pants front pockets are functional and “Susan” can put her hands in them if she wishes. I may make more pants like that for this sized girl :o)

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-1

They stand up on their own, tee hee!

The pants have their belt loops now too so I can add the leather belt to them.

Her lace bodysuit is finished now. It was a little tricky because the one in the film has a fairly transparent lace top edge to the cups. Finding a lace that was open enough to see through but had just a little pattern to it so you could tell it was supposed to be lace proved a challenge. Most of what I found was too heavy/closed and just looked black or the pattern was so big it didn’t look like lace at all in doll scale. Here’s what I tried first….. Yuck!

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-2

I didn’t like it much :o( The torso section is fine. Looks loose in the pic because there’s no fastener at the back yet, but it’s the cups. They don’t want to sit against the dolls’ chest. They’re sort of dropping and buckling and I don’t like the way the lace top bits look. They’re too ragged and unfinished looking. Ew!

Needless to say, I took the cups off. I went and found a better solution for the cup fabric and tried again. Part of the challenge is that the top of the cup is a single layer, to give that lace look, but the lower half of the cup is double layered. It’s darker , like the rest of the bodysuit. So, that top bit has to be robust enough to stand on it’s own so to speak, while still looking all lacy and delicate. Arrrgggh!

Not to fret, tea had, deep breaths taken, solution found!

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-3

Looks positively Frankensteinian doesn’t it with all those pins poking out everywhere? After sewing the new lace to the cup bottom, I have gently taped the whole business to her chest in the right spot so that I can sew them onto the body portion by hand. This seems to me to be the only way to have the cups in exactly the right spot! The second body layer is pulled down out of the way so that when the cups are all sewn on I can hide almost everything inside and the sew the upper layer in place. It was worth all this fiddling because it lloks just as I wanted it to!

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-4

Yeehaw! Done and dusted! You can see her other studded bracelt in this pic too. It is leather with little metal studs that go right through the leather. Just like the jewels on the other cuff, these studs are not coming off. (Maybe if I had some rudimentary chemistry knowledge, I’d have better luck with glue. It still sems to me that eventually glue will fail, no matter how good it is, and when I put a lot of work into something I don’t want it falling apart in a month or a year, or really, ever :o)

Back to the basque. I have given it straps of clear elastic, and the whole business sits just so on her chest! I love it, it worked out really well, I think! It has to snaps in the back for fastening.

Here’s the real thing for comparison :o)



We’d love to find some Tyler sized Ray Ban type sunglasses, but everything I’ve found is either for Fashion Royalty (too small) or Blythe (way too big!)

Here’s the belt. A simple strip of black leather and a doll sized buckle finding. It’s not s squared off as the original, but it’s a fairly good match.

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-5

To make it look more like Madonnas’ I embossed the edge all the around. It’s what hers looks like in the film. I’m using a silver buckle even though in some shots it’s gold. Mostly it’s silver in the film, but there’s a publicity still in which it’s gold. I’m going with movie silver :o)

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-6

The edging is all stamped in. Looks authentic, so I’m happy.

The drum case has been getting quite a bit of my attention. Here’s a shot of the real article I’m emulating:


Isn’t it cool? So I have the perfect round lidded box to turn into this case. The case has pink satin lining and in the film is filled with Susans’ necessities and some other amusing bits. Like a whole pile of hotel cutlery for example lol! I have the perfect pink for the inside of the case. And it’s silk! Yummy! (Of course it will be a functional case!)

awsumgal Desperately Seeking Susan WIP8-7

You can just see on the screen behind that the case has a padded lid section and you can see what a perfect colour match the pink silk is.

More on this when there’s more work done :o)

Countdown is on. I’m down to the case, finishing touches on the earring (piece de resistance) and her big chunky black watch. And then hey ya! Done like dinner :o) Pics will follow when I’m done…..

’til later,

thanks for reading


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying watching you create this! You are truly fabulous!!

  2. Hiya! I’m so glad! :o) Nice to hear from you! It’s really been an enjoyable and challenging project for me. And it’s almost done! Yippee!

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